Fukushima 2017 Nightmare at an exctinction level

Q:How much time do we have, how much time does the human race have?
A: I can´t imagine that there will be humans on the planet in 10 years.
(*Rational Icecold Scientist Answer*)
I suspect it will be..
(***Questioner Breaks up the answer***PERPLEXED AND SHOCKED TO THE BONE***)
Q: no I’m sorry…did you say 10 years?
A: yes, yes in my out loud voice, yes… within that span that is at or near the highest temperature
experienced on earth last two billion years… this is exponential change and we
have difficulty coming to grips with exponents change.
(**Breaks Up The Answer Emotionally shocked again***)
Q: I understand the the the the term exponential and I understand the term change, what I what I don´t want
to understand is your time frame time…I mean why we have been wasting time here in the studio, why in the
hell are we all here, but it’s anything serious, it’s only ten years what the hell are you doing
here … shouldn’t you be at home with your kids ?
A: (hesitating..stuttering) I, I don´t have kids because I could see this coming a long time ago
Q: Seriously 10 years ?
A: No, we don´t have 10 years left…
Q: Questioner Freaks out…
“and if it’s actually true with all the sea die offs, we might be in trouble, because if life is like a chain and we’re so connected to the ocean, the extinction level event might be real, if we don’t do something
about it, unless it´s already too late, let’s hope that things aren’t as bad as the reports are coming from Norway reactor, because the silence and current situation strongly remind me on what happened on Tschernobyl/UKraine Reactor.”
“I think we are at an extinction level please subscribe and share my video the faith of humanity now depends on us.”
“It is outrageous and very sad…HOW MUCH DEATH WE HAVE TO SEE WHEN YOU GET MAD? Look how dead…it is unbelievable..the ocean is over.”

“They don´t give a shit about us, you know, people think, well, why would they do this to ourselves, you know, and their families. I don´t know, I don´t know the answer for that question, the only thing that I can assume is either, you know, they, the top view anyway, have some way of counteracting this radiation and all these chemicals, that they´re not, you now, telling us about or we have a separate human race here, maybe they thrive on radiation. I don´t know, I just know this, during my lifetime I have seen ..the destruction of our ecology, the mass cutting down of the trees, the rainforest being cut down..our oceans polluted dumping millions of gallons of sewage sludge everyday into our rivers in our oceans what has happened to the American people,what has happened than having a new iphone is more important than raising your voice for the future of your children and their grandchildren, what has happened, anyway, okay, enough of the doom and gloom, spread love, yes, but…we have…to take action we can no longer just.. think happy thoughts and think that it´s all going to go away. (Atomic Grandpa)”

“RADIOACTIVE CHEMTRAILS ??” “Fukushima and The Chemtrails”

“Bananas, potatoes chips,= nuclear ionizing radiation ??”


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