What To Do To Keep From Catching Coronavirus: A Surgeon's Perspective.

Conspiracy Revelation: 31.3.2020: World Famous? I saw a video of you the first time some days ago, and well explained, so several decades you were not in the headlines, but now comes your very realistic virus prevention and warning time.
But basically you are saying most are lost when they catch this bioweapon.

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“okay and this is very different if I come in contact with this novel coronavirus I will get sick now because
of my strong immunity it might be mild I might get over it faster but I will get sick okay that’s the truth.
Meditation is not gonna fix it, positive thinking is not gonna fix it, crystals are not gonna fix it. I’m
just gonna get sick but hopefully I’ll get it over faster so that’s number one there is no immunity to this everybody’s gonna get sick if you come in contact with it it might be mob know so number.”
“but the people it’s true the people who died is 80 years old more likely 80 years old and older and they were all
smokers a lot of them were smokers, because the smoking rate is much higher in China but prom is in the u.s. we have
a major um weakpoint, chink in the armor that’s gonna get us and that is obesity forty percent of American adults are
obese and we all know that the heavier you get the sicker you get so we have obese people with diabetes or prediabetes
sleep apnea they don’t know it their lung function is bad they have COPD they have trouble walking they can’t walk two
blocks you’re gonna get hit with this corona virus. I’m gonna promise you you’re gonna be on a respirator all right so our major risk factors are smoking and obesity all right so I would dismiss all of the old age old people statistics and memes that you guys see it is going to be a younger disease and than it is in China because of obesity and smoking y’all got that so if you’re 60 years old obese and a smoker you are
in trouble you have to really take this seriously if you have a parent who is obese and smoking or obese and just
having trouble or already on oxygen you need to tag them on this video and you share this video with them you got to
make them watch this because this is not hyperbole I’m giving you the straight shot so what we’re gonna see is that
then the age of this disease is gonna drop…”
“running out of ventilators so you’re gonna start seeing the deaths in June and July that’s really fucking depressing so you guys are arrogant right now it’s March you guys are just posting stupid memes you guys are are blowing us off you’re
gonna be burying your mom and your uncle and your cousin in July August September, because that’s when the death toll is coming, you got me?”
“how are you gonna pay for that funeral how are you gonna pay for your your grandmother’s funeral you are going to start to see all of these GoFundMe raising money pray for pray for I lost my uncle I lost my grandmother I helped me pay for
funeral costs you are asking people who are already
broke who are broke themselves to help you pay for your grandmother’s funeral this is the sober reality.. you guys gonna be start burying people in July August September you know your Facebook feed is gonna blow up in July August September oh my god so what so died May you’re gonna start
seeing people post pray for me pray for us pray for my son pray for my nephew pray for my mother’s in the hospital
coronavirus that’s coming in May if you don’t listen to me okay share this video if this has been helpful, right.”
“if you get the flu dr. Vaughn if you get the flu the first thing you need to do is isolate yourself okay you do not want to spread this okay this is gonna suck because a lot of
y’all when you get sick men just kiddin you want to be babied and who do you call you call your mama to come make you
chicken soup but in this case your mama is 60 65 70 years old she’s obese she smokes menthol cigarettes she cannot come take care of you the last person to take care of you if you get sick are the me immuno compromised the elderly your

“Everybody is following in line with Italy. Italy is
about two weeks ahead of the United States it is about eight days ahead of UK for my UK Watchers and France and
Germany there are about eight to ten days ahead and everybody is falling along the projection of Italy by that I mean the number of cases and the number of deaths alright it is skyrocketing it looks like this the charts all look like this and we are falling in line with Italian data all right
this is fucking scary the Italian data says they are overwhelmed. Italy is on shutdown three weeks ago Italy was
happy-go-lucky didn’t care driving the Ferraris you know living in their nice Italian leather couches they are now on
shutdown they’re out of supplies guys they are right they have run out of ventilators the doctors are having
to decide who to treat and who not to treat this is these are the reports coming out you you can sit there and I don’t care if you sit there and say doctor Vong is just fear-mongering and he’s just gonna try to sell you something I don’t care still hit share that wouldn’t it would mean a lot to me
if you’re a hater and you hit share I don’t care hit share on this video please, if you don’t believe me hit share
and call me a dumb fuck I don’t care please spread out..”

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