Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV | Dr. Shiva
“EXCLUSIVE: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV | Dr. Shiva”
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“This is your typical type of individual who’s part of this you know the multiracial liberal aristocracy right now that they’re disconnected from what’s actually going on the ground they live in an abstract world of their own reality they’ve never had to deal with real people.”
“and so they fight among each other and they don’t
really realize that who the real enemy is and the real enemy is those people who think that a few set of people
know better than all of us, that the state can mandate its will on people and that’s the real enemy and if there is a
division that’s a good and necessary division…we made a
hundred decisions for ourselves without the state being involved and these folks believe that the state needs to be
involved in every aspect of your life.. from your medical care…to every aspect of existence.”
“Dr. Shiva honored as the inventor of email and then you see the vitriol emerge, because it was like a new skull was found in Africa Gary, okay, and the vitriol did not come from you know white people, it came from the liberal academic elite who could not fathom that email could be invented outside the bastions of their elite institutions, look it was okay to
be a Zuckerberg or a or a Bill Gates because you were a
dropout out of Harvard right but this was done before all of that in Newark New Jersey where every day working people are and you saw all this vitriol people saying this curry stain Indian should be beaten and hanged…you know these liberal academics thousands of calls came in to MIT…I wasn’t
charging anything by the way.. I’ve been on the front page of MIT for inventing many other many ways I was being a good Indian you see in there supporting their narrative
of diversity and inclusivity you say but when you start providing the truth that things like email great inventions can occur before MIT that perturbs a long-held narrative that great innovations must come out of war, must come out of the military-industrial-academic-complex, so that the invention
of email is really not about me but it’s about truly what the American Dream..they attacked my Wikipedia site you know
hired people because Raytheon a multi-billion dollar defense company had built the narrative that one of their guys who look like a nerd was the inventor of email and it was supporting their large enterprise right, so when the stuff one in the Smithsonian they were the ones who unleash this out there was monetary motivation so we anyway we sued Gawker Media and for 35 million it was right after Hulk Hogan had won a case my case sort of was a nail in their coffin they
declared bankruptcy.”
“So when you look at this the tweet is really addressing three things you have people using fear to manipulate economies suppress dissent which is what the you
know the hierarchical system the upper caste used to do shut up you know fall in line shut the hell up right and push
mandated medicine because look the medical system we’re moving towards is a top-down system totally controlled by
Big Pharma big AG and big vaccine manufacturers and and that’s what I was putting up, so it’s a very potent tweet,
because if you look at the sustainable development goals that were put into you know signed off by the United Nations
and all their countries in 2015 is called SDG you know 2015’s dg3 which was signed in 2015 sustainable development
goals what it says is they paint a utopia Gary and you can read it people should go check it out you know no income inequality support you know that there’s no in fact no sexuality anymore you should go read it is quite
extraordinary it says utopia of the elites okay and
subsequently in in an immunization 2030 document as a addendum to that they say the way we get to utopia these seventeengoals is we must immunize everyone on
the planet eg vaccinate everyone okay it’s quite we can eliminate the need
for animal testing and we can discover how medicines interacted for toxicity as well as for combination therapy this is exactly what my grandmother did Gary you know she would combine different herbs you know what I made there’s a video I did recently on Twitter I showed how you
make chicken curry right or lamb curry okay or if you make you know the history of humankind has been learning how to
use our environment make medicine from food…
the pharma industry is in peril right now they’re not making any money really any money from pharmaceutical drugs because lots and lots of investment in R&D and they’re
getting less and less new drugs allowed by the FDA because of their toxicity so what pharma companies have moved to is
the 1986 vaccine the vaccine court was created John Kennedy implemented the National vaccination Act in 1962 under a fake science or an outdated science of the understanding the immune system that led to many injuries that took place between 1962 to 1986 in a response to those injuries another kennedy Ted Kennedy led the creation of the National Vaccine injury program which led to the creation of the vaccine courts not in the judicial department but under Health and Human Services which basically allowed
indemnification of vaccine manufacturers who couldn´t sue them and the maximal liability for death was $250,000 okay
and so we’re in a situation now that for pharma companies vaccines are pure profit no liability no risk they can’t
get sued okay so that’s what I meant by mandated medicine because as someone who’s been involved in this field for
many years when I came in to looking at the one-size-fits-all vaccine program there were other activists in this field
and frankly many of them were controlled opposition
people like Bobby Kennedy was playing a good game saying he’s against vaccines meanwhile he endorses Hillary Clinton
who is vaccine Queen, okay, so the position I took was I said we need to really educate people on the immune system.”
“All of those different viruses go back to one common branch which actually goes back to Fort Detrick okay in the
United States in North Carolina and and there’s other you know again these are some positions that the US
military or deep states sent people over to Wuhan and that’s how it got given in China… it got created by the deep state and got put out there really to suppress dissent let me tell you what what was going on at this time Hong Kong was blowing up remember that ..and what people do not know is six months before the coronavirus there were massive anti-pollution protests by Chinese citizens in Wuhan in in the same
city where this came from and remember you don’t protest in China without risking your life, it’s not like they
have the First Amendment there.”

“because remember any protests creates uncertainty for globalism ight you see the Wuhan go away and then
you see now an argument is saying of course we should vaccinate everyone right against the anti-vaccine movement
so that’s why I put that out and when you’re a student of politics and a student of medicine, you start seeing
these connections and you also recognize that the academic elite in this country is basically practicing the oldest
profession: no one in the academic elite is saying
anything, fortunately I don’t know anything of the academia, I made my own money by myself, I have the training to.”
“Ashley Reyes: vor 4 Tagen: The deep state is trying to make Americans drink the hemlock tea.”
“MyITRcom: vor 1 Tag: Yeah their cure is far deadlier than the disease.”
“fazole: vor 4 Tagen: Dr. Shiva is a red-pilling machine gun! Finally, an academic, doctor and businessman who is aware!
They call David Icke crazy, but he’s been warning us of this for decades.”
“both but to go to this humble origins email was not invented
mit wasn’t invented by Silicon Valley wasn’t invented by the military the fact is email was created by a fourteen-year-old you know American kid in Newark New Jersey…”
“robert williams: vor 2 Tagen: The “western ” diet is killing more people than the Holocaust ever did .Probably more than abortion. The correct diet for humans is NOT MAN MADE.”
“Kit Kat: vor 6 Tagen: Coronavirus = 100% manmade bioweapon.”
“yokyle 4356: vor 6 Tagen: I knew this virus was man made to infect humans because it was too coincidental that this virus came out when they were protesting in China and Hong Kong but never imagined it was go as far as a deep state.”
“Nancy Rocks: vor 4 Tagen: I am concerned about the leader of the WHO. He is a genocidal globalist Marxist. When you see his policies in Ethiopia.”

“quantumpolice: vor 2 Tagen: They’re not elites, they are authoritarians. Stop calling them elites.”
“chadzwife1: vor 1 Tag: Totalitarians.”
“worldofenigma1: vor 2 Tagen: He seems intelligent but also very egotistical. However I guess that is how people need to be to succeed in the current crazy world.”
“chadzwife1: vor 20 Stunden: Hes not. Hes just factual.”
“jj1000: vor 1 Tag: This gentleman has Facts! so did Dr Sebi, and for the same reasons he Is no longer with us today. You can’t make this SHIT UP.”
“Tamala Coughlin: vor 6 Tagen: Be careful doctor, big pharmacy and the deep state have a long list of body bags, god protect you.”
“His Bummer Lamb: vor 2 Tagen: I refuse to be vaccinated . This stuff is total BS. There is so much garbage in these vaccines. By the time you take a vaccine the virus mutates and is ineffective anyway. I’m so thankful for this guy.”
“Dawn Carrasco: vor 4 Tagen: I’m not going anywhere near that vaccine. I will keep my immune system strong by avoiding doctors at an cost.”
“Charlymayne Hawthorne: vor 4 Tagen: Shiva I hope he wins his senate seat, Jesus Christ watch over him, keep family safe, and him too. Everytime we have someone who able to get truth out something happens him or her exposing the real agenda ends up dying in a strange way.”
“Lara O’neal: vor 3 Tagen: DOES DR SHIVA HAVE A DEAD MAN’S SWITCH.? Praying for him.”
“Jay Dee: vor 2 Tagen: Dr. Shiva if you ever run into Billy Gates can you kick his ass, and good. Thank you in advance.”
“Alice Kroeker: vor 6 Tagen: Bill Gate is evil.”
“PoM MoM: vor 4 Tagen: They’re going to take away our freedoms by using the fear of taking away our PRIVILEGES !
He’s right, TOTAL FASCISM.”
“Lynn Cuthbert: vor 3 Tagen: These creeps stole everything. Respect for this Dr. We need brains to come together now. Beat them down and round them up. 💓”
“C: vor 1 Tag: Bill Gates and Fauci make me so angry. Devils in sheep’s clothing!”
“Carol Ann Rompca: vor 6 Tagen: I would not trust Bill Gates if he was the last man on Earth…”
“Gina S: vor 6 Tagen: Carol Ann Rompca He’s a Mad man..Out To destroy half Population his Mother Created Abortion Clinic’s.”
“I, Pet Goat: vor 5 Tagen: Bill Gates is a mass murderer just like his father was.”
“Mark Walusimbi: vor 5 Tagen: Bill Gates is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
“Princess Okeana: vor 5 Tagen: He’s a demon! And there are millions just as evil!”
“Jack leone: vor 5 Tagen: plus he’s a pervert! his name was listed on Jeffry Epstein’s flight logs on many occasions!”
“Princess Okeana: vor 5 Tagen: Bill Gates has not even had HIS OWN CHILDREN VACCINATED! And I’m sure his family does not eat GMO foods!”
“lynn craig: vor 17 Stunden (bearbeitet): You can’t compare this Virus to the yearly Flu. I was on your train until you did that. Since when did hospitals get overwhelmed in their ICU units with the Flu ? And since when did Doctors and Nurses in fit condition, die from the Flu? They are stacking up bodies on a Ice Rink in Italy. You flew right past that.”
“Mountain Man: vor 8 Stunden: Those were unhinged white leftist wingnuts. Sick and vile people. They can’t stand the truth and strike out when confronted. If they throw a punch then throw 3 at them. Time to fight back and fight hard. Great job Doc!”
“Mgtow Farmer: vor 18 Stunden (bearbeitet): Coronavirus.. it’s a fungi spore that crossed with the flu causing spore.
It is harmless to high PH bodies and proper vitamin C and D levels you wont even get a sniffle. Haha.. exactly what I said in my livestream.”
“by the way Denmark is considered by the UN.. for their sustainable development goals as one of the as a country that epitomizes next – Sweden..the hallmark of those goals and
on thursdays denmark said that we can they can forcibly go into people’s homes and vaccinate people with police
which means military, so look when you’re developing things these fast you don’t know the side effect of these things and
what we’re saying is you know we don’t care about the side effects we need to get this vaccine out so it’s creating
some very important precedents that americans need to be concerned about first …well they’re creating a condition
basically saying for medical fascism…the immune system the people who get harmed or it’s not the virus that harm
some this is something that’s fundamental which I’ve been trying to harp on…so we have an ignorant set of educated elites and they’re taking advantage of the American people because what they’re saying is there’s this boogeyman called the virus okay and you need the vaccine…Gates right Clinton Global Initiative etc big pharma and that’s basically what what this is because if you actually understood the immune
system it’s laughable the reality is the immune system
evolved over billions of years we grew up in bacteria and virus we’re supposed to play out in dirt that’s how the immune system gets turned on the people, so what happens is it’s people who have immuno compromised immune systems which
means their immune systems are not firing on all cylinders imagine you have three cylinders it’s only firing on two
you know what happens the third cylinder has to take all up all the effort right well that third cylinder in the immunology is called cytokines it fires so hard that it over reacts and it starts not only attacking the virus
surface but also starts attacking your own tissue differentially based on the proteins of that virus if I what I’m saying so it’s your own body attacks itself because of a weakened and dysfunctional immune system well how do
you get a weak in a dysfunctional immune system well eat crap all day eat sugar all day okay eat a diet that’s no longer
has any vitamin D and nutrients in some ways…this is sort of Darwinian right now the people for years who’ve been eating garbage the people for years who’ve been victimized by dirty air dirty water dirty food their immune systems are
compromised now look also as you age right your thyroid function goes down your HDL levels go down your vitamin A
levels will get suppressed right and you don’t get enough vitamin D and nor is your body able to really do proper
digestion right so what ends up happening in this entire process of weakened immune systems, we should have been calling if they really cared we should have been calling you know for real emergencies for the fact that we have twenty thirty percent obesity rate in this countries that
people’s immune systems are shot so instead of addressed so we feed people garbage garbage garbage garbage dirty air dirty water dirty food right across all establishment parties and then and when a virus hits isn’t it an amazing opportunity to really force the further narrative you need pharmaceuticals and vaccines when we don’t want to address the underlying issue which is immune health and that’s
why I wrote that present that letter to the president of United States this is really about immune health this is the fact that we don’t get enough vitamin D we don’t get enough
vitamin A we don’t get enough vitamin C man there’s other things but we can focus on those three things in Chad in
African country of Chad and dude Djibouti forget how to pronounce it there’s only been one CoV idk sand only
one no debts why is that well because people live probably lives that we should probably think about living
they’re out in the Sun they’re you know digging up roots we may consider these people third-world but we almost have to reconsider what the hell does it mean to be in a first war country we’re filled with toxins filled with these kinds of
mandates our kids are eating garbage when you eat high sugar diets your body produces Candida it knocks down your you
know certain Glee o-tama toxins which which essentially knock down your macrophages and your t-cells to import cylinders in your immune system so we’re doing is we’re basically destroying the immune health of our people so the solution is pretty simple at least get out of the Sun if you can’t do that you got a boost up on vitamin D..”
“Anthony Fauchi.. should be indicted.. I think this is
probably the most important fight that needs to be dealt with…he build his career on a false narrative that HIV causes AIDS. Do you remember Aids, the whole Aids scam.. he built is entire career on HIV causing AIDS…there is no causal relationship between this virus HIV which he considered a very harmless virus and AIDS he was vilified you know, all of his grants went away and the guide that promoted this I was Fauchis predecessor by the name of Gallo. Robert Gallo…e created a bogus HIV test and the result was Fauchi came to his rescue I think there was a power-play…remember the whole aids on all the stupid celebrities getting involved in this nonsense… he learned how to create bogus science to promote bogus signs to create the fear of HIV causes
AIDS billions of dollars were spent on this a lot of people died because people use drugs like AZT I had a very good
friend of mine who died from it and you know people didn’t learn HIV is frankly a harmless virus okay that people were
dying from it we’re again immunocompromised gays at that time you know we’re having 1500 partners we’re doing methamphetamines all sorts of drugs they were destroying their immune system you had IV drug users who are
destroying the immune system and you have people getting blood transfusions not because of the virus in the blood
but because it would get immunosuppressive drugs the simple point here from a scientific standpoint is when you lower and you destroy the immune system so Fauci doesn’t want to talk about that everything is about the boogeyman of viruses okay it is a the biggest fraud that’s taking place
Fauchi knows what he’s doing he’s been doing this, he is the face of Pharma and vaccines and he sees his opportunity
to become you know the hero in all of this.”
“You have to understand Pharma and media work very closely together.”
“Theo Solomon: vor 2 Tagen: This also was said that Rockefeller papers was setting up this case we now see. I think it came out on 2010. It was to be used by the bio labs to start the process. Would like to know if this is right.”
“WatchwomanOnTheWall 2015: vor 19 Stunden: This was one of the best Shiva interviews ever. Thank you for inviting him.”
“johnppg: vor 6 Tagen: No nano chip vaccine for me…”
“Jimbob Macabre: vor 6 Tagen: Shiva should be the president’s personal advisor.”
“cranston snord: vor 12 Stunden: Deep state conspiracies just don’t get deep enough.”
“Lorrie Ann Johnson_Oldham: vor 1 Tag: This was captivating and tied together well.”
“Jondular: vor 5 Stunden: Dr, Shiva….hmmmm Named after the god of destruction/destroyer. proly nuttin!”
“Mark Heim: vor 4 Tagen: Spread this everywhere !!”
“jkirk1626: vor 1 Tag: Giving this guy credit for inventing email is dubious. He seems like a remarkable guy. ARPNET transferred messages all over the place.”
“Food is where we supposed to get health but they don’t
want to believe they don’t want us to believe in our grandmothers you know our traditional cultures they want to
believe in this idiot, okay, Bill Gates, who by the way never
created DOS, okay, he didn’t write 50,000 lines of code like I did and his mama and papa introduced him to people and he
went and bought someone else’s Dos and flipped it, okay, but he’s a Harvard dropout and he was able to patent his
stuff so he gets to be a gazillionaire…
so these
guys have built false histories of their eminence in the technology field they leveraged it to say they’re gonna be saviors and that Savior solution is not food is not you know exercise activities it’s about injections into the bloodstream of people and to control them that’s what they’re talking about and every America needs to wake up that
the lawyer lobbyists the people I’m running against I’m running against three lawyer lobbies I’m the only
scientist or an inventor guy works for a living these lawyer lobbyists are the people who implement the desires of the deep state that’s what’s going on so what we’re witnessing right before us should be a wake-up call to every person..
the issue of health goes beyond all those parties and what you will realize all of those establishment parties want to hurt you and want to control you and want to make you part
they want to make you a little atomic unit where you become a revenue generator for people like Fauchis Clan and these kind of people and they practice fake science and not know academic at MIT Harvard will say anything you know why because they owe their grant money to people like Fauchi, because it’s a cabal, if you say anything you’re out… the president he may have good gut instincts, but he’s not able to expose these people… the president is being bamboozled by this circle around him.”
“medical fascism …so people like Fauchi aren’t even practicing modern medicine, he’s practicing outdated fake science medicine.. Wow .. it’s criminal.”
“but the bottom line is this election in Massachusetts is really going to be the dialectic that represents what’s going
on this country: producers versus parasites, producers versus parasites, that’s what we’re looking at do we want
to vote for producers people make stuff or do we want to continue voting for parasites and especially in a time of
crisis like this who do we want helping us, do look at who Trump surrounded with he is surrounded with vipers right now,
total vipers.”

“Vaccination is an illusion of conventional medicine and unmasked as legal quackery. (H.P. Blavatski) (1882) [63622]”

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