Branch – Problem – Reaction – Fake Solution – NWO Zionazi-Pathocratic-Archontification-Corporate-Deception Truman-Show-System Unmasked.

Branch – Problem – Reaction – Fake Solution – NWO Zionazi-Pathocratic-Archontification-Corporate-Deception Truman-Show-System Unmasked.
(z) Branch – a) Problem – b) Reaction – c) Fake Solution
1. (z)  Evil Governments/Nazion-Eugenics/Depop-NWO – a)  Vaccines (Cancer Virus/Bioweapons/Heavy/Light-Metal-Poisoning) – b)  Illnesses, Rising Infant Mortality aka Genocide – c) Pharma Products (usually or often times superfluous – if you have no pre-damaged people en masse.)
2. (z) Big Pharma-Medical-Military-Mafia/Criminal Alphabet Agencies/Targeted Individuals/Criminal Police/Fusion Centers and CoIntelPro2-Silent Holocaust Directed Energy Weapons Attacks/Nazion-Eugenics/NWO – a) Chemtrails + DEWs + MK Ultra + MK Naomi + Skynet + Creating Fake Enemies (mostly unwitting innocent civilians or people who can´t be enslaved or subjugated by NWO and the Corporate Crime Cartel) – b) Vitamin D deficiency/Illnesses /Psychosis/Competition Prevention by Ruling Crime Cabal/Radiation and Heavy/Light Metall Poisoning /Fungal Infections/Lyme/CFS/MCS/EBV/Morgellons/Advanced Bioweapon Sideeffects/Skin Diseases/Lymph Angiomas/Morgellons/Allergies/Zombification/Edematas/Countless Anomalies)
c) Psychotropics (with no use, except to damage competition and rebellion against NWO),
Pharma Products en masse with only minimal help to stop the main problem,
Medical Sector,  Security Companies: Radiation Detection, Deflection, Countermeasure Products. Supplements Industry and Pharmacy: Profits also through Panic inducing fear, people buy more stuff, visit more Doctors, they usually wouldn´t need. Keeps people away from focussing on their own projects or from combating more effecively the status quo tyranny of corporate dictatorship and to counter the oil and banking cartel and ruling crime syndicates.
3. (z) NWO Corporate (Fake)  Security Products (Anti-Virus/Firewalls/IDS/Anti-Keyloggers/Anti-Spy Products)  a) Spreading of Alphabet Agencies Virus Coders and NWO Corporations created fake virtual virus/rootkit/trojan pandemics b)  Infected Systems / Threat Detection Communities / Fake Panic spread via Fake Controlled Media c) People buy tons of superfluous Anti-Virus/Security/IDS/Anti-Spy Products, because Zion-DoD has a backdoor in every CPU, all commercial Anti-Virus and Firewall and Security Products and Firewall-Routers become obsolete and are of no use when all Hardware is presabotaged by the Criminal Ruling Corporations and the ShadowGov, RCC, GOG, ZOG.
4. (z) Social Media/Podcasts (Facebook, Youtube, Censor-Twit(-tter), Insta etc..)
(Internetocracy & Virtual Collectivism & Cloud Hosting – just keep everything online with the privacy enemy when every brain is neurally infiltrated and every hardware is infected either way)
a) Nonstop flooding with Politics/Quotes/Memes/Private Stories of Billions of People/Campaigns/Censorship/Sabotage-Implants/Distraction/Cyberattacks by Alphabet Inc. / b) Creating Mass Hysteria / Distraction / Informational War that is too much to process for most people/Emotional Upheavals/Psywar/Competition/Self-Proliferation/Narcissism/Ego-Boosting/Keeping people in endless controllable loops and virtual concentration camps.  c) No Solution so far. Works very well as ultimate mass mind control tool…until people become exhausted, ill or are ecxluded and censored by Corporations or are forced to do other things.
Conspiracy Revelation: 7.5.2019: Funny…but not true….Corporate Dictatorship is Absolute..because they have acquired, implanted, weaponized or infiltrated all means and ressources… A single Individual will never make 300 $ Million Dollars a Year like Eset AV for Example..The Cyborg NWO Promoter Subliminals…for an average product that is of no use, because every CPU has a DoD Backdoor…All Corporate NWO AV Companies are part of the Truman-Show. They get endless money and support supply to keep the illuzion of protection alive and the sheeples in deep slumber. Fake Security supported by NWO Truman-Show Corp. Inc.

168470cookie-checkBranch – Problem – Reaction – Fake Solution – NWO Zionazi-Pathocratic-Archontification-Corporate-Deception Truman-Show-System Unmasked.
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