Tony Pantalleresco about nano particles, chemtrails and the myth of organic foods. He talked about many health topics and myths!"

Published on Jan 11, 2016
Tony Pantalleresco joined us today to talk about nano particles, chemtrails and the myth of organic foods. He talked about many health topics and myths!”
“”Isn’t there a weather modification system, that HAARP thing,isn’t there something up there near Canada you got
seven of them in Canada, we have got seven of them in Canada I found this out last
administration for the election.
Our prime minister challenged the Russians on a territorial claim and I kept thinking to myself how in the heck are
we challenging the Russians all we have is two tugboats and a canoe and the Navy then
well I I mean Canada’s not Canada is a military country, a militaristic country just
it’s not well publicized and anyway I found out about two or three days after he made that issuance there that we had
seven HAARP installations which basically if you target another countries wheather you can pretty well
cripple them so it’s probably the next to nanotechnology and … I mean these are technologies that are so
extremely dangerous and alarmingly dangerous a lot of people aren’t fully fully grasping the scope of when you see
that line in the sky I would drop a biological agent or nano biological agent and you get inflicted or afflicted
with these things well I can alter the the climate how I can alter the agricultural chemistry that’s required
for certain you know heat or chemicals in the soil to react.”
“Like we are in the hottest spot of Canada and sunniest spot actually and so right now the weather.. I deal with a
lot of people in California with health issues, it seems to be the four major spots I deal with are California Texas
Florida New York and then the Midwest like Utah and Iowa…”
“There is no such thing as organic that is such a joke and has been for the last 25 years, they are spraying glyphosate and everything else on the organics, just like the normal stuff from the D2 runoff but like from the.. resines and other things
that are getting into the water supply are reaching the organics . the Italians did a research on the chemtrails
called “chemtrails a secret war”.. yeah I don’t watch it you should and they talk about how the so called
organics are being sprayed.. they have 23 chemicals from the chemtrails on the organics it’s virtually
impossible to have an organic anything anymore..”
” our bodies are not designed to be using any form of nanotech at all and I meanall this crap they’re selling on in the
health of industry this they call colloidal silver 99% of the clothes are being sold they are all Nano and they’re extremely
dangerous the nano particles do not react the same way as a base metal in fact if you have a base metal that’s
toxic when you nano sized it you may have magnify the amplitude of the toxicity up to like a thousand you’re
taking nano iodine nano gold monatomic old which is another name for nano gold nano silver nano copper nano zinc if
I’ve got again other other information on there where it actually shows you how on there where it actually shows you how
literally destroys the tissues and the cells wipes out the mitochondria and alowsthe tumors that they’re pulling out
at people today are loaded with metal so these substances aren’t necessarily bad
but they’re bad in the Nano form yeah no .”
“when you start hearing some of these people what they’re talking about how they’re talking you guys like I said
be careful about what you’re hearing
because a lot of times it’s gonna cost you you’re gonna be reaching deep down into your pocketbook to spend a lot of
money on things that just are not going to touch this, but they’re selling you.. you know we’ve been putting it out there
for a while, we’ve been giving it away, we haven’t sold anything in regard to any of the techniques that
we’ve got a whole thing called nano solutions on my YouTube site..a youtube link in my my website , we showed
you how to make a nano bucket which is a chamber that you developed that you design, you put your feet in and you add vinegar
and salt in it if you want to add DMSO and a little trisodium phosphate to it mix it up you put it in and you have a
flashlight andyou wait about five minutes and all of a sudden you’ll start seeing these things being released from
the set from the legs what do they look like um they could look like anything metallic they can be of metallic nature,
they can be..they are quantum dots that may come out and they could be of any color, what quantum dots are are a
concentration of what they called fullerenes or a type of nano …and when coming together they
create a dot because again there’s the size and the depth size of these things and how concentrated they are now what
they do is they change color as they move through your system when people talk about they can feeling something
creepy and crawly moving through their body (/oh god) that’s a quantum dot moving
through the system, it’s taking a reading on your system and as it goes to different sections of their body ..”
“”60 page research on glyphosate on my webpage it’s there for free you can go look at it it’s extensive this stuff causes the
how it hits you , it first attacks your gut then attacks the endocrine system. I’ve got women from 19 to 50 that can’t
have intercourse anymore, because of the fact of just the way it has shut down the endocrine system, from the estrogens
getting down to the vaginal area, so they can’t produce nitric oxide to be able to have have intercourse or a lot of
women are having painful intercourse because of this a lot of males and they’re early in they’re between 20 and
24 are not are unable to get erected, you’ve got also brain dysfunctions that are going on as a result of this stuff,
this stuff is more than just a pesticide, it’s a form of bio warfare, using nano delivery again, introducing this into the
plants and is another part of this equation and we’re not looking at either: you’re spraying smart dust in all the
fields in order to regulate the and get the inventory and the data they require
on the plants.””
“they got everybody on a vitamin D kick which I find hilarious because this is causing nothing but
problems as well and why man a everybody should not vitamin D but again it’s been again distorted and pushed very heavily
and again I had one guy that was being prescribed ten-time now you stay in it for about two minutes as a result of the
overloading of vitamin D Tony can y’all sorry Tony can you repeat that you just cut out I’m sorry about that as a guy
that we have I heard that was taken 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D .. dropped dead for two minutes because the
calcification of the heart it was increasing the calcium levels or not and it just stopped his heart for two
minutes oh so I got off the stuff, I don’t believe that anyone should be taking anymore between 1000-2000
international unit Vitamin D3 daily and getting it primarily from butter and coconut oil and other
saturated fats. I don’t believe in using any fish oils because fish oils actually
super oxidized the body cause accelerated aging Guinness was another misdirect by the so called gurus of the
day .. unless the omega-3 you’re using is like a walnut oil I don’t even like all the fish oils are contaminated
there’s no such thing as a filtered fish oil mm-hmm
unless you’re adding something like BHT rosemary essential oil or sage essential oil or time something that HRC q10 to
slow it down or stop the oxidation process so now you’re doing when you take this stuff is basically breaking
down the cellular matrix and and wearing out your arterial lining.”
“Can you hear us Tony?.. yeah well soy glpyhosate, nanoparticles, chemtrails,
yeah you couldn’t get any more on the fringe and where we’re at right now rather than we’ve started talking about
cloning and transhumanism and alien and interdimensional beings and all the other stuff by right right you know if
you get into that you know demonic demonic takeover and what not ..
when you lookingat it what’s going on and I’m sure you’ve seen this out in California, specially California ..mmm-hmm … just say if I go up to Toronto I’d see more of it there …you’re looking at people walking around looking like robots or act
or like with the impression or the facial countenance of a robot or robotic..yeah.. and that’s because they’re basically having their brains eroded with elysium from the atmosphere and
then they got these idiots promoting lithium in the health food industry again this is another this is one of
these things I I have to laugh in the last little while I have seen fluoride now being used and are being perpetrated
as a health supplement ..I’m not kidding you ..Lithium having shit shoved up your backside ah … what has been promoted and I have to think that I’m sorry for sounding so crude but that’s what’s that’s what’s being promoted and I have to think that
the globalists who have interjected this into the health food industry must be laughing themselves
silly at the stupid level that people do not have the capacity to think a what is being promoted right and one
person argued with me about how it has been lithium him at benefit people says h lets him is burning a hole in their
brain and if and if it does come out it shreds the kidneys no matter how you mix it’s a salt so they’re talking because
you’re mixing with an order or attic acid which is a and…no brain you know no brain day reason..
See I’m one of these old fossil guys
I’ve been around for a long time in this, so I have seen the trends come and go, I have seen them resurface I’ve seen them
recycled I’ve seen at the most the most moronic thing I have seen in the last 15 years it makes my head spin with the
level of stupidity that is coming out in this industry and it’s all done through sabotage, all the supplement companies
are more or less now being run by the drug companies and the ones that aren’t or will eventually either fall or
be taken over, the GMP really what it stands for is give more poison, ah not not good manufacturing.”
“Peyton Rivers
1 year ago
another fun informative video. I love Tony’s knowledge that never quits and his sense of humor. I called our energy company in Minnesota to ask if we have smart meters, answer was yes but was told the smart meters in California and Arizona are much more powerful. If I wanted to have the smart meter moved (only choice we have) this person told me I’d need to hire an electrician to re-do the wiring inside the house and move the meter outside the garage IF we have an unattached garage – that can’t apply to most of us. They won’t install an analog meter. “!

Kris Mat
1 year ago
Tony is great but he doesn’t look very healthy himself. ..
Mad Chaos
1 year ago
Tony has Morgellons.
Kris Mat
1 year ago
+porkyo123 It was my underlying point:)
He’s a nice guy and always answers on his posts, but come on…those potions might be good “health entertainment” but very weak in the face of an illness. I will check out Jack Cruise. Tx
Kris Mat
1 year ago
+porkyo123 Tx Man, I agree with you, he sure will. I was wondering do you know of something for SIBO, that is not the flaky FODMAP?
Mad Chaos
1 year ago
I told you before Tony has Morgellens. Also I have been with Tony going on to my third year. He looks% better than he did two years ago. This guy is no slouch in what he does. He is one of the best herbalists around. Do some homework.”

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