Krishna and the Holy Spirit

Krishna and the Holy Spirit

A dear friend of mine made me aware of Krishna in modern India, and I am impressed by the life and devotion.
I got the inspiration that we in the western world also know Krishna, but we know him as the Holy Spirit, or
rather we know the name, we don’t understand the Spirit.
And when thinking about it, I realized that I should have known it beforehand, as, in my understanding, Jesus
became the Holy Spirit. Following Steiner incarnated Krishna as Jesus.
The disciples ask Jesus if he needs to die and he answers that if he don’t die, the Comforter wouldn’t appear,
the Holy Spirit wouldn’t appear.
When Jesus died, he entered the death world, the astral world, and the astral world is where the Holy Spirit
works the clockwork of the Earth. Jesus is the top of an Iceberg, physically he is a man, but spiritually a god.
So the outer teacher Krishna or Jesus became the inner teacher, the Comforter or Holy Spirit.
Krishna and the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is known as the Wind in the Willows and Krishna is known through his flute, the melody behind
life, the consciousness behind the physical world, and if we listen carefully, are conscious about the details in
our life, we can hear the melody, see the trace of small miracles everywhere.
Krishna, the Holy Spirit, is the teacher of humankind, although we often believe he’s a trickster, as we don’t
understand the path our life takes.
Steiner compares the teaching of Arjuna by Krishna with the teachings of the Holy Spirit through sct. Paul, and
that is really the same being, first as an outer teacher, later as an inner teacher. See The Bhagavad Gita and
the Epistles of Paul. Lecture 5 of 5.
When Saul has the Christ vision he gets blinded by the light of Krishna/Holy Spirit, it enters into him, he now
has the wisdom of Krishna, the Holy Spirit, when he can see again he sees with the understanding of the Holy
Spirit, Saulus became Paulus.
A dialog from Gita Govinda about Krishna’s real purpose of being born, to establish dharma, to be the comforter
of humanity, the Holy Spirit.
Radha: But some day you will leave Vrindavan?
Krishna: Yes, I have to. I will have to move towards my real purpose of being born.
Radha: What is your real purpose of being born?
Krishna: To establish `dharma’ so that right can triumph over wrong.
Radha: What was the purpose of your time spent in Vrindavan? Especially with me.
Krishna: To teach people the weapon with which they can triumph good over evil.
Radha: Which is?
Krishna: Love. Only Love can conquer everything. When you fight with Love, no one gets hurt; not even the ones
you’re fighting with.
Radha: So will all your wars be fought with Love?
Krishna: I will try my best to do that. If it doesn’t work, then I may have to use other means so good can
triumph over evil, but personally, I won’t lift any other weapon apart from Love and counseling; but I may
encourage others to do so if all else fails.

Radha: (Radha is surprised) What will you “take” from them?
Krishna: In return for their partnerships, I will “take” from them, their most painful & difficult karma.
Radha: What kind of painful & difficult karma?
Krishna: Pain, sadness, loneliness, grief, poverty… anything. And I’ll replace it with love.
Krishna: I will take brunt of their most difficult karma, so they can lead a good life. I will make their life
From Journey2Light
That is what is meant when Jesus dies to take our sin on his shoulders, by dying he leaves Vrindavan and enters
the death world, our inner astral world, and becomes the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, helping us bear the burden
of karma.
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“Some really interesting parallels here. Both krishna and Christ seek to spread love and take away from the burden of dharma, but what does it mean for Christ to enter the astral, or etheric as steiner mentions? And what does it mean to be the holy spirit? I recently heard there are 2 Trinity’s. One is of the godhead, Christ and the holy spirit and the other is the mother Sophia along with the other two members….”
“2 by Kim Graae Munch on April 26, 2017 – 9:59 am
Inspired and inspiring questions, but it’s a large topic.
What does it mean to meet Christ in the Etheric?
We die when the thread between astral and etheric body breaks, our physical body and etheric body disintegrates,
but we keep what we have transformed and lose what we have on loan.
When we go through the initiation, our astral body and our etherbody joins together, so when we die it’s only the
physical body that dies, that disintegrates. We will after dead live on in the ether world with Christ, who are the
new living etheric world, New Jupiter. The etherbody contains our memory, so living in an etherbody means the
eternal life, we will never die fully again.
The Holy Spirit is the hierarchy behind the physical world, the etheric plane, and it’s the body of Christ, of
Krishna, the Grail. The Holy Spirit is called the wind in the willows, all what we call synchronicity comes from
the holy spirit, the wisdom that builds this world is the Holy Spirit.”
“Sophia has, for some reason, I don’t understand fully, not wanted to be in the front, but she is the Creator, the nearest you can come to call God.
In the beginning of Earth she had the physical universe as lowest body, you can say she had fallen from Angel to Man, that is how some of the scriptures call it, but it was necessary to create the Earth. She developed our Earth, with the wisdom of the etheric world, she developed our physical bodies. After that she raised to Philosophia, the angelic hierarchy, she offered the physical, we became owner of our bodies. Now she developed our etherbody so we could contain wisdom and learn routines for handling the physical world. After that she raised to Anthroposophia, the Archangelic hierarchy, she now work on our astral body, or rather we do, handle our karma. This work on the three bodies have also developed our sentient, intellectual and consciousness soul.
The Holy Spirit is the Angelic Hierarchy and Anthroposophia is the Archangelic hierarchy, the Sun Archangel.
Steiner and the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is the spiritual Father of Jesus, that makes the trinity even more obscure. You may like This.”

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