"Richard Lighthouse – Special Investigators (Stop 007)"

“Richard Lighthouse – Special Investigators (Stop 007)”
“Richard Lighthouse: Everyone is being tracked so we’ve got to get that information out we’re not trying to look for sympathy, we don’t need public funds to help us, we simply need to convince them that they are being tracked and targeted too, everyone is a targeted individual, that’s the game changer, everyone, even FBI Agents, they are being tracked, so we’ve got to get that fundamental idea out there, it is a game changer, so I encourage people to download these flyers or make your own we post them online at target justice they’re also available on ..lighthouse.com..they’re free, all of the books that I have for targeted individuals on my website at …lighthouse.com.. all of my ebooks are free for targeted individuals in fact most of the books that I’ve published are free regardless of the subject, no matter so I encourage people to go there download them they’re free it’s awesome, I welcome comments and suggestions on that because we want to get that information out.”
“Katherine Horton: however I can also confirm that I saw my own parents being taken over, literally within moments and
with taken over I mean they were .. shouting at me ..it was totally out of character for my parents and when I changed position in the room they continued shouting at the empty room, so they were completely neurologically taken over..”
“Richard Lighthouse: ..and then there’s also a fifth and six squadrons that act as reserve and beneath that these guys are the operational squadrons,
they operate the weapons on the satellites, okay, I don’t want to be unclear about these squadrons, literally
operate weapons that’s their job and these weapons target people and objects on the ground.
.. their job is called the daily tasks orders they take all here’s the list of all the people that get special treatment and I put that in quotation
marks get special treatment today and then they can that information over to the first second third and four squadrons and they handle the the manual
attacks that will be done that day does that make sense now a lot of it is automated, a lot of it is pre-programmed, we know the reason, we know that is because there’s only 1,300 personnel but there’s more than a million people worldwide there’s clearly no way that 1,300 personnel could manually target and hit and play with weapons on a daily basis with that many people we also know that the CIA office in Denver has roughly eight to ten thousand employees that are all responsible for domestic CIA operations only a section a segment of those can can handle what’s known as
scions or psychological operations they’re the ones that decide how to do your gang stalking how to structure it
so that they know what your weaknesses are they know who your family members are that you depend on they’re the ones
that put all the time and research into figuring out how to break you down, that’s their job, but their numbers are in the thousands not
the millions so clearly much of what’s being done has to be automated that the numbers just aren’t there they have to automate hiddenly some of it so .. I did want to cover that because I think it’s fairly important, people don’t understand how the system works, so I’m trying to give you an
outline of how that structure work, so that ebook is satellites and weapons of the Air Force Space Command, it gives you
an organizational chart …
..back in 1995 approximately where the general told him: “Listen, we control all of space between Earth and Mars.” and Dr. Deagle said: “No, you mean
between Earth and Moon.”, he said: “No, between Earth and Mars, we control all of that airspace, it’s ours, we control it.” which is a violation of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, no one’s allowed to control any celestial body or space that’s clearly a violation..”
“Katherine Horton: I always argue it’s not the task of civilians to to do this type of military research but if we can file with this information as a
precedent here in Europe that already gets us far..so this is absolutely astounding…”
“Richard Lighthouse: the fusion centers themselves are actually private entities, so they are completely exempt from FOIA requests, but
the employees that weren’t there or.. have several police officers that work at a fusion center and if he’s going to FOIA request to the fusion center
they’re going to say we’re not subject to these, but you can send it to the police department in the city of Houston.. we want to know the records that
were obtained by the city employee and and I’ve recommended that strategy to a number of people, the Emergency Operations centers are another level
down from the fusion center structure … again this is just the United States, I can’t speak for other areas, but this I would think, that this
general structural or arrangement w applicable in other places and I’m not discounting the fact that private companies may be involved… we do know that we’ve identified a number of …DHS Department of Homeland Security employees that work at these fusion centers and their job title is intelligence officer or intelligence supervisor, that strongly suggests that they are involved, tied in with hiding something, okay, so those employees exist, both at the fusion center and the Emergency Operations Center, every city has a 911 call center and it’s very clear that there are intelligence
officers at those 9-1-1 call centers to either reroute block or hide 911 TI’s, this is very important that Tis understand how the system works the
people that help cover up your gang stalking work at the 911 call centers and at the fusion center and you can pull up the Department of Homeland
Security and find the location for any fusion center in any state, in Texas they’ve got several of them, but in smaller states like Illinois .. they only have one so I really encourage everyone to get that information off the internet before it gets removed okay they’re not running
now that they know that we’re onto it there but no I don’t leave it up there your 9-1-1 call centre will even have a list of employees, their names and titles and you can use that information then go to Zombosearch.com or Verapages.com and you can find their home address, okay, for people that own
property it’s very easy to find where they live okay particularly if they’ve got an unusual name that makes it very easy so it’s possible oh and knock on their door and say hey I wonder when you work in the 911 call center I’d like to know what you guys are doing with this
gang stalking is law just have a very light conversation, no threats, no violence, we’re not advocating violence in any form, but it’s nice to know what people live and that probably makes it a uncomfortable corner.”
“charles hall: 14 hours ago: Its called neuron mapping Katherine. Your neurons are different than mine. They are mapping our neurons and graphing them using them as nodes. To target 50 neurons at one time too cause echo spin.”
“Jan Smith: 1 day ago (edited): I have an implant in my eye. Also, they chipped me in the back of the head. Sun simultor, moon ? simulator,..The sun is a portal.”
“phoenix lucra: ​they regulate alot of bodily functions.”
“phoenix lucra:​even sex drive.”
“Targeted Pride​Fred, i hung out with a repto guy he told me all cars after 2009 have tracking systems for the banks and others.”
“Kie Dan​in: Targeted Pride​ they torture me with a sex drive I didn’t even have when I was 16.”
“Stephen O Neill: ​Targeted Pride, I walk 3 times a day too inthe summer, but can’t now as it is too dark.”
“Targeted Pride: ​gotta walk during the day then, keep the flow.”
“Fred Last: ​yes, well my car is 16 years old so I guess im ok until it falls apart.”
“Jean Marie Bizeau: ​I’ve been on the couch for two weeks with a blasted knee.”
“phoenix lucra​: yeah.”
“phoenix lucra: ​I have got a healthy sex drive but they make it ten times more, constantly images in my mind.”
Targeted Pride: ​i have real bumpers too.”
“Fred Last​one: thing you should all know, RM, brain chips, psychotronics, none of it works when subjected to a strong magnetic field because the signal they use is too faint.”
“Stephen O Neill​:Any of you get violent urges? when talking to people? It freaks me out , my perps force violent thoughts.”
“Targeted Pride:… a way to isolate me.”
“Fred Last: ​you have to remember that the perps are in a worse position than you, they’re trapped within a system they can’t leave.”
“Targeted Pride​: like the mafia fred.”
“Fred Last​: exactly.”
“Mike Smith: ​we need more whistle blowers to go up against the globalist scum.”
“Mike Smit: h​wow my fingers heated up instantly.”
“Iaman Empoweredone​: .. the tech is in our heads.”
“Mike Smith: ​Morgellons too.”
“Stephen O Neill: ​I get DEWs and mind control, and forced body movements @whocares whatuthink.”
“paul cashin​: they’re creating an enemy so they can sweep in and save everyone, all the while blaming other people for its creation, so they can be seen saving the day and taking control of it.”
“Iaman Empoweredone:​China openenly uses and publicises remote neural monitoring, many YouTube vids show it.”
“Iaman Empoweredone: ​IMHO, GS is a platform for a huge WW social engineering program/experiment and behavioral modification program.”
“Targeted Pride: ​china is on my suspect list.”
“Targeted Pride: ​i think this is a silent ww3.”
“anneli jonsson: ​i got trauma based mk ultra and then one thing lead to another. so it´s so Much now i have no word. I´m injured by drugs and controlled to be catatonic and retarderd.”
“Iaman Empoweredone: ​Stuck, so far I have found little to none common links to those being targeted. most TIs I would never want to socialize with.”
“Greatest Ever:​ government is not serving the people, it is robbing us physically and intellectually.”
“Iaman Empoweredone: ​peaceful, no chips. remote neural monitoring. brain mapped. Look up YouTube China remote neural monitoringm, shows it.”
“Darío Baquero: ​The range of a cell phone to an antenna is 10Km, that of a motorcycle is maximum 16km, the power consumption of a device in the head should limit the range of the signal to a few millivolts.”
“Jon Rock: ​Hi Dr. Horton & hey Dr. Lighthouse.”
“Darío Baquero: ​So the system should be able to to receive satellite signals but the output signal from one’s body must be to a local communications network.”
“Iaman Empoweredone: ​Echelon, built by Lockheed, is the backbone of the data collection system. YouTube Echelon.”
“Darío Baquero: ​It is important in each of your countries to ask the government to use a system to triangulate the signal. For future legal purposes,”
“whocares whatuthink: ​I have received calls with a Chinese speaking woman on the other end.”
“terrorized germany​: very interresting show.”

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