Antarctica, scientific expedition discovers a Dimensional Portal. Sent a probe inside the Stargate.

“Antarctica, scientific expedition discovers a Dimensional Portal. Sent a probe inside the Stargate.”
“A team of scientists who were in Antarctica for a common project of climatology, have witnessed a phenomenon never seen before, when opening a dimensional portal.
The researchers, while researching the ice and the climate, an unusual vortex manifested itself above them despite the high gusts of wind that moved the clouds all around.  What happened next looks like a science fiction movie.

One of the first characters to talk about Stargate or Dimensional Portals in Antarctica, was the Russian army officer Eugene Gavrikov, interviewed by the Russian information website Gavrikov recounts his personal experience in Antarctica, arguing that in the midst of the icy frozen mountains, you could hide mysterious Pyramids, Stargates or dimensional portals and some military infrastructure abandoned by the Third Reich.
We recall that on this fascinating and mysterious continent, 4,000 scientists from 46 countries of the world operate and conduct the most unthinkable research for more than fifty years.
In this place there are always strange and incredible scientific phenomena, some of which still have no explanation, but former military ex-scientists denounce the disappearance of people and the manifestation of UFOs, Aliens and the opening of dimensional portals.

The last mysterious and impossible to believe fact happened in May 2018, when a team of British and American scientists who were in Antarctica for scientific surveys with a common climatology project, attended an event, so to speak. science fiction: an unusual vortex occurred at a height not very high.. Initially, it was thought of a polar storm, but the static nature and the unusual fog that surrounded it, led researchers to investigate the phenomenon.
The men prepared a meteorological balloon attached to a winch and with a built-in radio probe suitable for measuring physical properties (temperature, relative humidity, pressure and wind speed) and a scientific chronometer to record the reading times. The object was then released and aspirated into the vortex for the time strictly necessary for the measurements. After a few minutes, a disturbing result: the chronometer marked the date of January 27, 1965 and all the calculated data indicate values ​​incompatible with the normal characteristics of a whirlwind.
The experiment was repeated several times and always with the same results. One of the scientists who participated in the various tests, the American Mariann McLein not only confirms the incident, but also points out that the entire incident was reported to the military intelligence service (CIA and NSA) and the White House.

From the first indiscretions it seems that it is a space-time “door”, that is, a “tunnel” that allows not only a geometric movement through space, but also a temporary change. A sort of time travel (round trip) and in space. For some it may seem paradoxical, but what happened in Antarctica could find a rational explanation in the theory of “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”.
At the beginning of the last century, the two scientists created a “gravitational tunnel or wormhole”. that is, a “shortcut” from one point in the universe to another that would allow you to travel between them faster than the light would take to travel the distance through normal space. As you can see these are not mysterious phenomena, but real concepts of physics that each of us can also deepen through the web.

This sensational fact coincides with another surprising discovery made by the American satellites and published by the Daily Galaxy magazine: the presence of an ancient structure under the Antarctic ground. The discovery has aroused the curiosity of ufologists and proponents of conspiracy theories, according to which US soldiers hide the discovery of a UFO or a large technologically advanced device never seen before.
At present, the US authorities deny… but, as an official of the European Parliament said, the discovery is of such magnitude that the entire scientific community is still wondering what is coming to light in that area.

Some say that somewhere on the frozen continent, you can hide a sort of portal or Stargate through which you can access other dimensions. Another fascinating theory is that under the thick layer of ice you can hide traces of an ancient civilization that disappeared a long time ago and even an underground world inhabited by some extraterrestrial entities.
A question arises: perhaps all this would explain the countless scientific expeditions conducted over the years, some of which tragically ended? We hope that other testimonies can come out, so that we can shed more light on what is happening in Antarctica.”

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