Putin And Mafia Danish Documentary

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“Putin And Mafia Danish Documentary”
“Dansk Tv
1960 Abonnenten
Putin’s connections to mafioso in ruski country.”
“NSA-Tube-Failed-Transcription: anosmia variety command opinion it was..”
“After eight years on the case the investigators accuse Vladimir Putin of setting in place a criminal system.”
“What I understand true so they can get to any permission where so the head of the Mafia explained to Kenichi Kamiya’s
that allegedly the real boss was in fact the deputy mayor of the city of Vladimir Putin he was the one who authorized the
casino openings.”
“Ivan Ivanov: vor 1 Woche: I wonder when such a documentary about the Clinton..Bush… or other American phsyhopats will be made… short answer – NEVER..”
“JURGEN MARTIN Moller: vor 1 Woche:
one the one side you are right. on the other side you use the normal stupid “whatabout?”- technique: it
is a documentary about putain, not
about bush or clinton, stupid!”
“Larry Lopez: vor 1 Woche: Add Trump to that list.”
“slimeballz: vor 1 Woche: Interesting documentary, great work.”
“4555joe: vor 6 Tagen: I see him use one watch only. This is propaganda From UK !!’”
“Furlock Furli: vor 1 Woche: What was a German guy doing in St. Petersburg training SWAT teams…”
“Thomas Trüffel: vor 1 Jahr: Excellent documentation!”
“Star Fyodperor: vor 1 Woche: In Putin’s Russia… state runs mafia…”
Cal Ripson: vor 1 Woche: We have corporate/government mafia in USA too …they’re called Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.11.2020: Exactly, but they are all intertwined, that is the problem…and called NWO.
Josip Broz Tito: vor 1 Woche: West will always throw stones when living in glass houses.
Peter Williamson: vor 1 Woche: The English translation thing is very broken.
bad ass: vor 11 Monaten: Today mafia is owner of Russia.
IAM HE: vor 6 Tagen: Isaiah 13 🇯🇵
Papasoni Papasoni: vor 1 Jahr: Mafia.
ДРЕКАВАЦ: vor 1 Woche: So what every body do it in whole world all politicians are criminals nothing new.
Nikolaj Møller: vor 4 Tagen: The Russian society as a whole is totally corrupt.
Ula Thomas: vor 3 Tagen: That is quite a statement….
Do you know a perfect society on the planet? Keep the laws of the country and leave the moral judgement to our each and every one’s conscience.
Ronan Rogers: vor 1 Woche: He’s like the Queen of England.
Putin doesn’t own it.
KimberBlack KimberBlack: vor 3 Tagen: The russian mob . Kgb mob ties. And the ussr mob will never again be the biggest drug producer and it is a major power hold in the infrastructures of economic middle class life…
Rừng Xanh: vor 1 Jahr: lol usa NATO.
SRSOS: vor 9 Monaten: lol at a guy with Che for his profile pic, who supports a fascist gangster thug like Putin. luz!!!
Faton Islami: vor 1 Woche: West is not much better.
Moly Nixon: vor 5 Tagen: Da schwurbeln wieder die MSM gegen Putin den Schrecklichen^^In der Zwischenzeit werden unsere Grundrechte abgeschafft, und Leute wie Snowden flüchten nach Russland.
Maxim K: vor 1 Woche: Russia is not a country! It’s just a territory controlled by group of criminals and don’t forget – those criminals have nuclear weapon!
01017400: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): It is nothing compared to Israel & USA !!
Morrissey Nola: vor 1 Jahr: Russia’s a world power, if us goes to war with russia the world will end. Russian Organized crime is by far the most powerful in the world.
Hugo Saial: vor 3 Tagen: Just propaganda, very “dramatic” because Russia Central Bank is not owned by Rotshchild.
Nick Syedin: vor 10 Monaten: Russia brings to the world nothing except corruption and organized crime.

“Putin used the money to build his gigantic palace on the edge of the Black Sea its total value almost 1 billion
euros, these sums of money are way beyond Vladimir Putin’s modest lifestyle if we are to believe his last official
declaration of property…Sergei Kolesnikova has already accused Vladimir Putin several times in public of
unlawful enrichment, no case has ever been brought against him.”
“Jose Glinda in the phone tapping that he had ordered stupefied he discovered the extent of the links between the Russian Mafia and Vladimir Putin’s government he agreed to speak about it for the first time in front of a camera.”
“From 2000 to 2002 according to him under influence from the Kremlin Russia was transformed into a kleptocracy, his
established total control of major assets and cash flows in major industries oil, gas, electricity, refining sector,
this is the empire, that’s totally controlled by just a handful of people which originated from his inner circle
and also a lot of these people who were rumored to be connected with organized crime groups at least back in st.
Petersburg you know to me this is an organized crime in itself, because it is a criminal thing for bureaucrats to be
able to control cash flows which I mean they get like everything possible, from state contracts financing from gas ..even invent specific totally unnecessary projects
“Is Putin the Godfather?” Absolutely, he totally controls everything personally…the largest Russian oil company.”
“..he was then tortured to get him to withdraw his testimony against these government officials, they put him in cells
with no heat and no window panes in December in Moscow, so he nearly froze to death, turns out that he was much tougher than they anticipated and he refused to perjure himself he refused to bear false witness and he didn’t sign their false
confession and a dried guards with rubber batons beat Sergei Magnitsky that night until he died he was 37 years old, he left a wife and two children to understand why his lawyer made the Russian authorities so uncomfortable William Browder launched an investigation with one goal to find the
250 million dollars that were stolen using expropriation after seven years the circuit that the money followed can
be traced through dozens of offshore vehicles right up to one of its supposed beneficiaries sergei roldugin vladimir
putin’s childhood friend.”
“The moral of the Magnitsky story is if you have something
that the authorities want to steal they will steal it and the more the the more valuable it is the more of an incentive
there is to steal it and if you do anything to stand in their way there’s nothing that will stop them from killing you or killing your people and doing so in the most sadistic way
possible, determined to avenge his lawyer William Browder attacked Vladimir Putin head-on, in December 2012 he managed to get the Magnitsky act adopted by the United States this law allows the ill-gotten gains of Russian officials to
be frozen abroad.”
“the Magnitsky act basically ruins his whole business model if if all of a sudden all this hard work of 17 years of
committing crimes and all that money gets frozen in the West
then it wasn’t worthwhile in the first place and so it touches him in the most existential way the consequence for
William Browder he himself became the Kremlin’s number one enemy I’ve been threatened with death with kidnapping
many many criminal cases opened up against me in Russia
I’ve been sentenced to 18 years in prison in absentia the Russians would like to kill me but they’d like to kill
me in a way that doesn’t have repercussions for Vladimir Putin and for his regime and so they have to come up with a way of killing me that doesn’t bring go back to them and so so far they haven’t come up with that way of killing
me I’m sure they’re thinking about it I’m sure they’re discussing it and I have to from doing that.”
“William Browder is not the only one to fall in this battle against corruption in 2006 a photo taken in this London
Hospital circled the world hair falling out by the handfuls talat skin Alexander Litvinenko a former Russian Secret Service agent is dying eaten away from the inside his wife Marina convinced the attending personnel and the English police that 5:43the causes of the sudden unexplained
illness must be sought out.”
“The former agent of the FSB was investigating the links
between the Kremlin of Putin organized crime and money laundering in Europe openly thereby signing his own death
“conclusions of the investigation were categorical Alexander Litvinenko was the victim of a murder poisoned with
polonium to 100 metal 400 times more radioactive than uranium that only a nuclear reactor could produce.”
“But the investigation went all the way up to two
former members of the Russian Secret Service who are living peacefully in Russia today protected by power as if
crime were a routine weapon of the system.”
“Russian state has become a structure of corruption, I would say yes and in order to defend against anyone criticizing the
corruption or trying to uncover corruption,, they will go to great lengths to silence these people, unfortunately, there is a fact of life today. We felt this threatening atmosphere several times during the course of our investigation like this call from an agent of the FSB, the Russian Secret
Service trying to dissuade us from pursuing our inquiries.”
“Widespread accusations of corruption, links with the Mafia, assassinations, how much longer can Putin’s system last? Will
he one day after answer for it, today the secret of his survival is to stay in power. He is thinking of his own survival and the survival of his friends on a daily basis anand he will do what is necessary today to survive the next day and that’s the Russia we are facing and that’s why it makes it so difficult for us to understand what goes on.”
“Historically I think Putin already is on the way out, the question is how long he will be able to cling to power and many people would demand that he’s brought to justice.”

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