How The Jesuits Rule In Russia

“How The Jesuits Rule In Russia”
“By Johnny CirucciSun, 24 April 2016:
I was recently sent an interesting video professing to show the Rector of Saint-Petersburg State Agrarian University, Victor Alekseyevich Efimov, giving a class purportedly to members of Russia’s Federal Security Service (Федеральная Служба Безопасности “FSB”). I thought that, although I had to trust the poor English subtitles and couldn’t verify where Efimov was, it was well worth trying to get through.
I’m glad I did.
Within 20 minutes it was clear to me that the Jesuits and Rome have far more control in Russia than what I had thought beginning with their favorite domain; Intelligence.
One need look no further than the flag of the FSB to know that the Dragon of Rome and her soldiers are secure there. On a field of a Maltese Cross (the symbol of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, a.k.a. the Hospitallers, a.k.a. the Knights of Malta) sits the Imperial Russian crest which has the two-headed eagle of Freemasonry.

“The problem Rome has is that she rules from the shadows and that requires the organs and bureaucracies of the nations she has stolen to believe a lie about why they are so incompetent. This was clearly the mission given to Viktor Efimov—fill the heads of FSB officers with lies and subterfuge about why Russia is suffering and who her real enemies are.”
“We first notice that Efimov is a Communist who worked for Mikhail Gorbachev yet he mentions nothing of Gorbachev’s having presided over the destruction of the Soviet Union and isn’t embarrassed to have been a high official in Gorbachev’s administration.
Where is Gorbachev working now? He’s working to promote “climate change” in the new office CIA Director George H.W. Bush gave him in California.
Where in California? At a favorite Catholic location, “The Presidio” (a compound that was first used by Catholic monks, then the U.S. Army and is now “private” thanks to CIA Director Bush). Supposed “former Jesuit Malachi Martin says, “Gorbachev was told to collapse the Soviet Union.”
From my book Illuminati Unmasked—”
“Mikhail Gorbachev oversaw the destruction of the USSR which critically weakened Russia. Gorbachev ran to a surprising source for safe haven: George H.W. Bush. Bush turned over the military base at the Presidio in California to the former Communist and it became a base of operations for Gorbachev’s continued subversive efforts under the guise of “environmentalism”.”
“Efimov says that he needs to give his students a completely new world view, just like Copernicus did. This is a fascinating assertion that clearly shows he works for the Luciferian Elite that sit in the city on seven hills.”
“Forrestal was a Roman Catholic who, like John F. Kennedy, the Catholic machine eventually decided “knew too much” (it seems they almost take special pleasure in murdering their own when they don’t do what they’re told). He was interned for psychiatric treatment and later “committed suicide” by jumping out (being thrown out) of a 16th story window.
NSC 20 has been linked to CIA Director Allen Dulles. It created a “policy of containment” against Russia that is still in effect today despite the fact that Russia is no-longer a Communist empire or threat to the U.S.”

“But this is key and an upsetting requiem on just who runs Russia; tactics such as these that are aimed at Russia’s conservative, Christian society (Russia’s common-sense policies that honor traditional families and traditional marriage) put good religious people around the world—especially Christians—in Russia’s camp against the CIA (who I call “the Catholic Intelligence Agency”). Russian public relations and media have failed miserably to capitalize off of this and it would certainly seem to be resulting from those same agencies being controlled in key positions.
Even the supposedly “Presbyterian” Dulles family had a Jesuit in their woodpile.
The Dulles brothers (Allen at the CIA and John as Secretary of State) weren’t supposed to be Catholic yet John’s son, Avery became a powerful Jesuit Cardinal.
Jack Kennedy fired Director Allen Dulles because Dulles was responsible for betraying Cuban Patriots in the Bay of Pigs invasion.
The CIA was the best friend Soviet Communism ever had. They set up Hungarian patriots in 1956 and Czechoslovakian patriots in 1968 in similar fashion. They encouraged them to revolt with promises of support than stepped back and watch them get crushed by Soviet tanks.”

“Kennedy was a Catholic but he was a threat to the control the Jesuits had over America and the CIA so he was brutally murdered in broad daylight. Lee Harvey Oswald was a key player in New Orleans during the CIA’s experimentation to weaponize viral cancer.
Unless Oswald had the power to order an unbelievably treasonous Secret Service stand-down, it’s pretty clear he was just a patsy.”
Rector Efimov mentions the Central Bank and how banks are many times more prosperous than Russia’s farmers and then, again, fails to explain why.
Centralizing finance is a key point of control for the Elite which is why the United States Federal Reserve was created in secrecy and against the stipulations of the U.S. Constitution. More from my book—
The most powerful way to enslave and steer a nation is to control her finances and, on that definition alone, America has been enslaved since 1913.
The battle for a central bank has been waged from America’s inception and few in the Founding generation were for it, having witnessed the excesses and criminal activities of powerful bankers elsewhere in the world as well as throughout history.”

“Who invented usury banking? —The Templars; a Catholic “secret society” (at least “secret” in the frightening extent of their reach) of Crusader knights who grew so powerful they were hunted down, tortured and killed. Rome learned from this and ever since that time in 1307 AD have placed puppets who have been almost always Jews in positions of power but behind every Jew there is a Roman pulling his strings.
I found Emanuel Josephson’s book The Federal Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers: Their Gold Corner, an excellent resource on this—
Rome’s successor, the Holy Roman Empire, dissimulated its interest in money and its power. This was in accord with its professed tenets of Nazarene, theistic Communism. Under ecclesiastic, Canon Law, even profits in business transactions were decreed to be the cardinal sin and capital offence of “usury”. As late as the sixteenth century, one hundred Christian business men who held no Papal dispensation, were burned at the stake in Geneva, as a penalty under Church law, for making profits in their business transactions. Title to all wealth as well as to the persons and lives of all the earth are claimed by the Church, on the ground that their ownership is divinely vested in the Pope as the vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. Thus theistic, Nazarene Communism, and the “modern” religion that goes by the name of Communism and is supposedly atheist, both are basically super-capitalist and both mask their avid grab for money and wealth.
Title to all wealth was vested in the Church and in its champion “knights,” who at the same time assumed the role of so-called “protectors,” much like the present-day “labor leaders” of their vassals whom they mercilessly enslaved and looted.
Both Churchmen and lay knights used the despised Jews for the conduct of their usurious financial operations, in order to avoid “sinning” and the death penalty that it involved. The Jews proved very useful and handy for that purpose.4
Efimov continues to blow smoke and confusion (those poor FSB cadets) with his blackboard drawings and then makes this amazing statement; “All political parties work together in one solid mechanism…””

This is exactly the case in the United States and was predicted by a famous professor at a Jesuit university (he taught Bill Clinton while Clinton was getting his Jesuit education at this Georgetown University)—
“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical…”
“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”5
Rector Efimov is effective because he admits “there is truth known only by those who govern” and that they keep the citizens unaware of this truth by telling “two opposing lies”. These lies are known as “the Hegelian dialectic”, a process named after German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel on how to manipulate people to go where they don’t want to (from freedom into feudalistic slavery) by fabricating a danger that is a fraud then giving them their own solution when they were the reason for the problem in the first place. This is absolutely true yet Efimov immediately tells another lie; “The agenda to create a world government is a conspiracy that doesn’t exist.”
Again, nothing short of gaslighting; telling a lie so outrageous it simply must be believed.
Every threat to Russia has come from someone or some group intent upon ruling the world from Napoleon—(controlled for Rome by their Jesuit-trained Catholic priest Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès) to Adolph Hitler.
Entire books have been written on how the Catholic Church created the Nazis from German aristocrat Franz von Papen who bankrolled the Party in the 30s to vicious Jesuit Heinrich Himmler to the rabid Jew-hating Jesuit who wrote Mein Kampf for Hitler Bernhard Stempfle to “Hitler’s Pope” Eugenio Pacelli (a.k.a. “Pius XXII”). Pacelli was the Vatican’s ambassador—“Apostolic Nuncio”—to Germany in the critical years before the war making sure the Nazis rose to power.
Hitler even named his secret plan to invade Russia after Frederick I, Emperor of Rome: “BARBAROSSA”.”

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