US Army developing self-healing, shape-shifting material that could lead to ‘Terminator-style’ drones

“US Army developing self-healing, shape-shifting material that could lead to ‘Terminator-style’ drones
Aug 20, 2020
US Army developing self-healing, shape-shifting material that could lead to ‘Terminator-style’ drones
(ETH) – A new report is revealing that the US Army is in the process of designing material capable of shape-shifting and autonomously healing such as the sci-fi movie Terminator.
The material which will be made of polymer and a 3D printable component that has a dynamic bond that allows it to
go from liquid to solid multiple times. It is also equipped with a unique shape memory behavior, providing users
with the ability to be programmed and trigger it to return to a previous form.
The military foresees this technology being used to create morphing unmanned drones and shape-shifting robotic
platforms. The report states that the Army has teamed up with researchers at Texas A&M for this project, with the
hopes to be a future platform suitable for air and ground missions.
According to Daily Mail: “The team also wants the material to boast ‘the reconfiguration characteristics of the T-1000 character in the Hollywood film, Terminator 2,’ said Dr. Frank Gardea, an aerospace engineer and principal
investigator of this work for the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory.”
In the film, the Terminator is made of liquid metal capable of shapeshifting, mimicking others, and self-healing,
which is the inspiration for the new material. ‘We want a system of materials to simultaneously provide structure,
sensing, and response,’ Gardea continued.”
Kate Retchford: Jesus is still the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Titus 2.13.
Dana Greentree: We were created to be productive, reproduce, and serve the great master. The great master has learned that we are not as good as he was hoping for, As we age we deteriorate, and eventually become non-productive. Machines that do not deteriorate, and have replacement parts, are a far more better producers. Machines have no emotions, do not disobey, or start wars with each other over power and control.
Lee Michael Bog: Once the new Covid vaccine changes our DNA then we are not classified as human anymore. They have already made us non essential so this is what the climate change movement is about. Depopulation!!
Delee Massey: they are “developing” this technology :-D.
Karen Curchin: Always knew terminator series was trying to tell us something…x clones/robots can have what´s left of this messed up world greed.
Misty Bee: It´s about that time. Lol.
Jason Bentura: has begun..wait that´s mortal kombat….sorry.
Twyla Turnbow Sorrells: Somebody needs to tell these guys to stop emulating sci-fi movies! Seriously! Have they seen the way these things end? (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Lynnetta Ellis: I keep thinking someone is using all these sci-fi books and movies as blueprints.
Dah Vin Lynnetta: Ellis or maybe these things exist already and they let us see these things in movies, to desensitize us.
Donnie Shiplet: Dah Vin exactly.
Chad Amrhein: Antichrist kingdom technology.
Marian Heffner: Well, it´s 2020, what else would you expect?

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