Interviews with Changemakers 4 Suzie Dawson International Journalist, Activist

“Interviews with Changemakers 4 Suzie Dawson International Journalist, Activist”
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“Ramola D: It wasn’t even fighting the word activist these days has come under.. has endured such transmodification >>because of.< the ways in which the spy agencies had taken that word and changed its its value and its meaning or attempted to do so whereas many of us know that the word activist is really connected with human rights advocacy, right.”
“Suzie Dawson: It´s Caitlyn Johnston who said like: oh, I was just trying to make the world a better place and that is exactly right .. I mean we need activism: all positive social change in human history has come from people getting together and demanding it on mass, but unfortunately this all coincided with the privatization of state Intelligence functions and what that meant is that activism became a investment opportunity for private security companies to posture activism as being related to terrorism, so that they could use counterterrorism resources and funding to target activists and there’s that really unconscionable, because when the wind the terrorism laws and post 9/11 and terrorism funding was being justified to the public, it was being justified as something that would happen over there, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, over there to other people, to actual militants with actual weapons who are actually hurting people never once did they say these are the laws and these are the funds that will empower private for-profit security agencies to target unarmed civilians, not
military, not army, not soldiers, not terrorists, not terrorists, but civilians, normal people, in the suburbs, just trying to make their own countries better, but that´s precisely what happened and precisely what they did to us we had no concept that
that was gonna happen we thought maybe like the police are like looking at drugs maybe that you know if there’s an undercover maybe it’s because they just want to see is someone selling weed or someone like never in a million years that we even begin to imagine that we would be infiltrated by this entire surveillance like apparatus of the state or that it had international tentacles…it took years to uncover it.”
“Suzie Dawson: we’ve had cases of doctors, scientists, researchers, teachers, even teachers (!) organizing against charter schools targeted totally mainstream and this is the thing that when you have private security and you have corporate security companies to increase their profits they have to increase the target pool, so the target pool gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.”
“Suzie Dawson: they spied on 88 New Zealand citizens they in fact took the private data of those citizens and sent it to the NSA and had them targeted by the NSA which is in England an even more egregious violation.”
“Suzie Dawson: I grew up in a New Zealand that had said NO to America that had said NO to the biggest powers in the rest of the world and that is why it was so unbelievably offensive to me to have United States agencies interfering and Newseum domestic affairs and then to have our own spy agencies sending out data to the Americans is to me I believe I view it wholeheartedly as treason when you take the data of your own citizenry and you supply it to a foreign nation it is treason.”
“Suzie Dawson: Once you go after the military infrastructure that’s when ..they are really out to harm you, they are really out to hurt you.”
“Suzie Dawson: it got very very hot during that period
very very terrifying that’s when they actually started trying .. setting my car.. catching on fire, the other incident of them trying to drive me off a cliff, literally, like that
so that was an in constant death threats and telling me that if I didn’t leave the country I was dead and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”
“Suzie Dawson: It was always responding to the conditions of the moment and trying to hold the powers to account for what they had been doing to our country and literally when people
say me like oh you have kids why could you how could you do get involved in this but for me I’m sitting there like
this firing on my entire country like here’s my one little life right I can go oh my one little life is so precious I
must be quiet and do nothing and then they will sell my entire country to the United States or I can decide actually my life is worth risking for the sake of every person in my
country and for my kids futures and everybody else’s futures and so for me it was not there was no choice of course you are going to tell people what’s happening when it affects all of them and of course you are going to fight for justice and fight for change when you have corrupt people selling
your entire citizenry out to a foreign nation like it’s your obligation it’s not it’s not like something that some
great act of courage it’s an active obligation you have an obligation to share this information to inform people
and an obligation to hold those who are doing this to account you know it’s so that was really where I was coming from
with it so for me the organizing side was nothing more than just telling people this is major we’ve got to do
something about it we’re going to do something about it now we’re going to fight this.”
“Suzie Dawson: I have seen that same as time and time again throughout my activism and my targeting is actually a really good example, because a huge effect of what has
driven me through this is that every time they do some nasty, evil, malicious thing to punish me every time they do
something horrible to hurt me, it proves to me that they’re the bad guys and I am on the right side (oh absolutely). It
actually makes me more determined than ever and the more disgusting things I see them do to other people the more I
know that I’m right to dedicate my life to fighting against this, so they, in a way, they create their own opposition,
by their crimes, the egregiousness of their crimes
and the corruption and the targeting people creates the resistance to them completely, in that way they can never shut it down, because it’s self-perpetuating. (that’s pretty brilliant thank you for that analysis)”
““Suzie Dawson: Everything I say to you today is something that we have uncovered from the NSA’s own documents I and if you’d like want any reference points for this I can give you links to the documents into our reporting on that the NSA considers .. I’m trying to not explain it in technical
terms trying to explain it in a way people can understand that NSA doesn’t just take the data from the countries
the intersect is itself access to that country systems so one of the things we discovered is that the NSA can operate
the satellite equipment of any partner agency, so if netherlands goes and sticks a satellite up in space or whatever, the NSA can operate their Satellites themselves, new zealand has a supply beneath any say, it was proof and also i mean i know it from the docs because the
NSA says they can do it, but for a real world proven example has sued the new zealand government and the spy
agencies for spying on him past the time that they had a legal authorization to and in the discovery documents in that
court case the GCSB said they stopped spying on kim at a certain day, but their equipment continued spying on him and
how it continues spying on him was, because it was not being operated by the New Zealand agencies, it was being
operated by the NSA, so when nsa is spying on a innocent New Zealander they are using New Zealand’s network to spy on
their New Zealand at the using New Zealand’s hardware and equipment, they can offer the same thing with the Australians and the spy base at Pine Gap which is involved in the targeting of Germans, killings in Afghanistan whereas
the NSA can access and utilize that network and hardware without even the involvement of the host country.”
“Suzie Dawson: some time in the forties was not known to the prime minister of New Zealand sorry of Australia until 1975 for twenty six years the leader of the country did not
know that the spy agencies were working with foreign powers, so what that means is that the entire political process is
bullshit — it is reality television, this whole lie that
you have to wait four years before you get one vote to pick Clinton or Trump or whoever is a total fiction, because the
agreements between these agencies are not made in the political sphere, they’re made in the military sphere, the
militaries are running the world, the politics are the reality TV show to make the public feel like they have a say and feel like they have some input and to divert their attention, but the militaries are running the world.”
“this is the superstructure”
“We’re the ones when we peel back the layers of power even further and this is what we’ve been doing in decipher you the question is who is giving the orders to the NSA and the answer is not the president, not the government, not the Congress or the intelligence committees, the answer is
the NSA’s customers, this is what they call them so the NSA has a customer portal, which is like a web portal, a secure web portal where the customers of the NSA can request intelligence from the NSA and then the NSA runs off and
fulfills those intelligence requests we found out a number of very interesting things about this one the Federal Reserve (CRA Remark: And it is neither Federal, nor a Reserve) Bank of America is a customer of the NSA..they are customer of the NSA, the Federal Reserve Bank of America is not a government
department and it is a customer of the NSA listed in the NSA’s own documents…fact they are so then the question is if the Department of Agriculture as a customer of the NSA who are the customers of the Department of Agriculture what do they do with that information when they get it are they
giving it to Monsanto.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 20.1.2020: They are not just a vehicle Suzie Dawson, they are a ruthless end-evil Nazi Stasi Agency, they are actively involved in systematic NWO Genocide actions, in the most cruel manner and this remotely, with no touch torture via neuralink and skynet satellite attacks and DEWs, scalar weapons systems and many more…look at this graph… They actively make it a sociopathic psychopathic sport to target certain more or less famous icons of the planet… but this Time the Holy Spirit comes in and Krishna himself will take them down, including their so-called Criminals In Action customers and Evil Pharma Nazi Corporations and Bankster Gangsters.
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“Suzie Dawson: Now I’m going to show you guys the biggest gift that WikiLeaks has ever given to targeted individuals which has gone under the radar for far too long and you know I just want to say I totally understand that to try and be a
journalist and study documents and do build a following in a platform when there are people literally trying to kill you
is an incredibly difficult incredibly difficult task when it feels like you’re being attacked on all fronts when you’re
being undermined every turn with everything you do there electronically instrument every other possible method
of interference I understand because I’ve been there I have been there I did not have the resources of agencies I had
nothing nothing and every bit of reporting I did I did in spite of what reporting I did I did in spite of what
they were doing to me so somehow you’ve got to dig down inside yourself even though you feel like you’re literally
they’re going to do you in any day now you’ve got to find it within yourself the will to do this work that I’m about
to show you and to circulate this information for your benefit and for the benefit of other people.”
“Suzie Dawson: Well when we started reading through these documents the first thing we discovered is that there is operation there’s CIA information all the way through these documents there is constant references to the CIA there is constant references to DIA, to DoD and to the Pentagon DoD Pentagon and the State Department.”
“I mean even Hayden was director of CIA and director NSA so that it’s basically the same group of people working at both agencies so you can’t leak on NSA without CIA because this saw into the so intertwined the next thing we discovered
is that they are operationally dependent so the CIA gets the signals intelligence from the NSA and in the stereo it goes
and does the ground operation based on what the NSA is given that so they’re using the same systems they have customer and supplier relationships that go both ways though each is dependent go both ways though each is dependent on
other the CIA and the NSA are the left hand and the right hand of the executive, so you can’t hurt one hand without
hurting the other hand you know if someone chosen interesting the right hand if someone shot something right in
“So the NSA is being trained this area they’re giving awards from the CIA and the staff are moving back and forth between NSA and CIA and then they’re working on the same operations
together so it’s a complete Myth … I mean people say crazy they say should they get out of the movies honestly if you look at the Hollywood movies it’s always like when agency has
it in for the other agents alright yeah that’s the general myth.. bullshit they work together they are they have like this lifecycle that’s like cohesive they’re like a living
organism they move in and out from each other the intelligence agency.” “(they feed on each other)”
“to protect civilians from this malicious attack and targeting by intelligence private and public intelligence agencies.”
“how badly people’s lives are being assaulted you know people are being isolated socially isolated as well and being blacklisted in the unemployment space operations that we just read about is to isolate you to make you despair, despair um and yeah, please don’t, because if you can break, that if you can, if you can actually, just despite the physical attacks and the horrific things that are happening to you, if you can break out of it to spare and can and just connect with anyone in the world that will be an ear for you that can be enough to take, it can be the difference, literally, between life and death.”
“It was founded by who as a targeted person, all of his money was seized by the government and etcetera etcetera etc, so I think this is what they do, they go after the resources, if you are legit and you do this work, they will go after all your resources, so the generosity of family and friends is the only thing that has kept me alive.”
“stop being convinced to hate our heroes based on false premises that are easily just provable with a little bit of work.”
“how she would try to help them, because she recognized that they were good people and that they didn’t deserve
to be in this position, support the people who have given their lives for this course that’s all as I say.”
“Suzie Dawson: We need to make the intelligence agencies a dirty word. It needs to become painfully embarrassing to admit that you’ve ever worked for an intelligence agency. It needs to become socially unacceptable to have any affiliation with them, and then we will see some change. Like social stigma is a really like big thing, right? And we can use that to our favor. Rather than them creating social stigmas to break relationships, we should be creating social stigmas around these agencies.”

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