Maintenance personnel. Targeted individuals.

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“Maintenance personnel. Targeted individuals.”
“when I was in prison the maintenance personnel would give me really weird looks and they would smile at me in a very knowing evil way and some of the inmates that work with the maintenance personnel also would do the same thing and I can only conclude that some of these maintenance personnel that work at these institutions know about the electronic systems and the harassment and the technology. I would think if you really wanted to have an enlightening conversation with someone about this technology I would say finding some way to have a conversation with maintenance
personnel. I know particularly for the state of Kansas Shawnee County, some of the maintenance personnel know about the technology and some of the some of the guards know about the technology and some of the inmates know about the technology. The maintenance inmates actually helped the staff inmates, I mean staff maintenance with the technology itself.. why they would
trust inmates I don’t know but I probably do know that they would the inmates ain’t going to tell, because they get special privileges, they go they go anywhere in the prison and
they can deliver drugs and the they know they would be targeted themselves and tortured and of course no one would believe them, but yeah, the maintenance personnel in institutions like prisons, some of them know about this as system and can actually install it in certain places, so if you were going to have a conversation with somebody in the know, I would say try maintenance personnes in institutions … I think that might yield fruit if you are close to one or if you could somehow get one to open up to you.
Also about the Dr. Horton case what they’re going to do is they know they can’t just section her now, because she got twenty-one witnesses that showed up weather and they knew these witnesses
were gonna show up so they can’t just say you’re crazy and cart you off do the cart are off to the nuthouse, because she got 21 witnesses and a lot of other types of evidence to present, so
now they’re just going to use technicality to stall her into infinity, it was what I think it’ll be technicality after technicality after technicality after technicality which will keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off or putting it off and putting it off unril they can get her at a weak point to where the witnesses stopped coming or something
like that and then they can section her and say well you know she’s mentally unstable, because that’s the first thing they do here in the US, as soon as you complain about being attacked with directed it directed energy weapons the first thing they do is cart you off to the psychiatrist, they don’t even consider that someone may actually be targeting you with directed energy weapons they don’t consider the possibility that neural weapons exist which is unfortunate. The ones that do know about the neural weapons ain’t gonna say nothing man because they they
don’t want to be targeted by the technology, but that’s how I think they’re going to handle Dr. Katherine Horton is delay delay delay delay delay technicality technicality technicality
and also if you wanted to have an enlightening conversation about the technology I think someone to talk to you would probably be maintenance personnel in jails and prisons.”
“The Truth Scene: vor 1 Monat: Excellent point. I actually was recently thinking that when I was in a similar situation a few people who befriended me were part of this Targeting program. Freaking unbelievable when you consider the scope and depth of this program.”

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