REVEALED: The Global Spy Network That Controls Us

“REVEALED: The Global Spy Network That Controls Us”

“Suzi 3D: This is vital information: Suzie visually maps out the “intelligence empire” run by the NSA and explains it in an easy-to-understand way.”

“Data comes down into the fusion center but it also goes up, so goes up to the global network and down from the global network…the corporate entities are deemed part of the critical infrastructure which is how they brought into this big data scam and the government departments have been
justifying the spying on their own citizens as being about risk management and this is a term that you see all the
time, now in the case of the big spy scandals that I’ve studied where we’ve literally got late words we’ve seen
reporting on the invoices of government departments hiring private intelligence to target people on the ground, they have been literally putting it on the general ledger as a security experience and they justify the security expenditure as being risk management, so therefore the targeting of citizens around the world who oppose some government policy or whatever government activity, we are being deemed a risk, we’re being deemed a risk either to the government or to the
police and security state or to corporate entities and then these military inventions, these fusion centers are trading in our data and pushing them up through the military networks, so the fusion centers, I should mention, although
they started in Iraq in Afghanistan they became they were propagated right across the domestic homelands of the Western
world, so there are fusion centers right across the US but there’s also international fusion centers, so this is a military initiative that has been brought to the homeland which is a total violation obviously of human rights and
of countless historical principles, so then the domestic and police intelligent domestic police intelligence units and
the government departments and corporate entities, they don’t like to do dirty work themselves, so what they do is they
hire private intelligence and private security contractors and those contractors are the ones that actually have teams of people that go and stalk and target and interfere with and
sabotage and destroy the lives of whoever has deemed to be a risk to the state, they are literally billing the government, so the government’s identifying who should be targeted and
then these are the goons that are going and doing it.”
“Now when you look at their websites and you read their promotional material, you discover that they openly
brag about, not just the fact that they work for corporations and work for domestic police intelligence units and work for government departments, but they
also brag about having global customers, they have global customers that are foreign governments and they have global
customers that are commercial entities, so in New Zealand if you piss off Saudi Arabia or some god-knows-who government
overseas that government can independently, or a company or
corporation in that country, can independently engage these private intelligence and private security companies to come and fuck your life up, to put it nicely.”

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