Ban the Military Use of Nanotech-Bioweapons and Psychotronics on the Civilian World

Conspiracy Revelation: 20.5.2019: Ban the Military Use of Nanotech-Bioweapons and Psychotronics on the Civilian World.
“ and seeks to ban the military use of #nanotechnology”

“Defence and security / New in the military / Articles”
“The issue of psychotronic weapons and psychotronic war
“Material posted: Publication date: 09-10-2011
In connection with numerous manifestations of abnormal, unusual for classical psychology, about or of psychic phenomena and clairvoyance, psychic, telekinesis, phenomenal memory and a fantastic numeracy (experiments of this work, Cooney, Gorin) and other mysterious properties of the psyche, a new direction of scientific research and engineering support (creation of technical means of recording, measuring, and acting on the brain), called PARAPSYCHOLOGY.”

“Foreign work:
Government agencies, organizations and companies involved in Y-problem in the US:
The U.S. Department of defense,
The U.S. Department of the interior,
Intelligence Agency the U.S. Department of defence (RUMO) and the FBI,
Management of forward planning of research U.S. Department of defense (DCA),
Air force, Navy and Ground units of the U.S. army,
The center of military research (Redstone),
Research Institute for the behavioral and social Sciences U.S. army (Alexandria),
American Association for the advancement of science,
Stanford research Institute and many tens of other institutions, more than 70 universities and colleges, special institutions on the issue:
The parapsychological Institute of the Dr. D. B. REIN (USA),
The Institute for the study of neospora astronaut E. MITCHELL (USA).
Developments Y-the problems are in the following countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, Israel, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine (more than 30 countries of the world).
We can identify five key military areas of application papers in the field of bioenergy and Y-phenomena:
Development of methods for the intentional exposure of human mental activity.
Fundamental theoretical and experimental work on studying the clairvoyance and telekinesis in military-applied terms (intelligence and sabotage activity).
The study of the influence of bioizluchenie on military and commercial control and communications systems, military electronic equipment, development of bio-energy generators to the impact on troops personnel.
Development of detection systems and control (monitoring systems) artificial and natural dangerous bioizluchenie and methods of active and passive protection from them. Development of sensors, measuring devices and metrological services and methods of assessing such effects and impacts. Modeling of Y-effects and biswasi.
The creation of a line of aerospace agencies and NASA, USA power systems for military defense purposes type latest efficient aircraft (LA), using the transformation of the topology of space-time and control gravity.
In addition, a systematically conducted evaluation of the strategic potential of the probable enemy, the owning PSO. Already shown more high efficiency of PSO in comparison with thermonuclear weapons. Estimates the probability of a “mental invasion” from the world powers are potential enemies.
Once again we will remind that under the SOG refers to any means of influence on the psyche of people and weapons to achieve military, political or other selfish purposes.
As we know from the latest discoveries of quantum physics, every object around us is a field of a soliton, the wave-like formation, indistinct point in space-time with an ultra-high concentration of wave field, the effects of which can instantly affect distant objects and subjects (the so-called “principle of action at a distance”). This, according to the physicists, and the basis for the “strange” phenomena of telekinesis, teleportation, clairvoyance and telepathy. The secret psychic – concentration of thought and manage with it’s own process of perception, the management structure of the internal distribution of electrons and their spins in the body and how to configure thresholds on the sensory organs ultra-sensitive reception of signals.
Consider a small part of the many ongoing overseas work in the field of experienced specialists.
“Now they can tell”. The problem of studying and use of possibilities of the aura of psychics for military purposes, detection of a congestion of troops and weapons, as well as minerals. Works are conducted under the auspices of the Intelligence Directorate of the MOE with a volume of more than $ 1 million. a year (1992 USA. TV program EN-Bi-si);
The discovery of clairvoyants submarines. Program of the U.S. Navy “AQUARIUS”;
Informational influence on the Iraqi President Saddam HUSSEIN during the Iraqi conflict (USA);
The expansion of the volume of work in the United States in the field of parapsychology and bioenergetics. Today on the issue of works of more than 150 organizations.
Out special periodicals, journals, reviews, monographs, and regularly holds international symposia. seminars, conferences;
After successful experiments with deciphering of photographs by psychics, the U.S. Congress evaluated them important to national security and were classified. Military experts, after analyzing the potential of research on parapsychology in the U.S., recognized back in the 80-ies that Y phenomenon is a reality and it can be used to create fundamentally new methods of warfare that are not inferior to fusion, i.e. the development of strategic weapons.
In the United States created devices and methods for putting into the subconscious the necessary information that the person on the commands embedded in it, will be to fulfill them. This new human-computer complexes and their objective is control of the intellect. The concentration of high doses of psychic energy of a certain spectrum and acts destructively on the brain.
The creation of special biofield generators under the guidance of Professor V. Peschke and research of their influence on the changing nature of human personality (Stuttgart, Germany);
The application of the laws of quantum mechanics to the explanation of the experimental work in psychotronics ( NASA official Dr. A. PUHARICH, USA);
The research of Dr. Z. HARVALIK (USA) on the interaction of humans with geopathic zones of the Earth;
Work on bioenergy and telepathic information transfer in the amount of $ 6 million. (The Pentagon, MO USA). The work was classified;
Development of extrasensory devices in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia;
The successful experiences in China, Hungary, Romania, Vietnam, Bulgaria on remote biofield influence on biological objects, water purification and breeding and mutation of plants, getting an unusual alloys to eliminate the effect of geopathogenic zones, on deciphering the photos. In April 1996, died on Bulgarian clairvoyant and fortune-teller VANGA. According to the neurophysiologist, academician, Director of Institute of experimental medicine N. P.Bechtereva, coincidence of the predictions of VANGA is at least 80%;
Discipline in universities and R & d is extrasensory perception of sounds, smells, visual images, thoughts inductors and the state of percipience; telepathy of thoughts and attitudes; objective clairvoyance, psychokinesis and telekinesis (teleportation, moving the mind without the body).”
“5. About the work in Russia and the CIS
In Russia the work is mainly undertaken by isolated, individual organizations, groups of enthusiasts, societies and individuals. There is no clear government or institutional management and coordination. However, the Academy of Sciences in his “Programmes” of work has a separate position on this issue, but she was not the initiator of the unification of all scientific forces of the country for the concentration of works in the framework of target Programs.
Organized by the international Association for the study of problems experienced specialists Association of folk medicine and unconventional technologies, the international Union of scientific and applied Bioelectrography, the Center of energy-informational technologies SPITKO, the international Committee of the “Ecology of man and energoinformatical” headed by the President VOLCHENKO V. N. and many other organizations.
Since 1996 in Russia began to publish the periodical journal “Consciousness and physical reality”.
It is known for a number of publications that PSYCHIC work is carried out, and for a long time, in many cities of Russia and CIS: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Saratov, Rostov-on-don, Khabarovsk, Obninsk, Zelenograd, Kiev, Almaty, Tashkent, Odessa, Ukraine, where, incidentally, organized by the Higher school of parapsychology, Dnepropetrovsk, Volgograd, Penza and many other cities.
The work is carried out in the Russian space Agency, at the Institute of quantum genetics, Moscow state University, International Institute of theoretical and applied physics RANS, and dozens of other scientific and professional institutes and KB.”
“There are still a lot of facts and examples that are interesting and relevant from the point of view of the problem, which they say only that in Russia and the CIS have enormous interest in this problem, both civilian and military structures.
But the time has come to move away from dogma, “parapsychology” is pseudoscience. A careful selection of all serious from superficial husks and humbug. This should be on the first stage of the Presidential programme.
7. “TARGET” funds for PSO
For in-depth consideration of the problem of PRS, we distinguish FOUR main “TARGETS”, places or areas of impacts and losses by means of the PSO:
GENETIC APPARATUS of cells (chromosomes, mitochondria, molecules of DNA and RNA);
Liquid crystal MEDIUM of the cell, intercellular liquids, liquids of organism surrounding environment (water, liquid food products);
The BRAIN (centers regulating the state of consciousness and the “unconscious”), and through him to other organs and cells, and functions.
The BIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHICAL FIELDS surrounding living organisms and plants.
Each target has its specific target part of the with their quantitative values and qualitative characteristics, and General, universal (non-specific) and their characteristics for any type of “target”.
Before to pass to consideration of informational foundations of PSO, let us formulate the so-called “PRINCIPLE of REVERSIBILITY”, which is the case in the problem of PSO.
Every radiant (fields and waves) object emitter under certain conditions, can be a receiver of such radiation, and Vice versa, every receiver of radiation may under certain conditions become or be emitter-generator similar rays (fields and waves).
This principle of reversibility there is another aspect – social, another side of his existence: any tool, technique, instrument used for the good of man, for its treatment, health promotion, education, entertainment, can be used as a weapon in the opposite, anti-human purposes. against the man.
There are many, more than three dozen theories, and different theoretical concepts and hypotheses, various models to describe, explain and interpret the Y-phenomena and processes. This, for example, holographic models of Pribram and Bohm, the theory of telepathy and psychoanalysis of Kastler, topological model paranormalnyh phenomena of Smidler, “mental” model of the Roll and Le Shan, the spin-torsion theory Shipov-Akimova and others.
We will not engage in an analysis of all these works, it was left to the experts and contact your while to consider the nature of PSO.
May not be such a huge number of charlatans, stupid and uneducated scientists and managers of established firms, enterprises and departments, especially pathology, to throw billions of dollars over many decades to “hell”, doing a Y – problem.
This problem exists and it needs to tackle.
Y – the problem is complex, is located at the crossroads of many fundamental Sciences and therefore, methodologically, and organizationally very complex in the solution.
“Oddity” or “anomalous” Y- phenomena, their rarity, instability, poor reproducibility, non-formalizability and illogic must have a strictly scientific explanation. A possible variant of interpretation of these features of Y -phenomena will be given in the following chapters.
1. Tsygankov B. D., Lopatin V. N. Psychotronic weapon and security of Russia. – M., SINTEG, 1998, 152 P.”

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