Censorship/FB/YT / Why Nibiru Doesn't Matter / New World Order Pawns Will Lead To It's Ruin / On The Road To Globalism

“Censorship / Why Nibiru Doesn’t Matter / New World Order Pawns Will Lead To It’s Ruin / On The Road To Globalism”
2 Channels erased from 112-A.Jones, but this one survived…interesting.. .Tracking the NSA-Tube Censor-Methodics on You-Zion-tube…
“Why Nibiru Doesn’t Matter.”

“Resistance News: Am 19.05.2015 veröffentlicht.”
“Resistance News
Am 29.05.2015 veröffentlicht
Obama’s ideology conflicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which explains why the president wages war on Christianity.”
“What Obama Hates About Jesus”
“Eric Haslet: vor 2 Jahren: Obama will get his judgement when he leaves the white house.”
“Izlude Tingel: vor 3 Jahren: Beware the Saturn Trap.”
“I Own Me – You Own You: vor 3 Jahren: “Obama’s ideology conflicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ,”
Christianity conflicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ.”
“Soldier For God: vor 2 Jahren: Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to the United States and the world for that matter..”
“Thomas Jordan: vor 2 Jahren: It’s not just Obama who ignores Yeshua’s teachings but most of the government.”
“Kegh Barnabas: vor 3 Jahren: this are end time signs,d Holy Bible said it before Obama.”
“Islander: vor 2 Jahren: Antichrist seed.”
“Sabrina Shahab: vor 2 Jahren: There is a huge difference between Jesus Christ and today’s western countries . Jesus said turn the other chick , but the western countries are most military minded in the world.”

“Feminism Dying Thanks to Trump”
“The election of Donald Trump served as a repudiation of third-wave feminism after people grew tired of its authoritarian tactics.”
“We don’t have want to worry about if I go out to the mailbox I’m gonna be accused of raping a woman just because I accused of raping a woman just because I talked to her there you know I say hi to her or something or I look at her you know the wrong way even though it’s not really the wrong way now this election
proves that people in general are really roundly rejecting feminism now past twenty years or so we’ve really seen ways how feminists have really creeped into institutions especially
universities and public schools I mean look how feminist or pressuring universities to offer college classes on toxic masculinity and how to teach college-age men how to be more feminine and emasculated now you see men today especially the 20s or whatnot they don’t know how to act around women they don’t even know how to ask a girl out on a date for example and so likewise you see a lot of women who are always complaining about how they can’t meet real men they don’t they can’t meet men who act like men they can’t meet men who are masculine
and that’s what a lot of women want I mean that’s biological that’s in our species survival for us to have you know
these programming in our in our brains and our bodies and our minds for us to act certain ways in order to advance the
species so we don’t go extinct what third wave feminism is about going against reality it’s going against this programming and just really all started probably I mean it’s been going on for a long time but I really started noticing a change in society about ten years ago when you started seeing these so-called pickup artist forums popping up online…”
“now a lot of women don’t like feminism either because they want men who act like men they want husbands you know they have society telling them that no you don’t need oil you don’t need kids you don’t need a husband you just need a state you know the state is your husband pretty soon Western society is gonna go into negative birth rates…”
” that’s exactly victims blaming that is what feminists are
always pushing yeah I go to a trump rally like back in June where I sue these feminists that got pro Islam feminists written on their faces you know it’s complete hypocrisy of the left becomes more and more apparent that feminism in general is impossible to implement because it goes against biology…
for example I did a video last year on sex consent forms this emerging movement at college campuses around the nation and which men and women are going to sign these sex consent forms you can get it notarized before they have sex, now for the past 10,000 years ..of human history and I’m including
prehistoric times as well when in the hell has men and women ever had to sign sex consent forms…we would even not be alive today if that was the case..the species would go extinct so that’s the problem with third wave feminism right now it’s against human biology it’s against our programming it’s against our nature as human beings it’s against our survival.”
“he’s so old-school that he’s an alpha male and
as far as being comfortable in his masculinity he didn’t grow up in this generation of Beda males who are addicted to the Internet and they don’t know how to talk to women he’s a complete opposite he’s old-school.”
“New World Order Pawns Will Lead To It’s Ruin”

“New World Order. Do you want to know why you will fail? Because you put all your chips on flunkies like Trudeau, Macron, and Merkel.”

“Indoctrination Of American Youth Crushes The American Dream”
once upon a time in America before Silicon Valley created what became an overwhelming Orwellian digital public square Americans were left to form their own political opinions which in turn generated political debates ..that offered solution to complex issues, nowadays the platform itself is under attack.”

“On The Road To Globalism”
“what’s really happening is the world is being turned into a feudal slave plantation with the Masters flying jets between castles and the rest of us living in eventually living in hovels that is the plan you know the the only countries left that are are successful with a high standard of living or high
IQ countries…”

“Facebook Headed The Way Of Extinction!”
“Resistance News
Am 21.12.2018 veröffentlicht
Facebook has taken hit after hit in the stock market as the lies that Mark Zuckerberg has told about the company become exposed. Millie Weaver joins Owen Shroyer in studio to discuss how young people hate Facebook and people world wide are now deleting their accounts in disgust.”
“The Waiting Flame: vor 3 Wochen: Never used facebook, never will. Done Google+ for a time, but that’s before I was red-pilled, years ago.
FlagDUDE08: vor 3 Wochen: Unless there is something to replace it, it’s not going anywhere. This is why Myspace survived until probably around 2010.
Born In Shithole Country: vor 3 Wochen: I’ve already found all my ex girlfriends on FB, I don’t need it anymore.
Sam Samuels: vor 3 Wochen: Every scrap every post every photo….. Everything.
girlonlaptop: vor 3 Wochen: facebook is for narcissists.
Sam Samuels: vor 3 Wochen: I erased my entire FB account.

“Disturbing Deep State Tech Takeover Rapidly Approaching”
“Resistance News
Am 14.01.2019 veröffentlicht
Tech giants announced in corporate documents the incremental clamping down of free speech is nearing its next inevitable Orwellian phase. In a matter of months, United States citizens will essentially be monitored in real time like rats in a cage. As the corporatocracy stamps out citizens, journalists, authors, reporters, bloggers, politicians, youtubers and anyone else exercising free speech that Silicon Valley and its Deep State backers find harmful to their vision of complete and utter control.”
“This is all public set up a total internet kill switch system that is manned by at least a hundred thousand people right now with heads-up displays on your phone on your computer live time and all new devices Microsoft, Apple, Google the idea that Apple says what happens on your phone stays on your phone that is the biggest joke on the
planet it’s already being beta tested and in three months it rolls out on the new Microsoft everything we’re there in your phone lifetime and they put like the fact that you see on Google and Facebook and Twitter when I had Buzz
Aldrin on and they just put a fat check up saying Jones says no one wants to the moon, but Encyclopedia Brittanica says we did the damn interview says they went to the moon to people from the planet Earth walking around on that object that humans has gazed up and looked at for all the all of civilization so that was it magnificent testimonial to the progress that this human intelligent species was able to do, see how that’s fake news lied about me but superimposed it will not be on the site you go to now that option it will be over all devices, intelligence agencies, including Interpol, the reactivated Stasi in Germany, Google’s moving into this former Stasi headquarters in three months Microsoft and then Apple and then Google all of them by the middle of 2019 are implementing live access into your phone where they will see where you’re going and what you’re doing in live time we already know they’ve been tracking us doing that but now they’re going to have a consortium of neocon organizations hardcore soros backed organizations specially selected by obama and hillary before they left office groups in every US intelligence agency all seventeen coordinating political minders that don’t just spy on you that send live-time messages over what you’re browsing on the internet so it isn’t like you go to somewhere on facebook there’s an alex jones video and then it puts up a link from Snopes saying this is fake or for the Southern Poverty Law Center or from the ADL or from Media Matters literally Soros when you go to a site breaking in and putting it over, it’s going to be on your device now we’ve already seen this happen in force where they didn’t just delist us off of
iTunes six months ago we had links just to our own podcast and in the iPhone browser they blocked you on an iPhone
being able through that function on the phone to get to it you understand you go by phone and the next level is you can’t go to infowars.com you can’t click on it you can’t listen and they’ve now got keyword and they’ve got audio which is the next level where then they won’t even let you listen to my voice it’s automatically blocked now listen to me carefully this is for everybody this is going to totally vertically integrate the entire world The Wall Street Journal again a month and a half before we got purged said when we’re done with Jones as the test case we’re going to take everyone off and you will maybe have a thousand channels on the Internet.
Infowars tomorrow’s news today.”

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