Elites antidote against Chemtrails, cancer, aging. Healing Device exposed Emery Smith tells all / Emery Smith Autopsied 3,000 Different Species of ETs.

“The Control Factor”
“Elites antidote against Chemtrails, cancer, aging. Healing Device exposed Emery Smith tells all. / Emery Smith Autopsied 3,000 Different Species of ETs.”
“Adventure Diva
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Suppressed technology and knowledge of healing device that the elities are using. What to know why they can spray the skies with poison and make GMO food, put toxins into water? Because they can detox’s and heal themselves awhile we get weak and die.”
“These programs I’ll call him the time programs.”
I was involved with where they were using a special type of Tesla Trion Unit where we would take a watch in with us in this small hexagon room and spend
..supposedly fifty five minutes in there, I remember the first time I after working with this project for many years to even become one of the people to go into it that you have a two
watches and you put one in your locker room you lock it up you take the other one with you into this device and the first time after waiting two
years to get into it I was so thankful that was finally able to get the proper security clearance and to get into this device and going into this device as
they you know ramped it up I remember hearing after just 15 minutes this knock at the door saying you know okay Smith that’s yeah you can come out now we’re done because I heard this system
ramped up /they were in there nine years and I didn’t know exactly/ I wasn’t there for a whole hour and I had when I came out I was so upset I was so distraught
saying then what happened it did this system have a malfunction and all the scientists are looking at each other and they’re all like over a hundred years of age and they’re laughing and they said
oh didn’t you check your watch in your locker I said no so I you know I missed a good 35-45 minutres didn’t even know it and I did not know it because the fifteen minutes I was in there really I felt it minutes I was in there really I felt it was amazing experience you could see the universe you could see space you could it actually detoxes you and tell it to transports toxins out of your body sometimes people lose up to 15 pounds and these and these trips that they go in there in one sitting and one sitting and in 55 minutes and I always asked you know well where’s that go because I thought I still had the same hydration when they did the blood test and I didn’t I’m not dehydrated but yeah all the horrible negative ionic bacteria, viruses and metals in my body were taken
out, so people are really toxic that go in there you know really a lot of a lot of healthy never had to come back very healthy it’s used to treat cancers for the elites of the world, even our president have been there, what’s the machine … it’s a hexagon room and inside the hexagon room is a glass wall the hexagon room is only about eight feet in diameter so you know
so you can only fit a small massage table that’s in there and three feet beyond the massage table is a three inch glass or plexiglass wall and behind that is this giant Tesla Trion unit and it
amps up this amazing electromagnetic frequency where it rips time and space apart a lot of side effects of zero-point energy devices do this and a lot of scientists that have including Tesla have you know witnessed this and wrote this down that there’s some fields the sphere that that forms which hat has happened to me in my laboratories were you know that the time is getting
distorted for a moment sure and but with this device they really perfected it pretty well where we always were trying to find out wow there must be some dimension somewhere where someone’s
sitting there you know maybe an extraterrestrial sitting there … some toxins yeah someone just jumps the bucket or something so it’s not perfected yet because they’re still tryin to find out well where does that go were the tumor go-word the cancer go the cells where did these these viruses go ? So they’re just gone they’re just gone how does it work in terms of curing
people they’re still trying to figure it out and the best way I could describe it is this somehow attracts the negative ionic components of viruses and tumors and also metals that are not beneficial for the body it latches onto them somehow through this this energy field that’s in there and it tell it transports those things out somewhere it sounds like it also changes the bad
cells does it ? I don’t think it changes the bad cells I’m pretty sure he removes the bad cells but it up regulates the frequency of the DNA it also helps fight infections and things like this usually once you get out of one of these devices for me I could not sleep for three days and be completely fine you have a great urge to workout I think I ran the furthest after having a
treatment on one of these devices because I used to jogg a lot and work out a lot and that was very noticeable and they said this what happened they said you will have an immense amount of
energy and you have an immense amount of a cognitive function and you know meditation was just amazing you can immediately just you know close your eyes and be anywhere you want if you are
a good meditator and you knew how to do these you know just regular meditation steps so it has amazing functionality to the frequency of the DNA of the cell and the nucleolus of the cell and also up regulating those energies because it’s all about keeping your body at the right voltage and I think by removing the contaminants out of the body which affects your voltage that allows you to
heal yourself, interesting in our studies just with this one project there’s many projects we’ll talk about but with this specific project you’re really going in there that get treated for something for an ailment okay but what the side effect is, is time, is losing time, you lose time, but you don’t age, right, right, right and that’s why all these scientists in this underground facility in New York actually were so young and vibrant and over a hundred years of age and I remember you know working on some things for them just as a technician listening to their conversations and they were like talking like they knew Tesla and they had a loan he probably did, it’s like the electrifying to know Wow like I wish I really knew exactly how old they were, this is a civilian
owned device that was made from naval scientists that retired early and it must be so perfected now I would guess right well I think they’re they’re trying to do something I tried to
contact them a few years ago to see if we can maybe get this technology out to the public and one of the head scientist became ill and I have lost contact you know with that group but we’re still trying to figure it out I think it’s going to resurface soon because the medical benefits of this time-traveling device is unprecedented you know we were able to cure HIV in 30 days herpes and .. by being on a device three times a week does it cure everything well I don’t know about everything just the documentation I seen and heard was you know with cancers and
herpes and HIV STDs.. why did they suppress all that stuff? Why don’t they bring FDA to definitely not approve that device no matter how much documentation they have why well you’re going up against Big Pharma the big money maker you know they need you to take these pills so they won’t you’re saying they don’t want the cures they do not want the cures and I
can you know a test of that being the inventor of the first tabletop stem cell concentrator and and submitting many documents to the FDA of you know helping
paralyzed patients and things like this and you know you could send in a thousand studies you know of a new technology that many scientists have tried to do or here in the United States
and nothing happens they say oh you need more data so they just keep testing you .. until you get so tired and you run out of money because most scientists and smaller corporations
don’t have that kind of capital to keep testing and testing and testing every we’ve talked about these scientists that you would see through this time device and you said they were a hundred years
old where’d they come from and why…they were definitely born on earth there were all ex-military scientists that returned …worked with Tesla …they obviously had worked with Tesla the way they I can hear them talking behind the scenes and joking around they were all in excellent shape they’re all over a hundred years of age they’re still aging they didn’t get that secret you know figured out yet but the fact that you know these people in these compartmentalize projects who have there forever by the way these are civilian on compartmentalized projects but they are ran by ex-military
“Howe advanced is our time travel program? how advanced is it well they can do it to thee why did they suppress all that stuff every why don’t they bring will definitely not approve that device no
matter how much documentation they have why well you’re going up against Big Pharma the big money maker you know they need you to take these pills.”
“Mike Petroff: vor 1 Monat: What disgusting crap music at the beginning. Takes a lot away from the seriousness of the topic. Great presentation otherwise.”
“Terry Robinson:vor 2 Wochen: STUPID MUSIC IN THE FRONT. WHY? Not everyone likes acid rock. Very low vibration. Consider something more benign.”
“CAUTIOUS1: vor 2 Wochen: I really wonder why so many youtubers think a ridiculous intro with nerve wracking noise pollution is somehow beneficial.”
“Jean groff: vor 2 Wochen: Almost forgot, look up Dr. Rife and his rife scopes he used to cure all cancers… Where did his devices go ? Why was he shunned from the medical community and called a quack ? Because you don’t profit from healthy people that’s why !”
“Jean groff: vor 2 Wochen: They can’t live forever in public Einsteins… When they so call “die” they just go live in the underground cities they’ve built with all their drug and stolen money… You know, the missing trillions they took right from their own citizens…us ! Too many stories from ex military personnel talking about how they have tennis courts down there and everything else they could ever want. Do the research on this and you’ll find the video of a guy driving his truck in one just to prove to doubters that those places exist. And we all paid for it one way or another..”
“Vixinaful: vor 2 Wochen: I’ve been saying this for years but people find it too hard to believe. Thats why so many celebs have passed the last couple of years. They fake their deaths to go down underground. its too toxic up here plus the wheather and the coming world war.”

“Insider Claims to Have Autopsied 3,000 Different Species of ETs: David Wilcock with Emery Smith
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“This is a full-length episode of Cosmic Disclosure, where David Wilcock interviews Emery Smith, who claims to have autopsied some 3,000 different types of extraterrestrial species. FOLLOW THE ONGOING STORY WITH EMERY & DAVID: http://bit.ly/CosmicEmery Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as “Paul”, comes forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body. In this introductory episode, he tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities at Kirtland, AFB in NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 12, 2017.”

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