Global Witness: Mark of the Beast & Takeover of Beast System

“Global Witness: Mark of the Beast & Takeover of Beast System”
” Philip II refers to he says you know they say that that that Yeshua was born of the Holy Spirit through Mary and then
he said nonsense whoever heard of a female getting pregnant by a female indicating that the Holy Spirit is
female right so and that’s where you get in the matrix the Oracle the Oracle is used and amount to the Holy Spirit right ”
” and you think the main reason why it’s so good that theme is so prevalent in Hollywood is because it’s just so fascinating and it captures the imagination of so many people”
” yeah well because it’s a it’s a beast that you don’t know what it looks like so everybody guesses at..what the image of that beast is, it’s kind of like a Marvel comic with some secret character that you never get to see , so everybody becomes fascinated by that and because it is so prevalent in the mind of of Christianity today that everybody’s looking for it so again it’s it’s the distraction hey if we’re talking about it we’re given all of these different variations of the Beast. I mean they’ve shown you what the what the mark of the beast is through every single movie , every single book and none of them are right, right? They’re all
missing it and so it becomes a distraction of the enemy to make sure that you don’t see this when the reality is right now everybody listening everybody, you’ve all participated, you already have the mark, you’re already asking , you’re already thinking it, it is
your daily attempt to make the definition of the violation the sexual immorality spoken of in Scripture and you are serving the monetary system, money is the image, it is the mark of the beast, that’s why when you look at the dollar it’s basically telling you and if you think about this and how crazy this is and I’ll whiteboard this because I think it just has a far more profound impact.
.. it is the ownership of your mind through that system…Everything is driven by money..why is this so detrimental…”
“They tell us the Mark of the Beast is Money.”
” Henry Ford was given the highest honor from Hitler the highest civilian honor given by Hitler went to Henry Ford why?
..because Henry Ford built all of the vehicles for the German military and people go wait, what? Germans build great cars, they were
building their Car, no…the first car that the Germans built was the VW bug called the people’s car,right? That’s the first car they built prior, but prior to that, prior to that Henry Ford built the vehicles for the military, now for all of you NASCAR fans
out there that love cyn. fuel right? So the racing fuel Sinoco that racing fuel company at the time existed at the time they also
provided aircraft fuel F gas all of the fuel for Hitler’s Messerschmitts, all came from Sinoco fuel we could have
ended the war by cutting off the supply line of the vehicles and the fuel for his vehicles overnight, but we allowed it,
again , we let chaos happen , because we already have provided the solution, the masons have been driving this from the
start , the Roman Empire, the names of these organizations have been changed throughout history to keep avoiding who
they really were, hidden behind these things the Federal Reserve is the right arm, is the muscle of the Roman Empire , is
the muscle of the church, is the muscle that drives everything which is why when anybody says to me the King James Version is the only version of the Bible , you should read.. I was like what makes you think that King James had any interest in freeing anyone-?”
“..the banking system was what Christ was dealing with, because they had started it, the banks were started the fiat currency system
even though the Jews to this day do not, they still honor the law that says that they can’t collect interest which is why
they indirectly allow things to happen ..”

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