New Human Race Discovered – Homo Noeticus – DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind

“New Human Race Discovered – Homo Noeticus – DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind”
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Published on 15 May 2017 · 1 year ago
Presents new DNA information and witness testimony from adult star seeds and children, such as the changes in consciousness of homo sapiens to Homo Noeticus. Witness testimony of children who demonstrate expanded awareness, conscious of non human past lives and their encounters with galactic intelligences. They also demonstrate abilities and knowledge to help us understand who we are and what the changes to humanity could mean.
explores the diversity of encounter experiences with non-human intelligences. These are true accounts from families and children. Many have full conscious recall of past lives, being educated on space craft and having been prepared for their earth Mission. Witness Testimony suggests some programs are meant to activate dormant DNA and for us to access our full multidimensional potential and realise our true Cosmic heritage. .
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“He’s in Astrophysical research at Harvard University and he’s actually wanting to make a statement he said to my research
about the nature of the universe what the UFO phenomena is now contribute thing to our overall knowledge of the
structure of the universe and he says: I’ve studied the subject for over 15 years, we now understand that the speed
of thought far exceeds the speed of light and we live in a quantum universe in which the quantum effect resides in universe
supports information transfer from mind to mind, the exchange of quantum holograms and proceeding at the speed of thought, allows for what society calls miracles, such as telepathy, past life experiences, remote viewing, crop circles, all the things that science hates to deal with. UFOs in particular which get here at much faster than the speed of light and allow their alien visitors to
interact with us in a variety of ways it’s been confusing because the craft can be so very different and the beings reported can be so very different, it simply suggests there are great many civilizations out there interacting with us our galaxy hosts a family of planets much like our own solar system and what article of religious faith would it take to say life emerged only on our planet
when there are billions available and this is as I say Dr.Rudi Shield, astronomer at Harvard Smithsonian Institute about astrophysics what a beautiful statement from this very aware gentleman. ..but let’s go into one of the things I found I’ve needed to
do in my journey with those that come to me because there haven’t been my conscious experience, I’ve needed to
understand from as many levels as possible..
Charles Hall visiting a few months ago this is a gentleman who was working at Nellis Air Force or Force Base in the 1960s and he
describes meeting tall whites on that base, later on grays and Norwegians and what was interesting though it seems that from his own interactions one of the things he said was the tall whites have mastered the speed of light and they can travel 22 times past faster than the speed of light to go to their home planet with someone of the impart of the information he was talking about and
that for me was really interesting because he said of course Einstein didn’t have the whole picture… again it’s
really important for us to come to the realization there’s a tangible reality to this even if the public generally
doesn’t know it there are many many whistleblowers out there now there are credible astronauts talking about the
reality that these crafts have been visiting us and visiting us all through history..
the guide is blue, some of the gods and I’ve got an Indian God here .. it’s blue and isn’t it interesting the drawing has something that looks suspiciously like in UFO craft just above the blue gods head again if this is an area you need to look into there is many many images now that you can see all through history of technology and craft and beings that we would now call extraterrestrial but
what’s particularly interesting to me is those that struggle with being human struggle with their dense bodies.
..for example: what are they doing here, I feel like I’ve been adopted, I don’t even feel like I belong to my own family
and many of those seem to tap into the the realization or the feeling that they’re not from here and their families are out there but they’ve come here for something to do, they’ve got a mission, they’ve got a purpose and their memories of past lives can be very complete, to some it will just be flashes..”
“I would like you to hear how Lee describes the many beings visiting earth because I think again this is really really helpful to you to understand: I mentioned there are some categories that I wanted to say like.. sometimes people are confused of this.. there are ETs, extra terrestrials and there also EDs, which are extra dimensionals, These entities come from, of course, as you can imagine, other dimensions..ETs..they’re coming from this dimension, from this universe, usually from this universe,
but another thing I remember seeing certain stories .. and certain legends about these weird-looking, bizarre beings. that
come and sometimes they are malevolent and sometimes they are benevolent, but you can never be too certain why they’re there,
what is their purpose, they are just wandering as usual, they are coming from dimensions that allows them to travel through
other dimensions freely,,because we’re in the third dimension which is something where we are right now ,we’re stuck here, we can’t go anywhere without certain aid through machines or etcetera, forthem it comes naturally to them.. they come here a lot, because they know that humans are in a very very soft scent of time..”
“The Grays, although I’ve been told there are at least 165 species of Grays, so it’s like saying.. she’s seeing one human and every humans is like that human, but apart from that there are so many different forms visiting our planet, but we only hear of a few of them, but what is interesting about this scientist from the land of the Northern Lights is this, how she describes the letter people as she says herself later people have different bodies and nervous systems it seems like we have an upgraded nervous system in my case I have more nerve ends for pressure in my skin I can see more colors and differences between shades of color acute sense of smell and taste an acute hearing a bit outside normal range which is already describing that all the senses are enhanced very sensitive frequencies of all kinds and that means radioactive radiation energy fields and energy beaming out from angry people or
animals as well as love and happiness in them if we can learn how to focus and control our own energy field we would be less prone to getting ill from our surroundings and we can use our own self-healing abilities, so this is why so this is why so many of those who have experiences find themselves not being comfortable in supermarkets and shopping malls … because it’s really hard for them to contain their sensitivity in those places and I’m sure that’s going to resonate with a lot of you. One of the things she also said
about the differences in letter people is this I observe that calculated levels of acetylcholine and dopamine in the
brain is higher in these letter people…in the vitamin B family and the letter people need more choline but also other
vitamin B family members because they use more of it, so that’s the simplicity behind a cure for letter people, more
vitamin B’s a…to help with the enzymatic reactors in the brain…Contact, balls, orbs of light, extraterrestrial, interdimensional,
transcendental visitors from our future, you name it, the whole lot is the gamut here whether you see them as angels, fairies, spirit guides, your higher self, it’s all one, in the sense that we’re interacting and learning about all of these as we expand in our consciousness.”
“Does this mean that we’re actually in a transition to another level in terms of our own evolution?
Exactly, yes we are, we are actually, Homo Novis… they do multiple jobs, but the main job is to make sure the human race survives and they know…ETs know that humans are in great peril and they’re doing everything they can in their power to prevent destruction whether it be ourmselves, the planet or everything, so they send us to make sure .. try and wake them up through your drawings, through your music, through politics, through all your talks, all of the thing…find out telepathically, ley lines… read peoples mind… just find out what’s going on ..we are trying…at the same time, we’re trying to push from Homo sapiens to Homo Novis, so it’s pushing up as well, so we so we have the next generation of humans, because everybody born after the year 2001, 2000 is a Homo Novis…and they will be able to do things that Homo Spaiens will never be able to do and they will know things that Homo Sapiens never dreamed of…”
“What’s fascinating about the way he describes the Mantid beings was he started to make a kind of chirping, trilling sound and I asked him what was that and he said: that’s what the Mantid make and I said is there anything happening when they make that sound?.. and he said: yes, it’s when they hold me above my head and I said: so they made the sound then and he said, yes, interestingly
and coincidentally I was already communicating with a gentleman in England, a fifty year old man.. Simon Parkes and I’ll describe a little bit more about that .. Simon Parkes is someone else, he says the mantid are his family and he always called it his mantid mother, he’s got a human mother but his Mantid mother he felt more connected to, he also is interestingly connected to the line beings as well, as well as the reptilians,.. a town councillor that admitted that he actually sees ETS and communicates with them
.. identically to the little eight-year-old boy who lives in Queensland.. sometimes I evaporate into my Mantid´s a bit strange.”
“I´m a scientist, I work as a scientist on the craft and I said: well, where’s your human body and she said: I sort of hanging up over there like a coat and I said oh so how’d he get back and she described a ball of light leaving the container, the grey container
and going into and reanimating her human form which is really, really interesting and gets you to look at the whole thing
.. with our human body in quite a different way and it certainly has for me, it’s a very very interesting understanding of what the soul can do and I’m leaving that with you just to think about… Lee, because I asked her about this kind of thing and this is how
she describes her when she astrally travels…in terms of the soul ..some of the children and some of the adults that are very aware that when they go up on the craft, sometimes they’ll inhabit a nonhuman form while they’re on the cross on earth that one
little boy mentioned he evaporated into the mantis body f.. yes, my actual body is not a human body..”
“The ETs are saying: I’m here, I’m here and everybody’s too busy with their own electronics and technology to take any notice.”
“2012-2017..she also said 50% of people on the planet are starseeds, but many get lost, only 20% will remember who they are and
she said: why don’t they listen?.. and she’s meaning us adults and she said children are programmed and stress of
modern living extinguishes their inner core their light, it’s like a virus, we lose the knowledge we had in the
beginning and she said we’ve got to protect our energy, stress destroys this awareness, we need to believe everything is possible to achieve our potential, now this is a nine-year-old girl speaking, she also mentioned a blue orb that follows her little brother around and protects him and that’s why the blue orb is there.”
“…advanced beings whether perceived as ETS Angelics or just fields of energy I feel most beings are all three of these descriptions use telepathy or direct frequency transference, very fascinating and how they understand it and of course some of you will already know of my talking about the DNA being reprogrammed by human language that the Russian science scientists have actually identified that in human language there is something that can actually reprogram the nature of DNA I haven’t got a lot of time to go into
that now but I can discuss it with you later, so he said what they’re really saying is the bottom line we believe it’s possible DNA grammar serves as a blueprint for the development of the human speech and the codons of the DNA string can be rearranged and
reprogrammed by the human speech is modulated in the correct carrier frequencies, now isn’t it interesting when we’re having children and adults with experiences coming out with these many many different frequencies of language some of them they say you can
understand in a linear way others come in spirals like packets of information, so what is that doing to our DNA? ..and interestingly another fact with DNA is it causes magnetized wormholes, microscopic equivalents in the vicinity of black holes of entirely different
areas of the universe through which information can be transmitted outside space and time, the DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness, so we’re accessing, all this information on a multi-level right now so it’s transmitted to our consciousness, I think that that’s really just helping us to understand that there’s something happening with how this phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self-healing affirmation techniques, unusual light auras around people, Minds influence on weather patterns etc.. are all something we can access through this what we would call unified consciousness, activation of our DNA from high frequency people and low frequency people and ..-..she´s
saying this the increased resonance frequency from both space and the earth is pushing the DNA into some sort of three-dimensional configuration, so that the dormant genes in the so called junk DNA are aligning, it’s like a Time activated evolutionary step controlled through DNA, DNA being the crystalline formation with an encoded message, aimed to speed up evolution, she’s actually
saying there are three parts to this, influenced by the other two parts, mind and soul, the soul is the energy container which moves from body to body between lives and she’s then been explaining, the soul provides the life force and the data bank and this main control sends frequency signals programmed photons electrons gamma rays to help you carry on your mission and involve not everyone will choose to upgrade so there will be high-frequency people and low-frequency people and your lifestyle with enhanced the frequency or lower it and she’s talking about various types of diet that will will affect all units of consciousness…and this energy would repair our DNA.”

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