Major UFO Disclosure – Aliens from Venus are Working at the Pentagon

Major UFO Disclosure – Aliens from Venus are Working at the Pentagon

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Published on 30 Jun 2018 · 2 months ago
This man has had expperiences that most of us can only dream about. Sharing his experiences and meeting with Dr. Frank Stranges, (author of “Stranger at the Pentagon”), who was an acquaintance of a Valiant Thor. Valiant had been sent to Earth by the High Council to intervene on behalf of the intergalactic community. Valiant remained in the United States for three years. Speaking about several other virtually unknown Star Family contactee’s whom he met and known during his Life’s Path. Sharing personal experience at the Integratron during weekend visitation at the Van Tassel home. Info about a new technology product given to him as a gift to our planet. Present info about William Mills Tompkins, author of “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries” and some of the extraordinary info William personally shared with him.
“Bill Tompkins …he had been given the green light from the US Navy to release his information he
used to say they threw holy water on me so that I could start sharing this information and he was an extraordinary
individual he passed at the age of 94 and up until the age of 94 he was still working on advanced designs for the Navy
for solar warden, they had seven groups off planet, they’re all using anti-gravity, the next three groups that
they’re working on right now are using an even more advanced concept thought propulsion and he said that we had
the ability to go from our earth to the middle of the galaxy in 45 minutes and he said there’s much faster forms of
transportation than that but an incredible individual Dr. Bob Boyd who worked at Douglas Aircraft for 43 years
was also involved in a secret think tank but he didn’t know that there was a more secret think tank to Bill Thompkins was
in and just an extraordinary individual.”
“Selected by Extraterrestrials”
“..and he said dr. Frank strangers it’s nice to meet you and he shook hands for them and it was this person and he noticed that the person had no fingerprints or no palm prints and he asked him he said why is that and he said all the earth beings carry the
mark of man, he said the space visitors do not carry any palm prints and he said looking into his eyes were like looking
into eternity and he .. formed a relationship with him that last up until the time the Doctor Strange passed.
Valiant Thor is here with a group of other beings to help elevate consciousness, they’re doing this behind the scenes very
very quietly, their first attempt was with the US governmen,t it didn’t go so
well the next thing was for programs that day had started the first program in each program was to last ten years
was to contact the heads of every government and on on earth and tell them about their existence and none of the
world government leaders wanted to share that information, the second phase was contacting all the religious leaders of
the world over a 10-year period to encourage them to come forward and to talk about that we are part of a cosmic family.
They didn’t want anything to do with that apparently Dr. Strange’s asked Valiant for what did the Pope say when
the Pope was asked .. third phase was a contact the heads of universities and colleges around the world to let them know that they’re here , they’re visiting us or interacting with us for 10 year period nobody would come forward, the fourth and last phase and
it’s which is what we’re in right now is contacting people to grassroots level to make them aware and things are happening
behind the scenes things are happening in Hollywood things are happening in the media to create a more positive approach
to this subject..but Valiant Thor is still working down here there’s a woman I know in Montana her name is Judy Beebe I don’t
know if that name sounds familiar to you, she got a chance to meet him in California.”
“..she said there was a fragrance that came off of his body that kind of neutralized everything around it she said because she she said it was such a pleasant fragrance that his body exuded and three days later he came to her and he took her to Venus on
an escorted tour he gave her a guided tour of Venus. Craig Campobasso has been going around the country showing this short film Stranger at the Pentagon there’s people who come up to him saying ..he doesn´t age, he is a created being, he wasn´t born of women, he doesn’t have a bellybutton, okay, .. the others that are part of his group they are created beings..”
“.. he said it’s a rejuvenation device for the planet and it’s also for time travel..”
“How he started his own quest for self-realization…
the way this is designed is that there is going to be a wire configuration inside of this dome and there’s an armature that would turn back the clock of aging it would create a super high intense field of negative ionization and it would rejuvenate cells it would turn back the clock on aging for men to 35 years of age into women to about 25 to 26 years of age and you’d only have to
go through it once every 35 or 40 years was free to the public okay and George Van Tassel and Darth got so much grief
from the government the government was always after them because they knew that this would have an effect on health that
would have an effect on the pharmaceutical industry they were always chasing him they were always after him.”
“The Navy is behind the entire UFO suppression of intormation and technology everything, the Airforce is setup as a strong man,
the Air Force to keep you to break your attention to keep you off track.”
“To share Ambassador Ships between Earth and the cosmic family…”
“Yes, Trump knows about this Valiant. Thor was asked if he’s working with Trump and Putin, okay, the answer he gave for both is:
they do not have integrity, they do not have integrity, they don’t have integrity, so they’re not working with Putin and are not working with Trump okay, but .. they are working with a lot of people behind the scenes.”
“It almost looked like a landmine, it was plastic and it had a 9-volt battery and it had copper configured in a very
specific configuration and he said Frank rub your hands together and hold him, this device..and he said tell me what you
feel I said I feel pulsation of energy and he said yes he said I was given the plans to create a device that amplifies
the magnetic energy grid of the planet to neutralize tests, so that you’ll not use herbicides and pesticides, okay, so
and this would create an environment that would be …it could cover and it was working off of a 9-volt battery and what it would do is that would create an energy frequency that rats and mice and grasshoppers locusts would avoid, it would shut them
down the insects would implode and turn into dust, mice would just dehydrate and die, it had no effect on earthworms
butterflies ladybugs domestic animals it only had a negative effect on pests and, he started selling them through trade
publications for the farming industry, he sold them to Disneyland, Disneyland had three of them out in California, he sold
them to grain elevators farmers around the country, so they would have to use herbicides or pesticides, they just used
this, he read an article in the paper about the library Congress.. the books were being attacked by rats they
were reading the bindings off the books, so George sent three of his nature shields, he ran some calculations how
many would be needed for the library Congress and he had three nature shields sent down there and he said if you’re
not satisfied with the results of this after 90 days, just send them back to me and he had a letter that he showed me
from Senator William Proxmire who was the the senior senator for the Banking Committee with a note saying: you solved
the problem with your nature shield in less than 30 days we know how no longer have a problem with rats attacking the
bindings of the books, so he showed me a copy of the letter. Well, the device worked too well, people stopped buying herbicides and
pesticides, so the chemical industry exerted a pressure on the federal government to look into Georgia’s device, okay, so they said we’re going to run an evaluation of your product because we think you’re you’re doing a flim-flam and George was as honest as the day is, long believe me he said you could run any tests that you want, he gave him working models but he said they have to be at floor level in other words they have to have contact with the with the ground if they’re not in contact with the ground they will not
work, so they ran an evaluation for 90 days and they came back and they said these things don’t work they had put him
on a cabinet a shelf about eight feet off the ground next to grasshoppers and locusts and mice and things like that
knowing that it would fail so they gave him a cease and desist that he could not manufacture these anymore he could not
sell batteries he could not give any lectures about them he could never talk about this again so they shut him down
he was given a device for cleaning the air the same way, he was also giving the device for cleaning the water the same
way and he was shut down and he was told, his teacher Jaoqu came to him and he said: Sensei, since they refused this,
they shall be denied it, so they shall be denied it, so this did not go over too well with his family, because he had
spent his family fortune putting this together and his wife was not in favor of anything that George was doing she
thought it was all nonsense, his children really didn’t either , so he became ostracized from his family and we would
get together and we’ve got to the desert.. and interact with people that were more like-minded but he was a
beautiful soul and the work that he did was really relevant and a lot of it was backed up in scientific papers and
technology, I can give you some of the references here Dr. Harry Muller, specialist with birds did report reports
on the effect of frequency on animals, Shepherd and Eisenbud regarding the electromagnetic effect on biological systems, all the
stuff that he had designed came out to being correct in how it worked and this is what the nature shield product was
comprised of to cover an area of 200 meters by 10 Hector’s in all directions with weatherproof it would last forever
all you’d have to do is just replace the battery, no more herbicides, no more pesticides and yet all the places that bought him
from him wanted to buy more he couldn’t sell any more until het couldn’t supply any more, so I don’t know if the three
the Disneyland had, in California, are still in use , all they had to do was replace the battery , but that was the
technology that had been given to inspire friends upstairs and George wound up being isolated from his family, his family basically disowned him and he wound up moving to Utah and he got a trailer home and he would start teaching wisdom teachings to students whoever was open to hearing and that’s how he spent the rest of his life, beautiful soul, just a really really beautiful soul,
.. I saw the order from the government was cease and desist he couldn’t ship any more of these, he was going up against a
multi-billion dollar industry, because all they want to do is sell this stuff and it’s all just poison for the environment.”
“I said to Colonel .. I said: I used to think that they were maybe 50, 75, a 100 years in advance of what the public’s being told
Colonel .. said: they are thousand ahead …..colonel.. said: they are in excess of a thousand years between the black world and the white world, the black world is the world to secrecy, the white world is what the public is aware of. I said to Bill Tompkins, I said’s a thousand years, Bill Tompkins said: yes, it’s a thousand years difference..”

“The Extraterrestrial That Walked Among Us! (True Story!)”
This guy might exist, but not from Venus (surface temperature 462 °Celsius, according to official public common knowledge)…
Main article: Life on Venus
See also: Colonization of Venus
The speculation of the existence of life on Venus decreased significantly since the early 1960s, when spacecraft began studying Venus and it became clear that the conditions on Venus are extreme compared to those on Earth.
The fact that Venus is located closer to the Sun than Earth, raising temperatures on the surface to nearly 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F), the atmospheric pressure is ninety times that of Earth, and the extreme impact of the greenhouse effect, make water-based life as we know it unlikely. A few scientists have speculated that thermoacidophilic extremophile microorganisms might exist in the lower-temperature, acidic upper layers of the Venusian atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure and temperature fifty kilometres above the surface are similar to those at Earth’s surface. This has led to proposals to use aerostats (lighter-than-air balloons) for initial exploration and ultimately for permanent “floating cities” in the Venusian atmosphere. Among the many engineering challenges are the dangerous amounts of sulfuric acid at these heights. (Wikipedia)”

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