Is the Great Reset Failing? When Great Narratives Fall Apart…

“Is the Great Reset Failing? When Great Narratives Fall Apart…”

“Joaquin Flores
February 24, 2022

The WEF’s newest release “The Great Narrative” with its fixation on ‘fake news’ is as much an admission of guilt as it is recognition of failure.”

“A funny thing happens when corporate culture becomes indistinguishable from government culture. Corporatized governments promote and grant authority to those ‘ambitious’ individuals who can best over-sell and over-promise results.

At first glance it doesn’t really matter that these aims are unattainable. But it does matter…

Ambitious leaders in league with the IMF/WEF were onboard with this, knowing full well the consequences.

Narratives are just ‘stories in our heads’. But if these are shared with broader communities, real or virtual/digital, then they are reinforced and become part of reality.
The WEF and the IMF it works for have a grand plan for the future – the technocratic aims of which are by now thoroughly understood.

In other words, the public has been resisting illegal legislation and shattering the narrative which justifies it, and so resetism itself is in danger of failure.

This much has meant the organic development of a counter-narrative, one that resonates with increasing layers in affected societies. Big tech oligarchs have done their part in trying to police, punish, and silence this counter-narrative.

Elites have fallen into a vicious cycle, as the populist counter-narrative is proven in part by that very censorship and repression. The more they push, the weaker they become.

“Each time the ‘regime’ attempts to make some ‘show of strength’, the counter-narrative prevails as mass publics understand that ‘shows of strength’ are derived from crises of strength and actual weakness.”

Freedom, like love, come from places of strength. Dictatorship, like fear, come from a place of losing control. And power is like water, the more you grasp at it, the faster you lose it.

The absolute panic is palpable.”

They can then use state-of-emergency laws to enact these solutions into law, or into practice. So much of actual life takes place in the private sphere, that simple collusion and agreement between corporate chiefs on police is already enough to take the place of government and law…”


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