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“Communalism & China – 2 Threats Which Can Wipe Out Hinduism & Vedic Culture From India”
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In this 2nd video of our Hindu-Muslim Unity series we discuss:
1. The 2 critical threats highlighted by Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra, which can lead not just to a break up of India, but worse still to a complete obliteration of Hinduism and India’s 7000 year old Vedic Sanskriti.

2. The first of these threats highlighted by them, is the cancer of communal hatred, which has already led to the partition of India into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and whose rapid growth within the nation today, is jeopardizing India’s ascendancy into the world as Jagat Guru.

3. Furthermore, it is this threat of communal hatred, which will act like a magnet, to attract the 2nd even bigger danger and that is an invasion by Communist China, which will result in a complete wiping out of Hinduism and the Vedic Sanskriti from India.”


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