Section 230: Censorship in Social Media and Free Speech

“Section 230: Censorship in Social Media and Free Speech”
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“but the way i see it is really more that section 230 just in general grants immunity to these tech companies making
them just more difficult to sue, more difficult to attack
and really what this is all about in my mind is maybe not so much about section 230 but about the first amendment the
right to free speech because everybody should be able to speak their mind to say something and not have a tech company come censor them, especially when the social media platform that people are using has now risen to the level of kind of like a public square for debate.”
“but it enables and allows for private companies to censor you and so ironically the first amendment actually protects the rights of the social media tech giants to censor you
because they’re considered private entities and so they have no legal obligation to enable free speech as they would if they were say some government entity now to complicate all of this a lot of these social media platforms they like to just remove hate speech you know hate speech is not necessarily
illegal people have a right to do it but generally social media platforms they just want a more friendly place they
want it to be advertiser friendly they don’t want bullying and so there’s kind of this gray zone too where there may be some things that someone wants to say that’s not entirely illegal it’s not defamatory it’s not sex trafficking related but at the same time it could be kind of like cyber bullying which isn’t illegal but it’s not really a great thing to have on these social media platforms either and so the question becomes where do you draw that line on what’s allowed and not
allowed and who gets to draw that line so if you’re to ask me for example let’s take a look at donald trump on twitter he tweets something and then twitter comes and says well that’s not allowed if you were to ask me i would say that even though twitter may not enjoy the things that trump is saying in a way all of the followers and the people that trump has
accumulated to listen to him they’re his followers right even though they’re on the platform twitter they don’t really belong to twitter i would say that the followers belong to
donald trump he’s the influencer who gathered those followers and in a way you could imagine twitter as a social media network but at the same time each person on twitter also encompasses their own micro social media network so the example i like to think about is let’s imagine we have a
radio and there’s a bunch of different radio channels and some radio channels can be very conservative some can be very liberal some is just going to have a bunch of trash gossip some could be a bunch of fake news but the radio platform that device itself is not determining what you can or cannot
say it’s simply facilitating that communication is the technology underlining it and so when i take a look at twitter.”
“i know that there are some people who may disagree with me and say well if you don’t like twitter you don’t have to use
it it’s their platform their rules they can do whatever they want on there but you have to remember that technology
has altered our society in a very fundamental way and as our
lives have shifted online into the digital space, so too have our lives shifted into the domain of these private tech companies where the constitution and public government can no longer protect us the first amendment and the right to
protect free speech does not apply to tech companies
and the only way to get that to apply to our digital lives is to imagine if somehow the government were to invent the next facebook or twitter which it’s not going to do
and yet the intent behind that to protect free speech
should probably still be applied into our digital lives
“it may just be that some of these social media networks they just could have too much power too much influential power
too much propaganda power in a world where people do not think but only read about headlines and if that’s the situation we live in then maybe these social media companies
should just be shut down as mass weapons of misinformation and propaganda machines that cannot be properly controlled we just don’t have the tools for that yet because it’s true that you know like facebook has been used in countries like
myanmar for genocide and we could just be in
this scenario it could just be like the digital equivalent of building the atomic bomb when you’re able to
mass brainwash huge hordes of people maybe some things just shouldn’t be built out there until we’re really sure that we know how to control it in either case this is an
area information control and censorship that definitely needs more reform and more thinking about otherwise the future of our country is really going to fall into the hands of just fall into the hands of just the ceos of these tech companies.”

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