Cancel Culture doxxed me (as an ex-Google tech lead)

Cancel Culture doxxed me (as an ex-Google tech lead)
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Cancel Culture doxxes the ex-Google Tech Lead.
“It sounds like you want to censor people here now right like this is blocking out free speech simply through mob rule that does not sound very fair to me, i think what’s disturbing is some of these arguments are actually racist and then of themselves right someone here says these asian dudes are clowns, asian piho asian men are sims and overall a lot of swearing now i may be mistaken ..why do you have to bring my race into it and try to categorize me in some way try to stereotype me and personally i’ve read through hundreds of the responses out there of which there are thousands and there hasn’t been a single rational logical counter argument to any of the points i’ve made all of the responses have just been personal attacks if not racially charged or and so let me show you where things get a little bit dangerous and dicey here if not a little bit ironic which is that somebody here says urged to dox rising and so this is cancel culture at this finest where people start asking who is he who is this guy what’s his name and then people are more than happy to respond and start doxing you can see people are starting to review
my real name here (Patrick Shyu) and so you see this is how cancel culture works maybe you raise an idea you want to have a discussion out there and then the mob comes after you identifies you personally comes after you with personal attacks and really goes after your entire livelihood as well and this is where things get dangerous because the response here is i don’t usually hate people but my need to see someone inflict some kind of pain onto this man is unnaturally high and so you see this is actually starting to incite violence and if this person had more influence perhaps her followers would say okay let me help this person out let me come after this guy and inflict some type of pain onto this person and so if we go through some of these other tweets there are some overall ideas around here one is there’s zero space for descent in the blm movement, they resort to intimidation and bullying if you disagree and dislike this and i think that overall captured this whole entire twitter debate if you can even call it a debate because most of it was name calling and social shaming and what’s also disturbing and i’m not sure if this is part of their strategy is that very few of these tweets even mentioned me people didn’t want me to know that they were talking about me and what people will do is they’ll even block you so you can’t see what they’re posting and then they’ll talk behind your back which seems to be a really disgusting thing to do if you’re just going to talk about someone and you don’t even want to see what you’re posting about them you just want to trash talk other people that does not sound like a healthy conversation to me…a lot of people are being discriminated against…because of cancel culture it seems that people don’t even want to debate if you try to have a debate it’s not even going to be a safe time to do it..” I don´t think anyone in silicon valley will hire him anymore.”
if a normal person had their livelihood potentially ruined in this way and not be devastating to a normal person out there, now the type of debate i would have preferred would be one about the actual topic and not about me as an individual and trying to cancel me or silence me, because at the end of the day i’m just a single person and the ideas the concerns and questions i had posted still remain out there unanswered in the minds of so many other people overall though at this point i’ve decided to back off from talking about politics because it’s just not safe for me to do so so congratulations to the (Zion-NSA-Tube False Transcription: cancer culture) cancel culture crowd you’ve got me i am self-censoring myself as for me i’ll be joining the silent
majority, i’ve lost my facebook account, my youtube channel has been shadow banned.” “i’ve lost sponsorships and you know frankly i don’t even really care about talking about politics much at all i just thought it would be something fun to discuss.”
“Zum einen werde durch die Cancel Culture das Leben unschuldiger Menschen ruiniert. Zum anderen werde eine jüngere Generation von Intellektuellen, Wissenschaftlern und Künstlern eingeschüchtert und traue sich nicht mehr, eine andere Meinung zu äußern. Außerdem lähme der Trend, Menschen mit anderen Überzeugungen zu verleumden oder zu feuern, die Fähigkeit, kollektiv Probleme zu lösen.”

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