Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies AN URGENT CALL TO ALL AMERICANS

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Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies AN URGENT CALL TO ALL AMERICANS
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“I attended this monastery for services and so forth and
came to find out that basically the founder of it was
the head of mk ultra mind control ultra.”
“Why is this important because for believers in christ,
we cannot tolerate things like this we are we cannot we cannot tolerate people using christ as a cover for for diabolical deeds.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 8.9.2020: Very strong resonance from the most high…
“We have an agenda that’s a carryover from the nazi agenda.”
“So basically this is a really cool book written by a friend of mine he’s put in decades of work, this is called vatican assassins, wounded in the house of my friends by Eric John Phelps, this is voluminous, I’ve read most of it, it took me a very long time to read it, but basically what’s happening in here is this book points to the fact that the jesuits
were in control of the outcome of in the planning of the
the murder of jfk and going back even further into history
we have the story also outlined in this book i think this is
the upgraded edition uh where abraham lincoln and his story
is also uncovered that the jesuits also killed him that they were involved and what was the reason for that, because there is a goal to subjugate all free peoples and this is by the vatican and i’m saying this as an ex nun people have tried or people in the intelligence community in the deep state have tried to erase my history but i have all that evidence and it was supplied to certain locations where it needs to stay, but basically the jesuits have they have a pattern and this
pattern has been going on throughout history, since our country was free you know since the revolutionary war
the vatican sought to to cast a net over us in many many ways
and now it’s gotten to the degree where it’s really serious
in my opinion what i’m going to bring forward is a matter of national security and i did bring this attention to the attention of our president donald j trump who i believe is doing everything he can to to mend these issues..”
“There’s a doctor in in a study regarding this
and uh he basically is he’s very very concerned
that this causes nanotech there have been some investigation into whether or not nanoparticles and food poses any
health risks, national academics press has published an article where nanoparticles are discovered to cause serious health risks for example: inflammatory diseases to the
lungs, liver and spleen and granulomas and
mesothelioma in mice, ultimately potentially causing cancer and organ damage, see new scientist article on nanotubes
found in children’s lungs and of course we’re going to provide that and so it says also there’s another
article that’s really good it’s called nanotechnology offers disturbing parallels to gmos so if you thought gmos were bad this is even worse, but again there’s always a remedy…no one’s reporting this on the packaging.”
“I spent probably 30000 or 35 000 of my own funds into building this thing..”
“Now if you’re dealing with weaponized version of this
like clearly military grade or you feel you’ve been
targeted in that kind of of a manner you can reach out to us…which people have been lately.”
“protonmail account and then contact us with your new email,
so the bottom line there’s remedies for all these things
and if we can stick together and just brainstorm a little bit, we can come against all these technologies,
because the ultimate end and goal to this
this is a really cool synopsis i wrote about how this ties into their ultimate objective my story reflects the intention of human trafficking and genocide for all mankind by the dark
side, specifically in my belief by the jesuits, for being tethered to ai systems experiments torture etc when the
ultimate objective is to network the biological systems of man with a system of artificial intelligence reducing humanity to a totally controllable status, yes, world war z
is a very good movie if you want to see the effects of
what nanotech could do to the body that would be a great illustration of it, this is being accomplished through many
different programs operations and applications that attack mankind’s environment: the air we breathe, the water
we drink, the food we eat the products we use
and the information systems we’re exposed to and it just goes on in my case the use of military grade nanotech as
a chemical-biological-radiological nuclear weapon was used with efforts to kill me several times, I’ve survived these
attacks by the grace of god through living and hiding since 2013 under different aliases prior to that until Donald Trump took office in late 2016. So all of this to say is we do have a remedy and i’m going to show you a picture that basically
the jesuit model for assassination was pretty simple back
then and i’m gonna have to probably put this
also on top of the um the video once i edit it but
basically what you have here is the jesuits crucifixes and their prayer book and then they have vials of poison
and loaded guns and it says here jesuit knights of malta assassins kit around mid to late 19th century just imagine how evolved this process is now in modern times.”
“I was there to speak for the commonwealth as a witness
and I lost the case okay and that opened up a whole other can of worms that helped me understand how the judicial systems were completely taken over and of course that information
taken over by the jesuits came to me through leo lyon zagami
who’s a former illuminati defector he’s a defector from the illuminati p2 lodge going on just to give you background into
what this is about affiant meaning Dr Hildy heard Keri Burnor mentioning her concern that this saint joseph savin spencer massachusetts was involved and at the same time the same the same abby had a founder by the name of j peter grace who is also known as one of the leaders involved in project
paperclip, an operation that has furnished a way to assist german doctors of the third reich to evade the nuremberg trials while also assisting with protecting those involved in mind control experiments, german scientists in 1934 developed
nanotechnology as microbeads and other related technologies as stated in nanotechnology, this is a book she’s citing,
a gentle introduction to the next big idea..copyrighted 2003.”
“This stuff needs to stop.”

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