Know the Enemy: Nacht Waffen, Dark Fleet Forces – The Super Soldiers, Spider Tanks, and Vril Pilots

“Know the Enemy: Nacht Waffen, Dark Fleet Forces – The Super Soldiers, Spider Tanks, and Vril Pilots”
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“Mechs.. these which are either piloted from human pilots with their own freewill are created to be piloted by Vril as as because they don’t use supercomputers they don’t use AI and the fact they’re very suspicious to AI but they they will pilot it using Vril like you can be possessed by a vril witch in her astral projected spirit or a corpse.. basically a dead but fresh living human brain implanted into the creature
into this tank the spider tank and it acts as if though you know on the basic impulses of intelligence on the basic
impulses of following its its previous orders and things like that and because of that they’re kind of like you know
death coffins they’re walking coffins, these spider tanks are able to maneuver in underground in Hollow Earth
situations and cave situations, they’re able to climb mountains and very steep terrain they’re able to operate in
ruined cities par excellence they are in second to none when it comes to actually operating in urban environments, urban warfare vitamins they can scale buildings they can hide in
unconventional spots they can gain angles of attack that are unheard of when it comes to armored engagements.”
“it’s a way to mitigate the stress the anxiety in the
fear because it’s like a reward for the soldier to enter into the service of one of these walking tanks and the tanks
themselves become individualized they become almost worshipped by the the Nacht Waffen and very individualized is very stylized very honored and so there’s this very macabre them being very respectful and loving to these machines that are that are living coffins, basically that they’re active
warfighting coffins, sarcophagi, that contained the remains of a crippled and and mortally wounded dark fleet super
soldier and that it’s become it’s like a a vaunted a vaunted fate…and they’re mostly made by the Japanese industrial
side of the the dark fleet.”
“these bigger tanks the bigger vehicles will have several corpses
inside of them they will have several human brain stems and brains and central nervous systems, piloting and coordinating their functions, some..working as drivers others working as as as aiming or weapons systems
operators others working as the communication systems are .. the
guidance are to be called communication systems of it relaying
information of their own status to the Vril priestesses who like I said that they don’t really work on supercomputers or very high-tech communication technology, but they have a very strong astral presence, so these takes do have a national presence these takes to dream
these tanks to have a presence in the dreamscape let’s as do there are mech
suits as do most of us as does most of their weaponry it’s very disturbing when you encounter one on your astral traveling when you’re actually lucid
dreaming and you encounter a lobotomized nightmare fuel living weapon a living tank that has been basically mutilated and fit and repurposed but enjoys it and is ..driven, it is a horrifying encounter, it is a horrifying ontological experiential experiencem but the technology has already improved in their culture .. I was looking at it in the late the early
2000s or I was looking at around 2010/2011/2012, the Japanese element the
industrialists there had already their scientists their engineers their
technicians that early created very competent and very capable humanoid
androids, humanoid soldiers that serve the purposes of the ground soldiers
because like I said these suber soldiers, these super soldiers are hard to come by and are very rare to get to a physical level and they still they have such a high demand for service by the Orion Draco and their masters that their officers just need to supply warriors to battlefields need to supply some kind of land force to these colonies to their mining
operations to provide security in hostile worlds to provide ..
offensive capabilities to already existing operations and campaigns
and so yes these androids exists these androids are not as competent as AI driven androids, they are not like greys, they’re definitely not like greys , they’re not like a human AI or earth AI or solar warden AI, at all either , because our AI has the the strange uncanny …ability to have personalities and this is very suspicious when it comes to their true motives and agendas, these are just robotic, they are just simply centuries that have pre-programmed instructions on how to operate and
function they are piloted by humans.”
“these androids, they are operated with this kind of plastic flesh with its kind of synthetic flesh, .. a lot of them have exposed wiring or gears but it is completely artificial there is no or brain matter no organic components to the androids, even though the androids are typically made to look
like physically like they’re made to look like people and it’s there it’s because the Darkfleet suspicion of robotics that they are tried to date the Japanese know that they have to make them look as human as possible it’s also for the humans desire to be .. a hedonistic and carnal with these robots, these robots oftentimes serve as the industrialists harems, most of the higher officers have harems of these these machines, these androids, these synthetic humanoid machines, they also serve as everything from bloodsport combatants to professional entertainers to pornography
actresses and photographers to they work in extremely hostile
environments that were typically only reserved for the worst of the slave class they are served as a live-fire exercise material for the weaponry when it’s being tested and for
soldiers when they’re being tested in fact a lot of the dark fleets suber soldiers, a lot of their super soldiers begin
their careers first by training with their weaponry against these AI got nothing I guess these humanoid robotics, these androids they test fire into the androids … they test their techniques and their strengths and the robots are ignorant of the entire situation, just suffering the violence perpetrated
upon them by the super soldiers and the Japanese also provide a lot of the testing and research and development of
the technologies that the dark fleet would then send out to its soldier caste.”

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