TPN: Michael Gerloff and the 20 & Back Secret Space Program

“ a pioneer in the development of exopolitics the political study of the key actors institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life, his interest in exopolitics evolved out
of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship to an
extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials
or even senior military officials if you read further down the page…with his recruitment into the ssp
in a program widely known although covertly as a 20 and back program. michael gerloff was born near central
missouri in 1960, he lived a normal americana childhood, friends the outdoors and of course a
fascination with space…it then telepathically spoke to eight-year-old michael
telling him not to speak to anyone about the events of that night the dogman then just as they had
manifested into his room then manifested out of his room.,.shadow people…to complete the high
strangeness story cycle during michaels childhood Michael now as an adult goes on to explain that he clearly

remembers sometime around the age of two floating or hovering in the sky in space around the city of saint louis missouri …dog man shadow man and now possession of a body by a disembodied soul all high strangeness indeed in the life..”boot camp, San Diego, California. the fact that he assumed at the time was also a test for stamina in the midst of a high stress environment..”

the officer sat down and proceeded with explaining to michael
the reason that he was pulled out of the final examination
of the night michael we’ve been watching you keeping tabs on you not just tonight or yesterday or the day before but throughout your life we know about your high test scores
through school and also about your experiences with the other
we feel that your development through life has brought you to where you are today and we want to give you the opportunity now to do something great not just for your country
but for humanity as a whole michael could think of no other words to say other than thank you sir for the opportunity and what would that be the officer’s response michael
we’d like to give you the opportunity of going into space but this mission would not be connected to nasa or any other government agency that you are aware of there are some
things michael about what we do that the general public does not know about michael became concerned at that moment since he felt that he had no choice but to accept the invitation into this covert space program but before he did so he asked how long this program would keep him from seeing his family since his initial enlistment term had been for six years what the officer said to michael would form the baseline for one of michael’s most extraordinary claims as a member of the ssp 20 and back program. Michael your commitment to this special program that we are offering you admission into
is a 20-year commitment during that time you will not be able to see anyone that you know in your life so far however your parents your friends anyone you know now at your age at the conclusion of your 20 years of service to this special program upon your return will not even know that you were gone after that compelling admission on the part of the officer michael knew that he would be participating in a program where he would be exposed to concepts and technology that he only knew about in science fiction books, he immediately accepted the invitation into the secret space program into what we know now is labeled as the 20 and back program as in serving this commitment to the ssp for 20 years and then being taken back through time to the point where you last were aware of your life prior to his participation in the program.

“..of the night michael we’ve been watching you keeping tabs on you not just tonight or yesterday or the day before but throughout your life we know about your high test scores
through school and also about your experiences with the other..”

“michael asked if he could call his parents which of course was answered with a no, the officer however offered to send a Marsgram which was a type of telegram used by the military
during that time to his parents to let them know that he was okay..he remembers then being told that he would be transported to another location to continue his processing and indoctrination into the 20 and back ssp but now michael says that at this time is where his memory recollection hits a brick wall ..the last of his recollected memories speaks volumes as to what might have occurred to him at this point in his conglomeration of memories.”

“and then proceeded to tell him that they appreciated his having enlisted into the marine corps and that he was

free to return to his unit michael stood up and shook the officer’s hand still stunned at harboring a deep
unnerving feeling that this was the second time he was meeting this officer and having the same conversation as
michael was leaving the room the officer shook his hand and said these final words i’ll make sure your parents get

that marsgram michael will sure now as he remembers… michael would go on to finish marine corps boot bootcamp

later that year an apparent reliving of year 18 of michael’s life during this last year at bootcamp in which he became surprisingly the commanding leader for his platoon of 80 enlistees he showed a tremendous leap in leadership ability and wherewithal as compared to his colleagues and he was only 18 years of age at least in theory, michael recounts an interesting anecdote in that four to five days after he had
been supposedly brought back to boot camp, after his 20 and back commitment had concluded he discovered a small wound festering near his right cuff..he went to the restroom and inspected the wound he noticed that there was a raised bump underneath the wound which was noticeably bleeding now he
slowly tried to move the object and was able to extract it from his calf the object resembled a bb gun pellet
made out of stone with small holes and spikes on its surface without thinking about it twice he unfortunately flushed it down the toilet he now says that he feels that this object was some kind of tracking device that had been implanted into him as part of the 20 and back ssp regardless michael completes his boot camp service later that year in 1978 and then goes on to college for a couple of years attending the
university of missouri then he began to remember the idea put forth by his marine corps officers…but had to withdraw after due to marital issues that had arisen with his wife at home which eventually ultimately led to a divorce, he then returned to his original unit in san diego to complete a six-year commitment to the marine corps reserve…he had never heard of this type of nonchalant discharge occurring in the marine corps or in any military branch, again michael now feels that the captain obviously knew about his participation in the ssp and did not want michael around the facility anymore, the same facility where he had entered into the ssp, a few years earlier he ended up going back to missouri.”

“so why did i want to discuss this individual as a possible credible whistleblower for the ssp 20 and back program,
why not discuss corey goode or tony rodriguez, two other well-known ssp whistleblowers whose stories provide
much more detail about actual work that they did
off planet with extravagant extravagant claims
about going to the moon to mars meeting aliens
and reverse engineering alien technology..if you watch some interviews with corey goode or tony rodriguez
as opposed to michael gerloff you will notice the difference,
michael gerloff appears very relaxed and
confident in what he is saying corey and tony do not give off that same personification.”

“#SecretSpaceProgram #MichaelGerloff #20andBack
TPN: Michael Gerloff and the 20 & Back Secret Space Program
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#SecretSpaceProgram #MichaelGerloff #20andBack
Secret Space Program (ie. 20 & Back) whistleblowers like Corey Goode & Tony Rodrigues have made the rounds in
paranormal media throughout the years. But what about Michael Gerloff, who in 2017 came forward with his story –
with claims of time travel, age regression and contact with extraterrestrials? Michael is a former marine corp
member, army ranger and police officer. How does his story hold up under scrutiny, and is he telling the truth
about his participation in the 20 & Back SSP?”

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