20 & Back SECRET SPACE PROGRAM off Planet Earth

“20 & Back SECRET SPACE PROGRAM off Planet Earth
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Some are called to service with the Secret Space Program, others are born into it. This is the case with Randy Cramer, who claims to have been engineered for a military life on the moon and on Mars. After his return from 20 years of service, disturbing memories flooded his mind which he worked hard to reconcile. Knowing that there are many others who are enduring the same ordeal, it has become his mission to tell his story, to encourage them to come forward and reveal their experiences and heal.

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“What do you do in your normal life in terms of job
or career oh you know i have to work a day job at the moment which isn’t any fun but you know it’s what i have to do
to pay the bills does that day job uh conflict with this story in the point where people that you work with go Randy
what is this? Oh I don’t talk to people at my day job
but what if they see this show well then we’ll have a conversation about it i’m perfectly open to always talk about it with anybody who wants to talk about it i mean i don’t shy away from it but i don’t want to i don’t want to create a
tension in a situation where i don’t need attention i mean i’m not an attention grabber, so i don’t go around telling people i went to mars i mean it’s just not that
big of a deal to me but when people want to talk about i’m more than happy to talk so you’re not
gaining anything coming out with this story no i
don’t know if anything in the last six years it has cost me
more than i have ever possibly potentially gained from this
in personal relationships and destroyed marriage and you know a number of other things why because they don’t believe you
it’s i i don’t even want to discuss the particulars of that situation let’s just it was well let me rephrase the question
did what you’re telling us today affect your marriage?
Let’s just say that another a third party took advantage
of a situation in which they felt could be
exploited with someone else’s insecurities all right they took advantage of a weakness yeah i’m reading the picture but to say that you know when when my ex-wife and i met she was a you know a firm believer in my telling the truth, so and that changed and that changed does that disappoint you?
um, it’s heartbreaking, but again i’m sorry you had to go through that and uh thank you for sharing part of that
with us..I appreciate that you’re not the first person to come forward with these kinds of incredible stories
and i won’t be the last and that leads us to believe that
something’s going on.”

“so it’s i’d say that the majority of people who have returned from service have little or no understanding or
memory of what they’ve experienced i get emails from people all the time who are in the process of recovering memory
they’re in the process of getting there but who are absolutely not even at a stage where they want to
go public or do an interview or i mean it’s the last thing that they want to do they’re still trying to figure out
what’s going on with themselves.”

“You’ve seen the pictures of u.s navy spaceships solar warden
so solar warden came out of a think tank inside of engineering at mcdonald douglas…and a whole lot of other stuff came out. (William Tompkins)”

“Well they basically figure that a tour of duty in order for them to make all their money back uh requires a 20-year tour so uh 20-year tour duty is essentially you a commitment of 20 years yeah you deploy someone for a 20-year tour of duty
and then you return them and in the return process
they do um you know what we sort of what is called
age reversing but it really has nothing to do with that at all because the body that you’re in is pretty much so badly damaged that they have to you know throw it in the trash bin after 20 years or so yeah so from what i understand
they basically have to hatch you out a new clone that’s the same age that when you left and transfer your soul and your
consciousness through some complicated technological action
too, it’s a quantum fluid dynamic from what i understand that the soul is actually a quantum fluid dynamic and so in that sense it can be removed from one vessel and put into another and i don’t obviously i was unconscious for the process but i can’t tell you how it was done was it done to you oh absolutely you’re in a different body yep absolutely yet your soul and your personality and everything memory yep has all been transferred absolutely i’m not sure about the soul being able to do that memory maybe they may have that ability to download and transfer well again my understanding is that the soul is a quantum fluid dynamic and so being a quantum fluid dynamic it can be quote unquote pumped from one vessel and
put back into another again that’s not my area so i couldn’t
tell you you know how the science works behind that but from
what i’ve had the way i’ve had it explained to me that’s how it’s done what happened to your old body where is it down in the incinerator i’m sure does it bother you no not really feel like you it does i mean as much as it should be
because i look and i touch your hand yeah sure i mean i look in the mirror and i see humans i see me looking back
so it feels like me as much as it could be so
you know was this body made in a laboratory
as near as i can understand yeah hatched out of a clone
you know to same with your face and everything you’re you’re a total clone of who you were the physical body absolutely yeah yet you have memory from your past right because they put they take everything that’s internal into the old body and put it into the new one and you’re just you know the same person you look in the mirror you’re younger but it’s the same you feels like the island of dr moreau
it’s a little weird sometimes if i think about it if i think about it too much it will like twist my brain a little bit
so i try not to think about it too much is it difficult for you now to have a relationship
because of all of this um it can be a strain
it can be a strain do you cry um i can have all kinds of emotions about the process at different times but you know i’m also completely okay with who i am i’m completely okay with who i am i’m okay being in the skin that i’m in
i’m okay having my experiences that i’ve had i’m okay knowing that i have to live my life the way that i have to live my
life so i’m okay with me.”

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