Under Attack (Stop007)

“Under Attack (Stop007)”
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“I am not going to be ashamed about it even though some Intel operatives that put out videos it´s you mocking me for saying that I´m raped by remote control and ..all I can say to MI5 is: Fuck you! I´m gonna continue talking about it, so anyway just to let you know that on the morning of the interview with Bill and Kirk I was violently abused and this is also going to my court case I have chip implants in my vagina and also my urinary tract and one chip was used to really torture me for hours and hours and hours with agonizing pain, so you can imagine what that does right and but nevertheless we did the interview and it didn´t deter me .. to do it and continue to work, but still there´s this ongoing retaliation for the work that I´m doing, so this is why it´s so important to realize that the interview had to be shifted here with Bill, now what I´m also pleased to announce is that I could replace that interview that in the end didn´t take part with an interview with both Bill Binney and Karen Stewart which is now on the weekend being posted on my patreon channel.”
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Dr. Katherine Horton reports about various attacks on her and others, including physical and defamatory attacks on
her and NSA whistleblower William Binney.
“I really don’t understand what gates are kept you know Bill and Kirk are not an expert on targeting because they have never been involved in targeting in many cases are still just learning about the ways with which they have been attacked but what people need to you know put into the back of their minds is after blowing the whistle Bill Binney lost both his legs, he is a double amputee and these were two independent infections and how likely is it to lose your leg in one infection how likely is it to lose both legs and two independent infections, so you know from that calculation you can just literally calculate that most likely the Intel agencies were involved and he lost his legs in biowarfare attacks, so you are talking about
double amputee, you are talking about a double amputee in his seventies, who despite the fact that he’s retired, is fighting full-time against this organized crime cartel,..if you also know that he lost his wife, right, so with all that background can you possibly bring yourself to write something so vicious and psychotic as this, this is just disgusting, okay, that’s what I have to say and I’m just sorry I’m really really sorry that Bill and Kirk had to read this…”
“Now against this background I was shocked I was really shocked to receive an email from Karen whereby she informed me that you know our former colleague Ramola Dharmaraj has again put out on a blog entry pretty much defaming all of us and rubbishing all that we were doing okay now for those of you who don’t know who Ramola is … is a colleague of ours with whom we had the techno crime fighters forum on YouTube for a year and a half and then it was basically from all our terminatated the techno crime fighters forum on 2nd of August 2018 without actually warning me….ever since that day Ramona has launched into absolutely vicious campaign targeted at me personally and what she did this is Ramona and I’ve documented this online I sent her a cease and desist that she never actually paid any attention to but the important thing about Ramona is that she proceeded to go after every single one of my work projects in turn after terminating the techno crime-fighters forum…again no evidence provided…”
“Елена Михеева: vor 1 Tag: Narcissists cannot stand bright talented individuals with good hearts and destroy them in a number of ways. Pure jealousy and envy on Ramola’s part. You two are way too bright and heroic.
Greg Olsen: vor 1 Tag: Sounds like Ramola has been compromised and ordered to go after you? 🙂
svariar: vor 1 Tag: black pope died a few days ago and apparently pope francis is being detained now.
Greg Olsen: vor 1 Tag: You are being attacked due to your refusal to be controlled! 🙁
Daniel Petel: vor 1 Tag: Alex Collier who used to work for the NSA and had to go into hiding in Japan for 6 years said that Tesla coils can short-circuit the implants. But they have to be able to give a low voltage directly to the skin and not in a glass sphere type of a device.
David Gregory: vor 1 Tag: “But they have to be able to give a low voltage directly to the skin and not in a glass sphere type of a device.” Then it can’t be a fucking Tesla coil.. can it? LOL.. I love it when you stupid bastards try and give technical information. It’s hilarious.
Daniel Petel: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): @David Gregory How the electricity hits his skin in this video 10 minutes and 33 seconds in you rude offensive jerk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GRyxuRIPPo J Slade: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): I am hardly qualified to speak upon these matters so forgive my naivety, but why spend so much energy on ‘stopping007’ and not those for whom they are working? And let us not waste time talking of ‘politicians’ they are just bum fluff. Colour scheme of this vid makes it most aesthetically pleasing by the way.
Jan Smith: vor 1 Tag: “Stop Responding. Stop replying to comments. Stop responding verbally or visually to their Street Theater (Situational and Conversational Scenarios) You are speaking to ‘Chatterbots’, mostly, which are automated special language AI software designed to keep you engaging (responding) in Synaptic Responses which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM Data. You are a Trauma Based Mind Control victim of the CIA/DoD.
Their entire technology is dependent upon the systems ability to force you to keep responding. Without your response to their specific stimuli Integration Completion is hindered, meaning the Verification Process breaks apart and Mind Control technologies fail. Your brain wave signature has been remotely measured into a digital brain wave imprint which has been uploaded back to a Conscious Supercomputer (Exascale System) and you have been remotely tied to that Supercomputer for life by way of a bidirectional stream of electromagnetic energy (photons)
specifically tuned to your unique brain wave pattern. That RNM Supercomputer is now remotely measuring and manipulating all electromagnetic energy in your brain to build a Cognitive Model (Copy-Cat Parallel Twin Personality) of your Human Soul (Will, Intellect and Emotion) to achieve Direct Behavioural Control over you. They are using Physical & Psychological Trauma to map out and reverse engineer the Sensory and Neural Pathways of your brain and central nervous system. Your brain is being illuminated with this stream of energy and the Hive Mind Teams and RNM Supercomputer are then reading the return training signal. Stop responding. STOP PLAYING THE GAME, or you will soon find out it’s game over. I have been tortured brutally and have suffered greatly for exposing their tactics and technology. I hope you will listen. Your … Belief System (Memory and Thought Process) is a very important metric in their training research and development. The technology can be achieved at lower levels and you will probably only recognize it – by reading active memory – at higher levels: Torture! (B. Tew)”
john paul: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): Never trust a man with a vaccine who believes the world is overpopulated.
Poe Nauta: vor 1 Tag: Please do whatever you want with your implants and shieldings and court cases and stuff, but when it comes to matters of public health, for the sake of your loved ones, your neighbours and fellow citizens, try at least to imagine what would happen if you were wrong and the virus was not part of some evil plan to implant us. Please consider that the spread of this virus has led to the collapse of the health system on many countries not because of its death rate alone, but rather because of the amount of resources required and mobilized
exclusively to control the exponential rate of contagion; this leaves medical care as a whole in a precarious state. Your actions in this respect are driven by the opinions (beliefs that you take as facts and facts in which you believe) about this virus, but their repercussions are not as personal as those opinions. They are real and go beyond them. Please try to think, look and hear, beyond what you already know. I reported this video to YouTube, hope that someone follows.
David Gregory: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): Another hour of Dr Horton NOT being attacked by energy weapons to add to the evidence against her LOL Weird isn’t it… the recorded stuff gets attacked, but she can always manage to live stream for hours without any problem.
David Gregory: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): All this Ramola stuff is hilarious. She’s just jealous because she has a bigger channel, and earns more money. You see this with the flat earthers too… they all start off helping one another… collaborating with each other, until one of them gets bigger and more well known, then all the people who are jealous will turn on them and start attacking them. LOL. It’s hilarious to watch all these ego driven narcissists cat fights. This is why Dr Horton hides her subscription numbers. In fact…. maybe it’s time I left
Horton alone is an irrelevance, and turned my attention to Ramola instead.”

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