“CIA IS OFFICIALLY SHOWING PLANET X ON Infrared Telescope 2020” (2008)
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“My presentations I jokingly say look at them and say you’re all doomed there’s not a one of you that’s gonna be around
a hundred years from now you’re doomed so to hell with it enjoy the ride, no, I tell people who are
interested in listening for whatever it is. I have to say..
You’re in for some difficult times it’s going to happen
there is no way to avoid it, we cannot go on as we were because some of our systems were rotten to the core and our
banking system, the insurance programs all of that stock market, Wall Street those guys were absolutely rotten, the
housing industry…it had to fail. Well, I’m glad it failed, hope the hell that they learn something from it.”
“I know this is all happening, it’s going to take place,
it’s inevitable it’s been orchestrated, the Illuminati do exist, they are in power they’ve been in power for years they’ve been demonstrating that power ever since 1913 when they created the hell of this banking system. Federal Reserve yeah which is a private corporation, we lost most of it
in 47. I don’t know whether you were aware of that but that was a big year, national security became everything it became a member of the triad, 47 we made the National Security
Agency, we formed a pact with the Brits, the Australians, the Canadians and New Zealand’s the UKUSA pact which most people don’t even know it exists…whoever’s in the White House
and whoever is at Buckingham Palace, it doesn’t matter, all right, the power behind the scenes has been running this damn
thing since 1947 and I saw it scared the hell out of him, he met the Annunaki that scared the hell out of him, so they’re
pulling our strings now like they always have.”
“Carrie we’re not just going through a transition we’re going through a transcendent transformation literally transcendent transformation we’re going to come out of this thing when it’s all over with a totally different species, we’re not going to be the same people we were in the past and that’s good and it’s going to hurt and it’s going to be painful and I tell people and I’ve said this repeatedly don’t get too uptight about it, you’ve been through hell before you’re gonna through a bit of it again but once it’s over once you made that transition we’re gonna have hopefully a new world a new future a new beginning and I think that’s the end of the great year that we’re going through we’re we’re going through the the end of a 26,000 year cycle and well I tell you 2012 doesn’t matter, first of all Christ was born seven years
before and this is a fact and if you
don’t believe me get Sir Laurence Gardner who’s probably one of the best historians we’ve got working today Lawrence Gardner’s got the facts Jesus was born at 7 BC on the 1st of March.”

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