Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Interview Italy's #1 Independent News. Gates & Clinton's & Deep State.

“Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Interview Italy’s #1 Independent News. Gates & Clinton’s & Deep State.
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“The bright people get thrown out, the people with radical ideas what they do is they find people who are mediocre who will play the game like Fauchi who will be bureaucrats for the rest of their lives.”
“We should obliterate all these lawyers, obliterate all these
lobbyists and it has to come bottoms up and I’m sorry to say all these people speak a good game, these celebrities and
the Kennedys and all these people, they basically talk a good game, but they hang out with the same people, okay, to them politics is a hobby, it’s like they play golf,
oh, let me go talk about …I’m going to help some people, none of it is really real to them that is why as I
talked about a guy like Robert Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, he can attack Gates, but at the same time he says nothing against
Clinton, okay, it shows that he’s part of the game, it’s not real to him it’s merely some exercise like playing polo or he does falconry right this is just a hobby, so I think people need to understand this.”
“to educate people we can also understand how we can blow up the system, okay, to get to the kind of system we want so you
said something fascinating even during the bubonic plague did we not have this kind of shut down churches were open
people went etc so let’s talk about the dynamics here because what we’re really talking about is a system’s dynamic, a political systems dynamics that’s taking place and I think one of the important things people need to understand is those people in power, they are not stupid, they’re not stupid, they are extremely clever, you have consulting companies like McKinsey who by the way the Gates Foundation has given a lot of money to what is McKinsey .. is one of the global deep state consultants and what McKinsey does is they create strategy how to overthrow governments they create strategy how a big conglomerate can destroy another conglomerate these are people who are paid full time brain
trusts of the establishment and Bill Gates has used McKinsey to figure out this this strategy the interesting news
is that you know having been at MIT in and out I used to teach a course at Sloan School one of the big business
schools that in the world I have had the immense opportunity to be among all these people so I know how they think
and the way they think one of the weaknesses they think you’re stupid okay and so this is where we have an opportunity.”
“They’re really not into innovation, they’re really not into great creativity, they’re not really into humanism, in the sense of … advancing the human race, advancing people’s spiritual advancement, none of that, these people are
fundamentally about power, profit and control, if you want to call there’s a evil on this earth that’s what they are.”
“Rajat Gupta who was a head of McKinsey was thrown in jail for insider trading with Goldman Sachs, alright, so what we’re talking about is we’re talking about the most evil people the evil most darkest brain trust is McKinsey and they don’t give a damn about innovation, Advancement etc.. what they do care about his power profit and control so you have
to understand this Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton think of them as two of the same evil bodies but in two different you know two of the same evil minded people in two different bodies so here’s Bill Gates who has a Melinda Gates Foundation and here is Hillary Clinton who has essentially the Clinton Global Initiative these people are essentially frontmen, advertising frontmen for trillionaires whose names
we don’t even know and those have sent many ways Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton are puppets in the grand scheme of
things yes they have 50 billion dollars but I can tell you there are people who have ten times a hundred times more
money than Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton put together but one of their goals is one of their biggest
investments those trillionaires is the pharmaceutical companies okay Pharma and big agriculture so Pharma and
big agriculture think about what I’m talking about Pharma agriculture what are they it is what humans consume what goes into our mouths. I think Henry Kissinger said if you want to control the country control their oil, but if you want to
control people control their soil..because the earth, the ground, because the earth is like the operating system, everything grows above it, so big agriculture companies like Monsanto ..Cargill and then you have the big pharma companies these two people frankly the more they can control what goes into our mouths or what comes out of the soil, that’s massive amounts of power, profit and control, so you need to understand, but Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton
actually serve that entity they have monetary interest in it and a guy like Fauchi is really their frontman, he’s like a little fly to them, okay, there he served them well so they keep him around for the last four decades but us figure
ouchy and getting rid of him is a signal to them: oh my god the masses are waking up and that’s why it’s important to fire Fauchi, it’s not him, because they will replace
him with someone else but the dynamics a big agriculture and big farmer needs to be understood so when I grew up on my
grandparents farm everything was organic everything was non-gmo I went back five years ago and the farm is completely
destroyed, because many miles up there is a leather factory producing all sorts of chemicals and it’s literally destroyed
the soil this is what’s going on throughout the world indigenous peoples farms are being destroyed and then you
replace big AG big agriculture and what is big AG produce well they don’t produce hundreds of different types of
grains like Africa had before Bill Gates and GMOs and Monsanto went in there they literally had hundreds thousands of different types of diverse crops but what we did was we promoted the picture of the you know the bloated baby..and this was all a big pr machine..”
“People really need to appreciate is that big
pharmaceutical companies are losingm enormous amounts of
money from their pharmaceutical drugs and the reason that they’re losing money is because people like you and me and
others are waking up we want to have organic food we want to understand how nutritional supplements work, we want to do yoga, thirty million people in the United States do Yoga now, people are understanding oh maybe I should meditate maybe I should maybe I should relax with my family, people are starting to wake up and they’re realizing that I can control
my health medical freedom.”

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