Targeted Individuals, Directed Energy Weapon Experimentation and Richard Lighthouse

“Targeted Individuals, Directed Energy Weapon Experimentation and Richard Lighthouse”
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“This should be all over mainstream news and we know why it’s not, we know why it’s no, because the mainstream news can only go within the boundaries and they have special and I
need to do some videos on that the actual documentation and in rules that mainstream media have to follow so that they are under the guidelines of propaganda that the national security needs them to be under and also project
Mockingbird you know and also the heads of most of these news companies aren’t…they’re toeing the line so to speak of all these agendas all these agendas and all these agencies involved .. in torture, in murder, in corruption, in human experimentation, therefore under the federal statute that
secures the right of informed consent for anyone subjected to classified human experimentation is passed by the legislature and signed into law by the president. Rhe US government has the power to carry out research projects without his consent and without informing the participants of the dangers or future implications complications is the United States
carrying out human subject research..”
“The author of undue risk secret state experiments on humans rights among the next generation of weapons is one that may involve a different sort of radiation than that emitted by atomic fission, microwaves, electromagnetic waves
may be used to disrupt an enemy soldiers central nervous system to cause epileptic seizures and do many other
“How could this have happened and happened for so long that’s what all target individuals are asking or anybody subject to like weird experimentation or weird on like unusual torture how could this have happened and how could it have
stayed this way for so long and that’s because of censorship and.. making it mandatory for the mainstream media not to talk about any of these important issues where our lives are on the line where our lives and our families are on the line and instead talk about things that take us away from things of utmost importance for us..”
“If non-consensual human experimentation was completely legal in in classified research then why don’t they put it out
on mainstream media and see if they can keep doing it they hide these things they have these little rules as
justifications for the for the contractors and agencies carrying out these atrocities, but they don’t tell the public because if they told the public there’d be legislation tomorrow to stop all of this, it’s the biggest lie you know
that that I’ve ever known of the biggest lie that I’ve ever known and I was gonna say something else, but I forgot,
okay, now I want to go to the Geneva Convention for relative
to the protection of civilian persons in a time of war. So even if even if ..our country or other countries
declared war on terrorism and it was a time of war that Geneva Convention still protects us from from experimentation
and torture the links up there at the top, I’m probably not going to read the whole thing.. what
these .. intelligence agencies and the DoD you know these third-party contractors are doing to target individuals with chemical and biological agents and directed energy intrusion on our bodies, on our nervous systems our mind, goes against the Geneva Convention, these rules that were set up and against laws that were already made, you can’t murder and torture people, so it brings back the point
that I made on another one of my videos that we lead we live in an anarcho Tyranny and I got that term from Ryan Dawson he’s made a lot of videos on 9/11 and just basically you know all the corrupt things that are going on the world and
war by deceit and things like that but he said we live in an Anarcho Tyranny, because they make these secret rules that the public knows nothing about so that they can do
anything they want while every regular civilian like me I can’t just go and experiment on anybody so it creating
these little rules that the public does not know about that aren’t really even rules they’re kind of just justifications so that they can brainwash people into going along with
it and our key Anarcho Tyranny: So article 32 prohibition of corporal punishment torture etc, the principle stated in article 27 of absolute respect for the human person might have cost constituted a sufficient guarantee for
protect persons in itself however the memory above barbaric acts of which there were only too many examples in the
two world wars showed the need to strengthen this principle and to prohibit expressly all acts contrary to
it…prohibiting torture corporal punishment and coercion article 32 states a principle common to the for the Geneva Convention of 1949….article 32 of the Geneva Convention and
I want to go to these two two really important ones torture and corporal punishment and mutilation and well and
medical experiences we’ll go through these three torture a formal distinction may be made between judicial torture to
extort confessions and extrajudicial torture under both forms. Torture is an attack on the human person which infringes fundamental human rights judicial torture although it has been abolished for more than century in all civilized countries has reappeared with the racial and political
persecutions, the prohibition of torture set forth in this article is absolute it covers all forms of torture whether
they form part of penal procedure or are quasi or extrajudicial acts and this targeting is an extrajudicial Act.”
“persons must not in any circumstances be used as guinea pigs for medical experiments.. biological experiments are also
prohibited by the other three conventions of 1945 they are listed among the grave breaches in article 147.”
“It’s important that we put these things together show the justifications of intelligence agencies and these contractors of why they think that they can experiment on a completely
innocent citizen, using neuro weapons, using external microwave torture.. using you know remote neural
monitoring, using microbiological agents, chemicals..chemical attacks and things like that to go along neurotoxins
and things like that ..where they’re like we have got to do this they it seems like they are ex-military
maybe Masonic and they have hooked up with these with the third-party contractor and then they’re like hey
this is all justified we’re being told to do this by you know pretty much you know the third-party contractors connected to the DoD, because they’re getting defense contracts, so they have a justification in their head that oh well there’s a rule that we can do this if it helps our country in it further scientific progress, but it goes against the Geneva
Convention that America agreed to be part of and all these
other five nations have agreed to be part of so it goes against the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and
laws that we all live by in the public sphere, all civilians and all open military have to live by, even in wartime, even in wartime and that’s why..when you hear about target individuals you’re not hearing the truth from the
mainstream media, you’re really not hearing anything from the mainstream media, because it’s this trick of saying
well this is justified under certain rules, but we dare not tell the public we dare not tell the public, because things
would have to change and that’s why awareness is so important and we need everybody’s help non TI is because they
know things will change once the public
gets a hold of something this grotesque that they’re going against an act the the Geneva Convention they’re going
against regular, they’re going against the Constitution that’s like the most important thing then the public gets
outraged and then legislation has to be enacted that will stop things like this and that’s why they hide it so it’s not
legal it’s not legal it’s a deceit it’s a deceit that they are told and brainwashed to make them think it’s
legal, it’s crime, this is crime and treason and treason, because our country is agree to not do these things.”

Report #63: Richard Lighthouse – NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse

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