Project SIGMA: The Shocking History of Selling the Human Genome to the Grey Aliens

“Project SIGMA: The Shocking History of Selling the Human Genome to the Grey Aliens:
In 1952, a joint operation by the NSA and the CIA was launched – Project Sigma. The purpose of the operation, which was carried out under the immediate supervision of President Eisenhower, was to establish a productive partnership between human beings and aliens.
Scientists attached to the project located a suspicious group of asteroids that appeared to be moving in a uniform fashion and, using telecommunications equipment salvaged from a UFO wreck on Earth, requested a meeting. There was a response from the alien race known as the Tall Greys who agreed to visit Earth and meet with representatives.
Project Sigma’s dirty deal with alien species”

“The message was also intercepted by a separate alien species, referred to as the Blues, who advised humans not to enter into negotiations with the Tall Greys, claiming that they were a self-serving race of aliens. The Blues instead made an offer of their own, claiming that they would help humanity with its spiritual development in exchange for the destruction of Earth’s nuclear arsenal. The Blues said that humanity had not proved itself responsible to wield such mighty power and, for the same reason, indicated that they would not provide human beings with alien technology. The Blues also made various criticisms of humanity; pointing to wars, pollution and endemic squandering of natural resources.
The US government rejected the offer and criticism of the Blues, thinking that their request that the nuclear arsenal be dismantled may have been a ploy to leave Earth defenceless in the face of an alien attack. Instead, a decision was taken to meet with the Tall Greys.
President Eisenhower Aliens United States

Where and when this meeting took place is still unknown, but sources have indicated what was said. The Tall Greys informed representatives from the US government that they would be happy to bequeath them with sophisticated technology including weapons and mind-control instruments as long as certain conditions were met. The Tall Greys claimed that their DNA was suffering from degradation and that they wanted to use the human genome to stabilise their own genes and ensure the continuation of their species. They asked for permission to abduct human beings and perform genetic research, assuring the humans that their subjects would be returned unharmed and with no memory of what had happened to them. The aliens also demanded that the US government not reveal their presence on Earth or interfere with their activities. They also requested that the United States build several underground bases for the exclusive use of the aliens.
While the deal was accepted enthusiastically at the time, the US authorities quickly realised that they were in over their heads. There has been evidence since the 1960s that the aliens are exceeding their quota of abducted humans and that they not honouring their agreement to return their subjects unharmed and without memory. While there have been attempts by the US government to back out of the deal, their protestations have been ignored by the Tall Greys.”

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The Story That Will Change History: Eisenhower’s Meeting With Extraterrestrials! (True Story!)
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