Retired NSA Analyist "Targeted" For telling the Truth

“Retired NSA Analyist “Targeted” For telling the Truth
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“if it offends you or makes you upset in some way
skip it, it’s easy enough or don’t but
check this up my other youtube channel
.. if you’re not paying attention I don’t know what to tell you but things aren’t looking too good our entire country our entire economy is built on a house of cards and it has to
drop it has to fail be ready or don’t at any rate
check this out… I had a subscriber reach out to me and
it turns out this subscriber like so many others has a lot of valuable information, her name is Karen Stewart, she worked for the NSA, she’s been retired and she’s got quite a story
to tell, so Karen that’s your real name yes it is and you just don’t want to show yourself for that’s fine so I’m so glad that you agreed to come in on with your actual
name because I’ve got a lot of people that have heavy credentials and they want to go anonymous and I really can’t
do it because it could be anybody you know what I’m saying yes absolutely at any rate I’m gonna step out of the
way the floor is yours tell us about yourself and then tell us what’s been going on and I’ll bring that video when you see fit okay:”
“My name is Karen Melton Stewart and I worked for the National Security Agency and I tell people when I thought
the government was on our side it turns out it’s not particularly but I worked for the National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst for 28 years and I’m just basically giving you guys the backdrop to an affidavit I’m going to
read to you and I got thrown out I got pushed out because I actually dared to report what turned out to be Mossad infiltration of NSA and a honeypot scheme to blackmail upper management, so that they could pass secrets onto a
foreign power
and the way that I found out about it was I had done a special six-month project where I had reported
on an on a jammer that the Iraqis were going to be using against our invasion of their country and it would have made
our missiles and and things like that go off course and kill people we didn’t intend to kill, so they were all set to
surprise us with that and have it be a total fiasco when I found out about it and did six months of reporting on who was selling it to them the all of the technical aspects to it and our people basically created a team went out and tested it and tried to figure out was it any good yes it was too damn good and then they decided how to take it out so that it wouldn’t screw up the invasions, so at the end of that six months they said man you you probably saved like 2,000 people’s lives at least and some of my some of my bosses and some of my co-workers said man if you don’t get
a promotion for this I don’t know what can get a promotion and it turned out later that my boss took credit for my
work and said that it actually had been done by another woman and it turned out she was a Mossad infiltrator ..
working for them and sleeping her way through the management and they gave her my double promotion and made her my boss and she proceeded to try to sabotage my career and then I
found out about her stealing my promotion
and my credit I went to the Inspector General who was working for them guess what he was there to protect her so they ended up forcing me out two years before I could retire… part
of that part of the way they forced me out was gang stalking I’d never even heard of that before, so they stalked and harassed broke into the house you know and did all kinds of
things like that which was horrificly illegal and then they brought in the neighbors to help them and I thought what in the world so that was my introduction to what the Germans called Zersetzung which is the like a mob trying to absolutely destroy your your life and unfortunately Department of Homeland Security FBI fusion centers are
the people doing it in just in case you didn’t realize that but I have an affidavit here that I’m going to read to
you I’ll basically say how I figured that out I mean maybe it was news to to me alone and people had figured out
years ago but I am offering this affidavit to anybody who needs it I have gotten it notarized and I came to the
conclusion that the fusion centers were mostly behind this now there are some military posts and bases where they are
doing this to civilians near them and they’re not necessarily going through the fusion centers but in my case I know
a naval base was actually helping the fusion center where I was in Florida by giving them directed-energy weapons
which are weapons of War and American u.s. code basically specifies that they are weapons of war they are weapons of mass destruction and they are not to be in the hands of civilians and they are not to be used on unarmed non-combatan
t Americans Karen after they forced you to the forced you to retire early or they may force you out of the NSA they recruited civilian neighbors to mess with you uh yes what happened was what yes yes so I found out it was through the fusion center.”
“look at its all the way into the red zone look at its
oscillating – Wow – an electromagnetic energy is what they call mutagenic that means it gives you cancer, because it
changes your genes, so it changes, it damages your DNA – and that’s crazy because the way that thing is lighting up when I was having this happen to me that’s exactly what it felt like because it would spike it was it was very erratic and it would make you shake yeah yeah it burns your skin it makes your skin yeah yeah it makes you feel like you’ve got like like indigestion or heartburn but throughout your entire
body you burn inside as well .. your ears are ringing because
they’re being damaged.. but you know it’s cooking everything about you in fact a lot of time it can call cause necrosis of the organs and then you get sepsis and die, so it is a slow kill it’s a sneaky cowardly way to kill people and they’ve
decided that anybody who’s just even merely or possibly inconvenient can be just knocked off by the government by declaring them a terrorist and you’ve seen from the news that you can declare anybody a terrorist for no reason at all they never check it they don’t allow you to know you’ve been declared a terrorist they don’t allow you to challenge it
nothing the FISA Court is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt the Department of Homeland Security is corrupt and they are murdering people for fun and profit is the way that I put it it’s unbelievable this is unbelievable it truly is I mean you know if I mean there re things in the 60s to riot about and
this is one of them this is one that if we should be writing this we should be writing about this yeah but I mean if
you were around in the 60s you must be amazed at how of the the the lack of interest people have you can show them
all the information in the world the majority I’m saying and they just don’t care whatsoever at all it’s amazing well
I agree and it’s um it’s the attitude of lost not bothering me why should I care if you’re being murdered for no reason
right okay so how long have you been retired 18 years I got pushed out of NSA in 2010 I could have retired in 2012 and
oh let me go back to telling you about the neighbors NSA basically decided there was nothing they could actually fire me for so they went through my psychological evaluations and there was nothing there so they said hmm we can’t say she’s crazy because she’s you know had outstanding psychological
evaluations for 28 years, so what they decided to do was to have their low-level goons in NSA security stalk and harass me 24/7 at NSA and off NSA you know and they even resorted to poisoning to death one of my dogs and oh yeah a beautiful it was a family dog beautiful Newfoundland thirteen months
old absolutely kidding with neurotoxin and he was gone he had to be put down there was no recovery you know …
more people would become alarmed because the dog got killed as opposed to having proof that our human being was
being targeted by electoral ret elect electronic harassment you know what I’m saying I’m afraid so we live in a
strange place right now but yet anyway go ahead but anyway so
they stalked and harassed me from 2006 to 2009 at that point when they poisoned the dog and then started doing coordinated aggressive driving attacks on me going back and forth to work and they’re endangering me and other people on the road I finally did report it because I’d been ignoring it because I
knew what they’re trying to do and I said look you know you’ve killed my dog and you could kill me or somebody else you know so knock it off because you’re not investigating me
and you know it because I’ve done nothing wrong you know and at that point in time they basically stripped me of my top secret clearance and sent me to work in a travel office where you had no clearance whatsoever to you know process travel
papers…and then they had again they had
civilian stock in harass me 24/7 and I ended up going out and stalking the stalkers and I said hey you know how are
you doing I wouldn’t you know I wouldn’t let him know that that I knew they were stalking me being paid to do it
apparently because they started to admit they were getting gift cards from the fusion centers and I was saying well
would you like to know the real story and so they would get kind of curious and I told them the real story and one
guy who was an ex-marine and had looked at me like I was dirt and said well I’m going to protect my neighborhood okay do
you know what you’re protecting your neighborhood from and so I told him the story and he rolled his eyes he said and he said sue the bastards you know so after I started getting a story out they met at their little neighborhood meeting
house and called it off they had for about about two weeks before that people were going to the neighborhood meeting
house where they’re getting indoctrinated every week to stalk and harass me you know get the bad guy get the bad guy yeh you know that type of crap yeah I mean you know I mean crowd
control basically it’s a psychological manipulation of a crowd of people using your authority you know to say that you’re right when you’re not you’re crooks so they had police come to the meeting house a couple times and with sirens going and so I went down to the meeting house and I was watching when they would have their meetings and a couple times they had fisticuffs you know people came out of the meeting house screaming at each other and fighting so some of them were saying what are you doing having a stock in
harass basically somebody who’s a war hero you and so they actually had to call it off so they called off the civilian stalking and harassment in 2009…I sued them…you have to go through the EEOC which is the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission in order to sue NSA because it’s it doesn’t go the usual route of other federal agencies because
it’s an intelligence agency that was so that was my only recourse so I ended up being on admin leave and then they had
to leave me alone for a while and the EEOC accepted my case and so I was waiting for it and I didn’t have any idea how many years it would take so from 2009 to about 2015 they did not overtly harass me I went down to Florida decided to spend half a year there .. I was lucky enough to to have my parents still around they were in their late 70s 80s you know so I said okay told my husband I’m going down to Florida for half the year get away from these jackasses in the neighborhood who stalked and harassed me without knowing what the hell this true story was so I went down there and my lawyer basically asked the the judge for subpoena because we wanted to identify a certain SES NSA manager and SES is high it’s gs-15 okay and this these the people who think they’re gods okay so I had had in 2006 I had seen and gentlemen leaving my house when I was coming back from going to lunch and running errands and my husband and I noticed the back door had been
broken into but we couldn’t find anything stolen but what he had done has gone into the house and bugged it he had
stolen all the extra keys you know mailbox cars house for further intrusions and I knew he was going in there because things would be moved in on a couple occasions I saw him in the neighborhood leaving and he had to have been leaving my house but the one time the first I saw him he was leaving the house he was leaving the side door so I ended up looking him up and trying to find him and by 2015 I had an image of him I had his name I had the fact that he was NSA gs-15 and my lawyer wanted to subpoena that information well as soon as she did I start being stalked and harassed again in Florida and I said oh my gosh you know so I started my own investigation I was stalked throughout 2015 and even though I had a gag order from the EEOC because NSA just really couldn’t stand me to talk about this you know it was a
matter of national security so I was told I was gagged..”
“I mean the government itself is totally out of control and the intelligence agencies totally out of control and not on our side know we’ve drawn that conclusion quite a while ago ..”
“I had Katherine lined up numerous times and
then for whatever reason I couldn’t make it to my own live stream so I mean if this this story is basically it’s very
similar I shouldn’t say a carbon copy, but this is not this is not rare this is daddle way too much ..are
you still married or did this ruin your marriage? I’m just curious you don’t have to answer if you don’t want.
Uh no I am still married my husband has no idea what’s
going on he knows something’s wrong “what?” no yeah he knows
something’s wrong, I mean he had some criticism for me when I was telling him what was going in Florida because I actually got health damage and he was basically saying well
radio waves just go through you damage and he was basically saying well radio waves just go through you they don’t hurt you what is this nonsense
oh my and I said no it’s not like that it’s weaponized radio frequency in the microwave range a lot of the time and
then he was pooh-poohing…most of this microwave
anti-personnel stuff is declassified it’s out we know what used it yes it was used in Iraq absolutely absolutely
against the law against the Geneva Convention but it was used… then explain to me how I have scarred retinas a damaged heart, bleeding in the brain lesion and what else was there there’s some other well I had radiation dermatitis
several times and you don’t go to sleep and wake up in the morning with radiation dermatitis right you know -Wow-
so he was dumbfounded I had the medical records for it so he just was kind of you know nonplussed and didn’t know what
to say so we’re still together he just is rather confused because the reality doesn’t fit his what he thinks he knows
about the world.”
“I’m gonna assume 60 years and older that are just stuck
in what they know and they won’t change period yeah do you know I just you can show them anything and they won’t change
and I don’t I don’t know I feel for you this is terrible.”
“I mean it’s it shouldn’t be happening and I’ll tell you when it was happening to me I was angry as depressed but when
I found out it was happening to so very many people I’ll tell you it’s either hundreds of thousands or it might be as
high as two million people in the United States because with the United States, the DoD and all these people who are
supposed to be serving us, they have created a ironclad Network throughout the entire United States, okay, you cannot
go from one city to a vacation in another city without being
put in their network and stalked and harassed every way.. you are followed if you go from one city to another you are followed by car and hit by directed-energy weapons that are
powered by the car engine behind you or they try to maneuver in front of you, so that they have a device hitting you from
the trunk, they have directed energy weapons that
are in the vehicles that are following you, absolutely and I will tell you if you’re being hit by energy device and
I’m gonna say device for the smaller anti-personnel ones because the directed energy weapons are more so for war and they might be something that you put on top of the Humvee and hit a building with… they might be something that you put them in the car engine and have them powered by the car
engine and if you’re hit with a 4-cylinder it feels one way if you’re hit with a six-cylinder, it’s higher, it’s worse, if you’re hit with an 8-cylinder then it’s really bad and if somebody has it in a truck behind you get the heck
off the road, because you’ll be dead. – Wow –
So they use the car engines to hit you and they love to tailgate you and try to hit you and make you have a car accident okay because at least know ..nobody would know why you had a car accident but they also tried to surround
you when you’re driving least in the back and the front and again from a from a trunk where they actually have probably a proprietary battery pack on the device since it’s
the trunk and .. it doesn’t really hook into anything so I’ve had that experience where I had to pull off the road and let people go by you know and then get back in and of course whatever trip you’re on it takes forever because
you’re continuously having to pull off the road and let these people go by so it gets pretty darn tricky and I ended up putting shielding in my car but that’s maybe another story.”
“It’s not too often you get an NSA person on here and apparently when you get NSA on they shut her down I just hope she’s good and we’re back we’re back we’re back.. let me check my email standby guy I apologize for this I’m just trying to get her back on so stand by okay…”
“I’m gonna do a video on targeted because it’s happened to me it’s happened to a bunch of youtubers and most of us were just afraid to say anything why would you why would you
make a video about something that’s happened to you that you can’t see that’s the most terrifying thing in your life you figure if you make a video you’re gonna people are gonna um it would reflect it would show them hey it’s working but I think they already know it’s working.”
“I don’t know where she’s at, this is freaking me out and I spoke with her, she’s not a dramatic woman, you know what I’m saying, she’s not showing her face, because of vanity, not because of she’s afraid, … it does a number on you, man she’s been dealing with it a long time, imagine if you work for the NSA and you pissed them off. I’m just some asshole with a laptop and they went after me you know what I’m saying so I’ve made them before but it’s just this I don’t know it’s a crazy topic, everybody that’s been in the military knows they have it… she’s telling the truth like I work for the NSA and the Mossad controls everything, yep, livestreams is over, I knew that was coming, there’s a lot of people targeted, it’s crazy, come on Karen.”
“so unbelievable that it’s believable… like she wasn’t just on here spilling her life out in front of everybody, the Mossad. Mossad, it´s Central Intelligence Agency of Israel, it’s the thing that runs every Central Intelligence Agency of every country in the world, so those are the guys that did
9/11, those are the guys probably behind Sandy, those are
the guys that are behind everything basically, so, exactly, they’re Isis, they’re everything.”

“Everyone wants a solution at the very very end you’re gonna have to make a choice and you have to choose right, that’s all, that’s all, there is no escaping it, because it’s gonna be worldwide some places are gonna be worse than others, mostly cities, true story. Mossad runs everything.”
“okay so here’s the deal long story short we had a an employee of NSA get forced out of her job like we hear all the time and apparently what they do is if you try to if you try to stand up for yourself if you worked at CERN or NSA or any of these large Corporations they just target you someone’s like you want the government wants you dead they’d kill you the government wants us all dead they can’t
kill us all that would be too messy and these people are sadistic, so they’re testing all this invisible stuff what do
you think 5g is the stuff that’s happening to her is what 5g is they’ll be able to do it to all of us more effectively and more efficiently they won’t have to have a gang stalker target you they’ll be able to target you remotely it’s crazy it’s right I’m telling you on my grandmother’s soul
it’s completely real and it’s the most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me ever it’s no joke.”

Update: 20.3.2020:
“there was a friend of mine who was a psychologist and I was telling her about this because we kind of eased into the
friendship and she of course is thinking man she seems so normal for the last three years what is she talking about
and then we were sitting outside at her house and somebody hit her with a directed-energy weapon, they were aiming
at me and missed -it happens that’s one thing that some people saw the video they’re like oh the dog seemed to be very calm while the dog these are very precise weapons these are laser precise weapons for the most part depending on the up.. and like they can hit you in a crowd of people and no one will know what the hell’s going on except you – well
let me tell you very quickly have at it no rush you have at it yeah very very quickly one of the things they do when they decide that they’re targeting you is they will and they can
use a frequency to put people to sleep in the house okay they can I mean they don’t even need to dump poison or any
type of chemical into your like air conditioner or something but they can use the frequency to put every single
living thing in your house to sleep and I had lost hours in in Florida there was one morning that not only I woke up at
11 o’clock and I never wake up at 11 o’clock in the morning .. I’m early an early riser but not only did I
sleep till 11 but the dogs slept to 11 … they put a chip behind each ear and in your nasal passage, so they can triangulate on your brain, because this is trying to destroy your brain okay it’s they’re sending signals basically to fry your brain and kill you, give you a stroke and have you die, but they also later trying to get nanoparticles into you and they did this by using, I think what is called
Raytheon’s Ravenclaw which is something that you can use to target somebody by their brain frequency but you can aim
the Ravens claw at any organ in their body and destroy it..they can they can harm you they can hurt you
there or they can destroy an organ and what they did to me after getting into three chips and they put a GPS on you as
well .. to make sure that you can’t escape no matter where you go they know exactly where you are in the face
of the earth but um they got me into the
hospital by hitting my kidney with the Ravens claw and of course I thought I had a kidney stone I get there
and they take x-rays and they say oh yeah you have a kidney stone and it’s about you know this size etc said Arthur
and the doctor threw up a an x-ray and he’s pointing to it and then they he said something they didn’t expect him to
say he said I see you had an organ removed I said what he said yeah you found your you’ve had surgery and you’ve
had an organ removed which I don’t know whether he meant gallbladder or or what and I said no I’ve never had surgery and he said well then this can’t possibly be your x-ray I said no it can’t so they had got me in there on the false
pretences of a kidney stone and put an IV in me and what do you want to make a bet the IV was full of nano because he
had said before he had said at the beginning he said you know it’s it’s unfortunate but you probably passed this
kid has done in the next week well that was four years ago
I’ve yet to pass a kidney stone– that is crazy it´s totally crazy- yeah this they tagged you they GPS tag you
they triangulate on your brain and then they put nano in you so that when they hit you with the directed-energy weapon
you’re fried but the person next to you might be a little uncomfortable but they’re not frying like you are because
nano picks up the weapon and reflects it into your body it it increases the effect of the weapon – Wow yeah I’ve we’ve
gone over that pretty much ad nauseam the the the patents everything for that stuff is out and it’s old it’s as old as
I am it’s been around 50 years so they’ve been working on all this stuff for a long time and it’s no coincidence
that people suddenly start getting sleep paralysis you know what he means sleeper out popped up the same time as
Morgellons disease and targeted individuals and there’s a lot of people and a lot of people that are in the same
boat but none of them with your credentials you know what I mean well I mean if I can use my credentials to make
people listen that’s what I’m doing it’s it’s it’s sad to say you’re gonna catch flack from it some people gonna be like
well why did you have work for the NSA because everyone doesn’t know everything all the time but they learn as time goes by sometimes the hard way..but I got what I mean there’s a lot of people in here that are recognizing how
brave you are you got a lot of balls Karen well thank you I’m just I’m you know people have said you’re brave I said I’m not really as brave as I am just damn pissed well that’s what it takes have at it I’ve never been braver.”
“foreign languages basically mostly German and then I had some Russian and my I minored or Co majored in fine art
well fine art I wasn’t finding any kind of jobs you know and so I said alright let’s go with the foreign languages
where can I work and the NSA turned up, I had an uncle and military intelligence, they said once you try NSA because you
know that’s where you’ll get to ..translate and even learn more more foreign languages and so I applied to them and they accepted me and as far as I was concerned with my bad vision, because I have terrible vision and I was doing the next best thing to going into the military and serving my country I
was going into the civilian sector to serve my country you know and then this turns on me and I find out that part of NSA is just the Mafia and then .. all of the CIA almost is and so many of these federal agencies have turned against us on purpose, it’s not the incompetence that you imagine .. it’s beyond incompetence it’s their guise of incompetence to get away with their evil agenda that’s it they’ve spent too many times yes it’s treason by subversion
exactly…and FBI created fusion centers and then the
fusion centers pay mercenaries that are called InfraGard and sometimes they’re called other types of things but though
that’s the main chain of command..”

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