Targets of psychiatric tyranny… are severely punished for displaying wellness
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Conspiracy Revelation: 2.1.2020: #SRA. I would call it state-sponsored nazio-satanic ritual abuse…
“Targets of psychiatric tyranny …are severely punished for displaying wellness.””
“Good morning that this is a doctor Mendoza line for momentum and I have a human right to be star flash alert for you: Targets of psychiatry.. are severely punished when they display a capacity for independence and wellness, second you could use cliques across the USA are made up of a bomb wing insane psychiatrists. Psychiatric nurses, feds, cops, the personal judges and other powerful and very wealthy individuals who gain sadistic pleasure from having innocent people tortured. When targets of this tyranny blast their tormentors and justifiably insist that they are capable of the independence and naturally healthy prevention and treatment of mental illness, the members of these squads of psychiatric abusers grow hostile that they’re being challenged and severely punished,, they’re already beaten down victims intense excruciating ly painful psychotronic warfare is directed against these people around the clock, as doses
of the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs are increased, an organized public really killed campaigns based on blatant lies and very cruel and deadly blacklist are intensified, railroading into the mental hospital concentration camps along with severe police beatings and false arrest are also heated up. Clearly the USA is therefore a tragic fraud with the authority figures insisting the nation be respected worldwide as the center of the civilized world when instead the nation ranks among the most disgusting brutal human rights abuser nations in world history. Positions of authority wealth and power in the medical profession and government across the USA are reserved for the most brutal and ignorant Vermin in Society, while you mean and well-educated people struggle and suffer on the fringes of existence, because of legalized psychiatric tyranny, not because of mental illness as is alleged and today’s natural healthcare tip.”

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