Deep Underground Facilities in Antarctica Were Used By The Secret Space Program

“Deep Underground Facilities in Antarctica Were Used By The Secret Space Program”
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COAST TO COAST AM – Michael Salla spoke about what he learned during his conversation with whistleblower William Tompkins, who helped in the covert distribution of data for U.S. Naval Intelligence during World War II. Tompkins revealed there were two secret space programs.”
“The elliptical shaped or the cigar shaped space carrier ..the function was to carry the anti-gravity Scout Craft if you like and then the space cruiser which had all the advanced of weapons that the Navy was aware of at the time and was building at the time. Now .. this is where it kind of
gets to be very very interesting because according to Tompkins the Navy was being helped by Nordic Extraterrestrials that throughout this entire period, in the
1950s, he says that they were Nordic extraterrestrials that actually had infiltrated into the Douglas Aircraft Company and were giving Tompkins assistance in coming up with the designs for these battle groups and basically they were doing this because they wanted the United States to develop its own
space program to be a counterweight to the program that had been developed in conjunction between the Nazis and the
Reptilian Extraterrestrials because basically it’s like in the kind of galactic politics the reptilians and the Nordic extraterrestrials typically on the on the other competing sides in various galactic conflicts and the earth was drawn into this and so throughout the Second World War while
the Nazis were being overtly helped by Reptilians, the Allied forces were being covertly helped by these Nordic Extraterrestrials and that continued throughout Tompkins time at Douglas Aircraft then he kind of discusses that in great detail in his book “Selected by Extraterrestrials”.
“He is a Tool and they are using him.”
“Ashley Johnson: vor 17 Stunden:
Listen the Nordics are the Palladians, alright, and they’re on their own, they have their own agenda, the reptilians are working with the Nazis and the Americans and they’ve also infiltrated the Royal Family. Adele is a reptilian, Katy Perry is a reptilian, several other famous people are reptilian and nature and that can be confirmed by looking at them compared to a regular human being under an infrared camera why do you think Generation 4 is the most powerful infrared camera, you can buy, if you’re not military or law enforcement. I wonder why? Let’s see, maybe because you can see people’s true nature, you can tell who is a shapeshifter and who is human and they don’t want people to see exactly how many aliens are really truly walking around that they’re covering up for have you guys started seeing this s*** stand-up start tapping the f**** aliens start holding them captive and beating out the the questions that you want answered take this s*** back for what it is our f**** planet”
“Francesca Julian: vor 18 Stunden: Aliens control everything.”
“andy c: vor 9 Stunden: Salla loves to exaggerate and believe almost any story that he hears and takes it as gospel. No way we are making 2 kilometer long ships. Please Salla you can’t really think this.”
“Is this just a big play or are we just entertainment for a higher order out there?”
“Yes, thank you for that question…I think it’s a very important question. I think that..there seem to be you know based on all of these testimonies whistleblower
testimonies about the secret space programs and different et groups being involved, it seems that some et groups are we might describe them as being more along the lines of the kind of service to self-orientation, tend to directly intervene in human affairs and as we saw with heed with the nazis that the
reptilian group helped them with the purpose of the nazis actually winning the war and going on – kind of like
conquer the planet that’s according to what that Tompkins has said and then there’s another grouping of extraterrestrials that were covertly helping the US Navy and NATO and other
Powers to prevent these kinds of kind of takeover efforts by these kind of more service to self extraterrestrial such as
the reptilians, so I think there is a kind of balancing going on between different sides of these extraterrestrials that have been interacting with humanity over the last century, either covertly or overtly, and so yes so yeah in a way
we are very much part of a galacticwide conflict that has not been resolved and ..we on earth when we do finally have some kind of full disclosure, we’re going to learn that the galaxies is as messed up as our Planet is.”

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