Die Glocke – The Bell – Secret Anti-Gravity-Technology – Hitlers Time Machine

Conspiracy Revelation: 18.11.2019: That is correct, the main past can never be changed in Time Travel, alternate synthetic timelines are then additionally generated.

“Die Glocke – The Bell – Secret Anti-Gravity-Technology – Hitlers Time Machine.”
“Nazi technology was far superior to other nations because of the ingenuity and superiority of German engineers and the help of the Nazi state.”
“Polish journalist Igor Witkowski, who studied the secret archives of the Nazi army found in Nazi weapons factories, discovered plans for what might be the basis of the UFO Nazi myth: The Bell. A machine based on a high-frequency electromagnetic currents counter-rotating magnetic fields and Xerum 525, a strange radioactive substance.

The word goes that this machine has had strange effects on the nervous system of the people around it, it buzzed like a beehive and glowed blueish.”
“It is very possible and it is believed that Die Glocke, or The Bell, is indeed the famous Der Wunderwaffe, or The Wonder Weapon. It is said to be the culmination of German scientific development during those times. This weapon was supposed to be so terrific, so powerful and harmful that even some Nazi scientist had feared that is too much and refused to work at it. To understand how advanced the Nazi have been we need to remember the V1 and V2 rockets. V2 is the first rocket that went to out of the stratosphere into space.
Unfortunately, with the V1 the Nazi have bombarded London.”
“Die Glocke, on the other hand, is a complete mystery, even if it is surrounded by many conspiracy theories. Igor Witkowski, the author who wrote the book Prawda O Wundervaffe (The Truth About The Wonder Weapon), was the first person who brought The Bell in the highlights of mass-media.
Witkowski claims that he meet with a polish secret agent in 1977 and this agent has shown to him classified Polish Government documents about the Nazi weapons research projects and The Bell was one of those projects.
Later, Nick Cook, picked-up the story and added his own flavor to it, and wrote a book titled The Hunt for Zero Point.
No matter what conspiracy theory we refer to, the scientific community is sure that The Bell was real and that it was a powerful weapon, but no one really knows what kind of weapon was this.
But, I have my own theory, you know I have them!
Many believe it was either a time machine, either an anti-gravity machine.
Many witnesses say that near the Wenceslaus mines, Nazi has built a secret facility known as Der Riese, The Giant, where they have tested Die Glocke. They say Die Glocke was a heavy metallic object, 15 feet high, 9 feet wide, with a shape like a bell.
Cook says that The Bell contained two counter-rotating cylinders which have been filled with a mercury-like substance named Xerum 525. Apparently, Xerum 525 was radioactive because it was stored in a 1-meter tall thin thermos flask encased in lead.
Thorium and Beryllium peroxide was also used to power The Bell.
Cook says that when it was powered, The Bell radiated strong radiations of some sort that led to the death of several scientists, animals, and people that operated the machine.
Witkowski speculates that the remains of a metal framework near the Wenceslas mines might have been the test rig for an anti-gravity propulsion machine, but others say that the structure was an industrial cooling tower.
If we let our imagination to run wild we may come with a lot of theories about what The Bell was. Maybe it was a time travel machine or an antigravity machine or even an interdimensional vehicle.
Some (crazy) German scientist, word goes, say that the machine was designed to wrap the time-space continuum and to allow the SS to travel back in time and change the history, but since we still speak English we can say that their plans didn´t work well, I am not so sure and this is why:
There is a quantum physic theory called Many Worlds Theory and this theory says that in any given second there are endless worlds and realities developed that include all the possible outcomes of every action we take and these outcomes all come to reality at the same time and at any given moment we choose one of these realities as our own objective reality.
This theory allows to a time traveler that travels back in time to eschew the Grand Father paradox because once you travel back a new timeline with a new reality develops.
So, was The Bell a time travel machine? Who really knows!?”
Source: https://newsinstact.com/alien/die-glocke-the-bell-secret-anti-gravity-technology-hitlers-time-machine/

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