The Danger of AI and New Technologies – Humanoids

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.7.2019: Wow…some real news…People think they dream and it was eventually a real one…very good disguise mechanism…So my dream 2 days ago was eventually a parallel reality event, but not naturally induced, but eventually artificially organized…I mean we heard this phenomenon under different terms already, and only amongst a few insiders,
but telexistence, this term is brandnew to me… I don´t think this was a robot, but very pleasant organic.
“The Danger of AI and New Technologies – Humanoids”
“Future Cloud of the Minds and Merging of Machines with Human Brains
“Nobody believes it will happen. But when happens – it is too late” – from the movie World War Z
Being heavily implanted with DARPA technologies during both surgeries (in 2007 and then in 2015), I realized that nobody will help me, unless I help myself. The only purpose of this website is to document the crime done during the development of different AI projects and to inform people about the dangers of not regulated field of robotics – done on purpose to speed up development of humanoids, which will work 24/7 for free and be owned by government and big corporations”
“Question: Did you know that US military and DARPA developed technology called telexistence or telepresence, which can if you are secretly nano implanted (nano wired) teleport you under any type of robot (Avatar) during the night while you are sleeping? You might remember that something strange happened during the night once you wake up. Or mostly you will not remember anything at all. Even if you would remember something when you wake up, before going to work, you will consider what you experienced to be just strange dreams (being actually DARPA narratives). US military shared this technology with some universities (MIT), research institutions and corporations (SpaceX – Elon Musk), Google and Facebook. Technology used to teleport you under Avatar – humanoid (the same as in the movie Avatar) is called Brainternet – Pentagon project or Cerebral Internet. Here an interview with former Director of DARPA, Arati Prabhakar who explained technology in the article “The merging of humans and machines is happening now”. How would someone communicate with you while you are in bed and sleeping? Through implantable cell phone, as this one which I found in my ears secretly implanted during the surgery in 2015. I had to spend ca. $30.000, visit ENT offices in 5 different countries and to spend almost 3 years to make this recording. Implantable cell phone is very small and if implanted secretly into the ears and covered with polymer mass very difficult to find. Here are the pictures of nano implants in my ears, used for nightly “conversations”. The size of neuro grains is similar to the size of a piece of salt. How are you going to find piece of salt on your scalp or if being implanted into your brains?
Short personal story: I had the surgery in 2007 and was secretly implanted with all DARPA nano technologies developed through that point. It had never crossed my mind for almost 8 years, that the problems which started immediately after the surgery were caused by nano implants. I was perfectly healthy before the surgery, a runner, physically and mentally fit. I was able to work for 10 hours without taking any break. After the surgery I could talk with people during the night and I did not understand why. I was thinking that the problem was anesthesia. But after second surgery end of 2015 it was more than clear that something was completely wrong and that I must have been implanted. It never crossed my mind in 2007 that I was implanted with one of the first generation of neurograins, which merge people’s brains with machines (robots), as explained on (Neuralink, Elon Musk’s website). Let’s be clear here – Elon Musk did not develop anything. Neurograins have been developed by DARPA for more than 12 years and handed to Elon Musk for his Mars colonization projects. How would I know? Because Air Force, which closely collaborates with SpaceX (Elon Musk) was first to test all technologies secretly implanted in my body during the surgery end of 2015. Air Force tested technologies implanted in my body until Fall of 2017 for their BCI projects and self flying plane, but all technologies were handed to Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg for his Building 8 projects – Synthetic Telepathy, Skin that is Talking and Upload and Download of Thoughts (neurograins used) and Elon Musk for his Mars colonization projects (SpaceX) in August 2017. Which means following – development of all those technologies was funded by US taxpayers and then handed to billionaires of Silicon Valley for their projects. In 2017 DARPA funded Brown University to develop improved generation of neuro grains and my best guess is that they will continue to develop technology further until human brains are perfectly mapped and connected to the Cloud of Minds. This information is from Wikipedia and this is the model I created based on my unfortunate experience and testing of technologies end of April 2018 personally by Zuckerberg, Musk and Regina Dugan – former Director of DARPA. My best guess is that Elon Musk has been waiting for improved version of neurograins (developed by Brown University) to be secretly implanted into another human being’s brain during the surgery, so that he can test them again as he did test neurograins implanted in my brain since end of April 2018 for his humanoids developed for Mars colonization in collaboration with Air Force and NASA.
Did you know that Pentagon killed their LIFELOG PROJECT, “… an ambitious effort to build a database tracking a person’s entire existence” on February 4th, 2004? According to Wikipedia, Facebook’s website was launched on the same day on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s Synthetic Telepathy has been developed by Pentagon (published in 2009) as described in this article – PENTAGON PREPS SOLDIER TELEPATHY PUSH The “…agency’s budget for the next fiscal year includes $4 million to start up a program called Silent Talk. The goal is to allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.” Through my experience I can confirm that some big corporations in Silicon Valley closely collaborate with US military and Pentagon. They are mostly Jewish company – Google worked during the Spring 2016 to give humanoid Sophia voice (synthesizer), abusing Motorola strangulation technology in my throat.
You can read here about Google origins and their collaboration with government to create mass-surveillance- state and about government money that funded it. Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish, Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google are Jewish. Hanson Robotics, government and military contractor, which started to develop Sophia military robot (one of Sophia clones) in January 2008, abusing nano technologies, secretly implanted in my body during the surgery in 2007, is Jewish company. Here is what Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics (Jewish) had said about collaboration with US government in this youtube video. I spilled bucket of tears watching movies about Jewish suffering during the Holocoust, not knowing that I will be going through “Auschwitz and Dachau suffering” combined since 2007, being abused mostly by Jewish and Indian people.
Pay attention to how all Hanson Robotic’s robots look human. This is because behind each of the robots, there is one suffering human being. They call themselves Targeted Individuals…and most of them don’t have any idea, why they were targeted. It is just that there was a new DARPA technology developed and US military or corporations needed to test it on a human subject. You can read here about what I think happened to US diplomats in Cuba in 2017. How would DARPA or military test neurograins, which merge irreversible with the brain once injected with the syringe? You will be going for some type of surgery or procedure in some medical facility, secretly implanted and suddenly you will feel targeted and horribly abused. Most of the woman commit suicide at one point or admit themselves to mental institution looking for the help.…. It was planned that I would either commit suicide or call 911 during the abuse end of April last year or at some point later. I use to say that Jesus suffering was kindergarten experience compared to what I experienced. What would be the use if I would commit suicide and my brain damaged? Did you know that there is a technology which can revive dead human brains, by freezing them first, then warming them up as explained on this website I know all of their employees (except for two consultants). I don’t have anyone neither in US nor in Europe who would take care of my dead body, to be sure that I would be buried with my brain intact. It is monstrous and horrible to think that a person in 21 century should be concerned about being buried with her own brain. But this is my main concern. They are building silicon brain and abusing mine brain to create general intelligence platform. I found two researchers from Stanford University, who abused me for capturing the brain’s learning and recall motor in silicon They are both Jewish. I sent them message using Linkedin to stop abusing me. They claim that they created silicon model using mice. Regina Dugan calls this type of experiments “agile methods of experimentation” – catch human being alive, implant her secretly and torture him/her mercilessly and coldly until you get what you need for your projects. To understand development of humanoids and the future of human kind it is advisable to go through development phases as presented on about project 2045
I wrote in my Journal I started in 2007 after the first surgery, that during the night in March 19, 2008 I could see during the night a construct – half human being from the waist up and half a machine, from the waist down, which could repeat some words and movements. I captured the moment, when I was merged with the machine – robot. I considered until April 2018 all entries I wrote in my journal since 2007 to be some strange dreams. But now I know that technology used has been developed by DARPA and called DARPA narratives (brainwashing while people are sleeping) – dreams created by DARPA. I never could imagine that people (US military and corporations) were developing robots – humanoids by abusing real human beings. Nobody knew about existence of neurograins, which were used to merge human brains with machines. Those military technologies used for production of military robots were in 2007 classified. Remember Britney Spears shaving her head in 2007? I think that she was implanted with neurograins. I also had to shave my head in December 2018 and that was the point when I had for the first time since April last year enough energy to start developing this website.
Some of other important technologies used for development of robots – humanoids: basis for brainwashing is – CIA hypnosis and classical conditioning – all done during the night and reinforced during the day due to nano technologies in the body, microwave applied to human bodies, nano radio, developed by University Berkeley in 2007 by Zettl Group. At that time it could play song Layla (Clapton). It is so tiny that it could be seen only through microscope how it works. Nano radios, nano robots are collecting bodily vital signs real time and transmitting them through internet frequencies by creating flapping sound, as reported by US diplomats in Cuba in 2017. I considered and still consider myself being a person of average human mind and I have huge difficulties to understand this type of monstrosity approved by politicians and press, which will never report about this crime, despite the evidence collected.
Conspiracy Revelation: 19.7.2019:
So far I have seen..most who come from Harvard are released as brainwashed indoctrinated Monsters for the Corporate NWO Pentagon ZOG GOG Crime Cartel…So much to the usefulness of corrupted Universities..
This old link from 2015 fits concerning the massive amount of Universities partaking in extreme conspiracy and crimes against humanity. They completely censored this from Ziontube…
“…It is beyond horrendous, I cannot believe this is happening… University of California, because they manage the nuclear weapons Labs…plus Skull & Bones..goes back to Yale University..The German Secret Club Skull & Bones…the sort of very very dark energy that behind this global genocide and this destruction of living things and they are spraying and killing wild life all over the world…It´s very systematic… (P.S. a dentist from Minnesota..) So people will not be able to live off of the wild life. New Zealand is doing the same thing. I can´t believe what they are doing…so, it´s looking pretty ugly.. Surprisingly the University of California U.C. Berkeley and U.C. Davis are involved in these Military programs.. (Paul Sandhu: Why do you say surprisingly? Universities have always been involved with the Military all over, most of these weapons research, biological, biowarfare research, electronic harassment, all these are done at Universities, all over the country.) It all comes out of the Universities, you are totally right. The Universities were started by Bankers and they are very occult, in other words satanic and demonic…
The world leaders are all on the same track… (Paul Sandhu: They are looking for the same entity, whatever you will call it, Satan, they are all satanic) The same Agenda, it´s global world domination by these Ancient Iranian Bloodlines…Italy it´s all Iranians…They are particularly cruel and Stalin was very cruel….Even the Saudi Arabians are Iranians, ancient Iranian Bloodlines.
(P.S. The world is run by corporate power.. Wal Mart in India, Exon, Shell, all these corporations, they control the Government-.. the Bankers already have their one world government, they just have to bring in into the open, that´s the next logical step.. Agrobusinesses)..Those are all owned by the Jesuits……it´s increasing very very rapidly, accelerating so fast, that humans aren´t really able to think it through and devise ways to counter it. It´s just a stimulu going across the world, harvesting people, winding them up into a Hamburger and throwing them out of the exhausted pipe…Forced Relocation.. There is nothing new that´s happening, it´s all in the Bible…
In the civilian sector of Berkeley and the Universities are actively training students and they have been for decades, to go into workplaces, they are trained in hacking, they are trained in mind control, they are trained in all kinds of disruptive activities, they create chaos, they are trained in spying and of course they are part of the University of California´s System the rest of their lifes, because everyone is trapped by U.C. when she work for them or you are a student here… Smart Meters…It was a military operation and it is happening across the United States, but I think it is the most intense in California.. and what I see the students do first when they got the iphones, the 5G phones, they have flattening antennas in it that the Navy developed, they are very very powerful…they miniaturize but they are also made more powerful… the G5 and G6 now there are 9 or 10 of these tiny antennas inside that phone and it´s actually an array of antennas, it gives you a more powerful signal another more options… These people are so clever in the UN, they make you think they are helping you,…is genociding everyone in your country… (Leuren Moret)”

Leuren Moret on Jade Helm, Syrian Refugee Propaganda, Electronic Terrorism, More

“Japan has 3 mind control bases in Antarctica, this is where the field lines for the Earth Magnetic Field come out and they go back into the Earth at the North Pole…the 3rd one was turned on..most Corporations have Military Laboratories and they are funded for.. and this was the 3rd Japanese Base in Antarctica and it was turned on on June the 9th following the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and look what´s happening in Japan, nobody is talking about Fukushima, they are eating all the contaminated food without complaining. (Leuren Moret)”
“Sophia robot’s picture taken for the cover of some magazine. Blanka’s picture taken at the age of 41. The torture started when she was 45.
Blanka claims to be one of the most abused individuals in the history of the mankind, as her secretly implanted, nano wired body has been abused for the development of Sophia robot.
Here is the link to just a part of nanotechnologies implanted in Blanka’s left ear.

Here is the link to the implants in Blanka’s right ear – just one nano diamond is worth several thousand dollars, the ears are nano wired with self replicating and self assembling nano crystals, nano tubes and nano wires.
Self replicating nano technology in Blanka’s ears
Sophia robot will serve as general intelligence platform for the development of all different types of humanoids. This is the first time in the history of the mankind, that another species, humanoids are developed. As nobody still understands human brain, for the development of humanoids people are due to secretly implanted technologies, which act as brain computer interfaces BCI, connected and merged with the machines – robots.
Who is Sophia robot – YouTube link, here with her owner David Hanson:

End of 20th century and beginning of 21st century are marked by the development of AI when people were set up by someone from the workplace and handed for experiments. Some of them, when going to the physician offices for vaccination or surgery, were secretly implanted with nano technologies and horrible tortured and abused by US military and other government agencies (in collaboration with corporations), for the development of different type of Artificial Intelligence.
Main press never reported about this crime, as the press is owned by oligarchs, who would profit mostly from AI developments, especially humanoids, who would be working for free. Here is the link to the page, where Sophia’s developer Ben Gortzel talks about the future of robotics and the fact that AI will be owned in the future by several corporations and governments.
Collective Mind Cloud – Starting with Robots
Comment: The plan is to connect humans’ and robot’s minds in the cloud. Mine mind is
already in the cloud and used for the development of the robot. Sophia robot doesn’t have brain yet.
People, who call themselves, Targeted Individuals and who have been complaining about abuse, despite having the evidence, are completely ignored and even labeled as being insane, when they just mention any type of implants. These projects are so secretive that experimentators don’t even keep electronic records. They still work with paper logs.
Globalization destroyed middle class in the most countries of the world, especially in US, when manufacturing jobs were outsourced to China and India. Right now labor is not cheap anywhere in the world. People’s jobs will be outsourced to robots – humanoids, who would be working 24/7 for free. But they need to be trained and thought skills that human beings posses in order to perform as people or to be even more efficient than people. Some high tech workers in Silicon Valley still remember how they had to train Indians, employees on H1 visas and when the training was completed, US employees would be fired. This is happening now with human beings who serve as a human substrate for the development of humanoids. They are outsourcing their skills to the robots – humanoids. Human brains are being harvested for the development of robots.
Robotics and development of humanoids will destroy the whole human race. There will be only two classes on the planet Earth –
Masters (now corporate oligarchs and their politician friends – “Elite”)
and humanoids – their slaves.”

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