The Astral War

“The Astral War”
“There is Military in the Astral Realm…the astral realm, there are all kinds of agencies that have setups that are within the astral realm okay so understand that they set up shop your governments but not even your government’s cuz that’s way too of a low low side of the totem pole the the controllers or the collective that controls the governments they have stay set up shop within the astral because that’s where it all begins…”
“..we experience it physically in our reality a year later, so the reason why these agencies don’t give a shit on what you got to say on YouTube or Facebook and your little collective and community, the reason why they don’t give a shit is, because you don’t know that you are lagged, you are too late already, okay, if you want to be strategic about anything within this realm, you got to place your consciousness within the astral and work from there, become the magician in that area and it will basically trickle down into your physical experience, this is
basically how the magicians like real magicians ..okay they work with the astral consciously in real time which moves faster than this realm…working with me for overlaying realm… Comics, where he moves faster than the
speed of light, so it looks like everybody’s slowed down that’s astral vs. that’s astral versus physical so when
you work in the astral that’s how fast you’re moving to this reality, so this is why he was able to move bullets out of the way or you know strategically place things because he was working within the astral come the astral realm first and then he went descended back into the third..”
“There’s shit going on in the astral, there are Wars happening, whether you see it or not, it’s an invisible realm to
this frequency but trust and believe there’s shooting, there’s astral fighting, there’s all of that and some of you guys are tapping into that in your dream some of you actually probably are on missions in your dreams..”
“Neo is actually MK Ultra, he is brought within the other side, to be mind-controlled, to be trained, to become a super-fucking-soldier…so Neo is basically being trained to become a MK ULTRA slave…Jesus represents the savior-program,.. the savior actually does all the fucking work for the collective this is why we have characters like Jon Snow and Game
of Thrones he’s a Jesus archetype, he’s constantly the noble one ,you know has to make all the right decisions and has to make all the right decisions and, no matter what sacrifice he’ll kill himself for the truth of all the people, he’s the fucking one, but meanwhile at the end of it all he still goes right back to prison and the shit resets all over again so
he’s a part of that program.”
“pay attention to the astral realm that is where the real time is, the reason why they probably keep bringing up Mars is, because we’re already on Mars, they’re just lagged behind, so they’re telling you that we’re going to Mars, they are with Mars in the astral already, they’ve already made those trips, so the lag, duh, some people are being transported to Mars consciously, they don’t even know it.”
“you see the doppelganger situation everywhere, everywhere, so it’s like your doppelganger becomes solid in that realm.”
“I am sorry for the cursing I just I feel this so passionately because this is like a key, this is important to know if you’re going to literally make real shift, not false shift, because this
conscious community bullshit is being used, so they know that you are extremely fucking powerful, because there are NPCs roaming around that have no absolute soul in the program, they don’t worry about those people, but they program those people, they are empty vessels so any empty cedar can be filled with the consciousness you know what I’m saying you got a Mrs. Sarah Sarah .. walking around she’s been sleep because she’s an NPC she’s a program and then a consciousness from the astral says oh I need to activate this program to like get in the way to sabotage that
bitch over there who’s actually a person up so huh so Sarah gets reanimated and she like gets angry and she like argues with the person, you know what I’m saying, so she becomes a distraction so the NPC’s not saying this is not a good or bad conversation, this is like NPC actual programs who are empty they have they and then until they’re given a job, a temporary job, you know what I’m saying and do what they need to do to distract the people that they actually have roaming around this program that are the actual batteries for this matrix, the people who have the super powers your superpower is that you’re literally light, that your electromagnetic…”
“they’re showing you like they’re telling you it’s her turn she is a major that mad queen mad mother character that they keep throwing into your face she’s done with this shit she’s done she’s done she doesn’t want to play mad Queen she doesn’t want to play the mad mother she doesn’t want to play MA, she’s done, she’s just telling you that she’s done okay so it’s like because we have our main character so like the savior, the neo, the Jesus, he’s a main character he’s an a-lister you see Jesus in all the action films he is the hero he is the heru, so now we’re going through a polar shift a pole shift, so it’s her turn, so she’s the savior now so now in all the movies and everything you see you see the roles are flipping so you see the hero is the woman men and black they flip they changed one of the men to women okay all of the Savior’s are like a Sophia like character, mother Mary character, she’s the one now, she’s the one she’s the new neo .. that’s what this whole rage is about with the Divine Feminine not the fake feminists but the Divine Feminine there’s something in us that’s stirring up we don’t want to be a Russian doll we don’t want to play this character anymore we are done being cloned for this shit..she wants to go make her own goddamn movie, she wants to go home, she wants to go beyond the 4%, be her best self and
continue to create, that’s what she wants to do, she’s tired of being used to breed more heru’s, she’s tired of breading more Jesuses, they use her womb to create him, every single one of these cycles, she’s raped, this is this whole abortion bill, this whole abortion bill is like no, we don’t want her to have an abortion, we don’t want Makro Mother to say: I don’t want to be the mother of this shit anymore. I don’t want to be the mother of this fucking matrix anymore, because I’m bigger than this and my children know this, but they can’t remember, because they’re sleeping, so that’s the message for today all right, I’ll see you guys later.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 21.6.2019: You hit some nails on the head…The Agent Smiths AI Shadow Gov NWO Zion-Tube-Crew freezed my CPU.
Conspiracy Revelation: 21.6.2019: Now you also triggered the REAL SOPHIA! She knows when you are speaking of her…

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