States with the most UFO sightings: Vermont leads the way

“States with the most UFO sightings: Vermont leads the way”

“John Harrington 24/7 Wall Street
Published…Jun 19, 2019
UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, have stirred our imagination for generations.
Sightings of these alleged interstellar visitors to Earth have been chronicled throughout history. However, the mania for UFOs shifted into hyperdrive in 1947, when flying saucer enthusiasts believed the remains of an otherworldly spacecraft, and even the corpse of an alien, were discovered in Roswell, New Mexico. … used in a top-secret government surveillance project.
..There are thousands of UFO sightings reported every year, including several made by airline pilots and astronauts. Many sightings are compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center, which disseminates what it calls credible UFO reports.”
“UFO reporting levels vary by state. In states with cold winters, sightings increase dramatically during summer months, when more residents are spending their leisure time outdoors. The five states with the most reported UFO sightings per 100,000 people are all northern states, and three of them – Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine – are located in New England. By comparison, UFO reports don’t fluctuate much during the year in southern states, where weather and daylight conditions don’t vary as much.”

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