Robert Stanley | Archons, Our Prison Planet, & The Death Trap

“Robert Stanley | Archons, Our Prison Planet, & The Death Trap”
“..weird coincidences..synchronicities …so this guy writes a book part of it he says the information was given to him by benevolent extraterrestrial in 1950 and they describe to this author named Norman Paulson, he is deceased now, but he claims that they told him that Lucifer was the one that had created these mental parasites that the Gnostics called the Archons not he didn’t say it exactly in those words, but I actually have a posted his exact transcript or that section of the book..I didn’t know that he was talking about the mental Parasites – and how Lucifer also
known as Enki – most people that read Sitchin they’ll know who I’m talking Sitchin they’ll know who I’m talking about he’s the one who he his crew used to be builders of worlds, they were
divine beings and they still are on some level, unfortunately, they went into an area that was off-limits when Norman called a Forbidden Zone, I don’t know what that is, he didn’t say , okay, but this is what he was told and when Enki when he and his crew went into the Forbidden Zone they were so badly traumatized they suffered multiple personality disorder which they still suffer from today and they also accidentally created these mental parasites and only last year yeah unless this last year I found an article about Tibetan Buddhist Monks that they can actually they say that if they feel threatened they will create an external thought-form entity that will attack their adversary yeah it’s just there’s a lot of clues here thatI’ve kind of pulled together to sort of
help people understand what we’re dealing with here ultimately one of the biggest clues was when I studied digital physics have you ever heard of that?
I never heard of it either but at some point a guy that works at the Patent Office in Washington DC heard me speaking on a radio show and he just sent me three books it was a series about the theory of everything… (Robert Stanley)(2017)”
Off doesn’t mean non-existent..I want people will be very clear about this so the reason I tell you this is because what they’re claiming in this new model of physics is that everything
is being processed as information, all the wave forms in all creation are essentially digital, even though we think of as analog, it can be processed on a digital level, so I know it’s a little convoluted but so here’s the bottom line for me consciousness is the highest wave form that we know off, if you slow it down it becomes what we would call energy, if we slow it down even more it
becomes matter, so matter is not an illusion it’s an extension of consciousness and the reason I’m telling people this when I heard me say it before but a lot of people haven’t heard this before and it’s really important.. I mean nothing would happen if we didn’t have thoughts right and I would just be a bag of bones…all the words coming out of my mouth right now physically, are being initiated by non-physical other words we’re multi-dimensional beings and this make a lot of sense because we live in a multi-dimensional universe it’s not all physical it’s not all energetic or non-physical it’s a combination of both. (Robert Stanley)(2017)”
“Yeah .. most of the crafts that we see here are part of Enkis Empire, my understanding, this again.. I don’t just pull that out of my hat, it took me a lot of research and when people say: where do you get this information? Well, anywhere and everywhere. I can find it and the thing is I don’t just accept one person as an authority on this because I don’t think anybody nobody has all the answers right, so I tend to just look at things and see if they fit because it’s kind of like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle. (Robert Stanley)(2017)”
“My understanding is he just decided hey you know what screw you guys I’ll start my own Empire I don’t need you so he went off and did that and that’s where the war in the heavens started and it actually became a real problem ultimately he took over this solar system and made it part of his empire previously this world is awesome all the life on here had been put here by his mother and his gender half-brother and it was a paradise in a sense that they were cultivating it to be a blueprint for the rest of the orion empire the way I understand it is that this is why there’s such a
great diversity of DNA and life form Sears could they brought life from all over their empire placed it in one planet to see how that would play out interesting and it was it was fine.
(Robert Stanley)(2017)”
“Lucifer..Took over by force.. started manipulating them genetically and this is important, it goes back to what I was saying before, everything is consciousness, okay, so a god or goddess would literally manifest things by starting with their consciousness, it would then translate to energy and matter, so this is how they literally manifested everything, this is how universes are created, this is how our souls are created, everything is thoughforms or wavelengths, but the problem is, if you think back what I said Enki, his consciousness is corrupted, it’s broken, okay, shattered and so he can’t manifest with it any longer, at least not in a divine sense what I was just describing, so he can only manipulate what has already been created, he can no longer manifest new energy and matter with his consciousness and that’s a problem, obviously, so he is a mad scientist, technically, not sure if he is the first, but he and his people … most of the UFO technology that we see coming in and the people in them are part of Enki´s empire and they’re just maintaining it so all the rumors were hearing all the speculation of so-called secret space program and super soldiers, that’s a continuation of what Enki has been doing here ever since he established Atlantis, but that’s what we call it and it wasn’t just an island colony, it was a global power..maybe it was in Antarctica, I don´t know it. (Robert Stanley)(2017)”
“Physically and in our consciousness we became like him, he forced us to be like him in his Empire, most people don’t have a clue about this, but I tell you what: the people, the so-called elite, the bloodlines, they’re very aware of it , they actually have a lot of pride in the fact that they’re closely related to…they’re consciously, they’re aware of the fact that they’re serving Lucifer/Enki, Sitchin too. (Robert Stanley)(2017)“
“Revelations from a Washington D.C. Attorney about the covert development and deployment of androids that were created to replace powerful politicians, this is no laughing matter, this is the
very information I was researching in 1991 when I was psychically attacked by one of Enki´s Androids. (Robert Stanley)(2017)“

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