Do Reptilian Extraterrestrials Control Our Planet?/Rise of the Cyborgs and AI with Len Kasten

“Do Reptilian Extraterrestrials Control Our Planet?/Rise of the Cyborgs and AI with Len Kasten”
“LP: vor 16 Stunden: No. God is in control. But these jokers are having a good run. Their reign is about to end.”
“It´s a lot of reading…He had to go to a lot of ridicule, his information was absolutely correct..I took of in a different direction…
They have Anti-Gravity Technology, the have faster-than-light Technology, they can roam the Galaxy in huge space-shifts, whereas they are keeping us here in a sort of semi-enslaved state.
They have all the money, they have all the technology and they don´t mind living Underground. They don´t bother being Underground, they are very much at home Underground. They have high-speed trains, they come in- and out when they want to…They are working with the Military-Industrial-Complex…Absolutely, they are, in fact they are working with the Milabs-Program, all the Military Abductions…turned out to be the Reptilians, so that´s all top secret stuff.”
“They can literally destroy a Planet with the Technology they have.”
“When the Reptilians came here in this solar system, the federation sensed there is a very fierce human race here to confront them from Mars and that started the Wars between the Reptilians and the Humans and that´s when the Reptilians went Underground. So, they were able to use their Technology to sink Atlantis which they did. ..About 15000 years ago..
The Federation really created the Humans on this Planet. That´s the current HUman race, our Human Race, which we know now as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the Atlanteans were much more advanced than we. In terms of Spirituality, in terms of Space Travel and in terms of Technology.”
“My Understanding about the Anunnaki is that they are a reptilian-hybrid race, but they are not human and they didn´t create the human race, the human race was created by the Federation.
12 different races contributed their DNA to the creation of the Human Race and the purpose was to take-over the Planet and to force the Reptilians to leave.”
“But potentially we are much more powerful than the Reptilians, because we have Souls that were created in a far distant Galaxy, we are much more powerful than they are, because we don´t realize it yet.”
“The Nazi-Technology was based on a deal they made with the Reptilians, the Reptilians helped them from the early days, from 1933, on, to develop their Technology, the had Anti-Gravity Technology, they had flying disks, they had it all from the Reptilians. They formed an Alliance between the Nazis and the Reptilians. The Reptilians helped them…The Nazis, they all went to Antarctica.
The Reptilians helped them to create an entire colony under the ice and gave them all the Technology they brought up with them and that´s where they have been ever since.
We are learning this just now, but it´s still top secret…They took over the Banking, they took over the Military. Our Military started working with them and created what we now call the Cabal.
So they were part human and part hybrid and part reptilians and they created and incredible civilization under the Ice in Antarctica..They created that in 1938..They had flying saucing created there under the Ice in 1945/1946.”
“They had been basically in control ever since..The whole financial superstructure is based on Nazi-Technology and the Nazi-Base under the Ice of Antarctica and from there they settled colonies on the Moon and the Mars and that´s where they are now.”
“The Secret Space Program was basically run by the Nazis from their Underground Base in Antarctica and at that point they had a colony on the Moond and they had a colony of the Mars…They had to use a lot of our scientists and a lot of our corporations and eventually we developed our own secret space program and we still have it, so now that´s where we are and we have huge space-crafts already that can cruise around the Galaxy and Ben Rich said that before he died…but we are still being controlled by them, because their technology is so far advanced in comparison to ours. 100s if not 1000 years advanced, their biotechnology, their quantum computers, they have stuff that we can never dream of at the moment, but we are catching up.”
“There is a tremendous amount of technology in the Moon.”
“They are developing Transhumanism..and they are developing Cyborgs and the Cyborgs are used to fight their wars, they are part Human and part Machine, but we are learning fast.
We already have the ability to travel outside the solar system, but unfortunately the Nazi Ships control the Solar System.
The U.S. Military work together with the Nazis and that created what we called the Cabal and everything they do is top secret.”
“We have friends throughout the Galaxy who would like to help us, but they can´t, because we have to do it on our own, they are here to teach us things and to help us with various parts of it, but
The Cabal still runs this Planet and the Solar System, at this point, they are still in charge, and we are basically still in a state of Slavery, transhuman like it.
50% of the Human Race is living in Poverty, we could live in a Paradise here, if we had this Technology. They have us under control. That´s the Situation.”
“Randy Cramer is the important Guy and Randy knows the whole story..20 and back program.”
“CERN is basically a Nazi-Operation.”
“Those Psychiatrists are the ones that went to work for the CIA and started creating the ability to abduct human beings and to program them and turn them into slaves… We never understood that Paperclip involves Psychiatrists, but they did, they scattered around the Planet and they became the Psychiatric Establishment all over the world.”
“They also control the books that we use in our Universities,
in our science course, in our psychiatric courses, they control it´s hard to believe that they are able to do this, but they are.”
They create human-reptilian hybrids, it´s the hybrids that control the military, they control the finances, they control literally all the power points of the Planet, the media, everything are controlled by the hybrids and they are called the Illuminati… We call them the Elite, because they are very rich of course, since they create the money, they own Hollywood, they own the Media, that´s how they keep us enslaved.”
“They eat human beings…humans disappear every year, they are taken Underground.”
“They call it loosh…they literally can harvest it.”
“The Alien-Biotechnology is so incredible that they create 1000s of what we call Cyborgs, a Cyborg is part Human and part Electronic. They literally do what they are programmed to do what they are commanded to do. The Cyborgs that they created on the Mars and the Moon are in great demand in different parts of this Solar System and Galaxy and they are literally creating them and selling them.”
“If they can start replacing Humans on this Planet with Cyborgs, they will reach the point where Transhumanism will literally take-over and The Cyborgs will start to be in control. That´s the danger, that´s what we are being up against here.”
“Keep us dumb and dumber…through Hollywood and TV and everything..They keep us concerned about stupid stuff.
Keep us stupid and stupider and completely obsessed with our daily problems of love and life and finances and health and as long as they keep us in that state we can´t do anything, so we have to break out of it, that´s the key.”
(Len Kasten)
“Denise Wilkinson The Redneck Coonass: vor 5 Stunden: God is in control yet Prince of the air is Lucifer and right now he and his fallen angels are ruling this earth but for a short time…for we don’t fight against flesh and blood but principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness…and that’s what these reptilian extraterrestrials are….archons…Fallen Angels…and the AI is none other than part of the beast system….to control those that art part of the church the bride those that follow and believe and have faith in the savior Jesus Christ…. “

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