If you had a Time Machine … stopping retardation NWO .. Organic Timeline re-adjustment proposal.

Conspiracy Revelation: I would go back before USSOC Took Over the Planet with Smart Dust…naturally… with all the Info I have now and STOP them and the NEW WORLD ZION-NAZI ORDER.
In the Re-Time-Traveled Organic Universe Timeline: (Pre-Simulated-Proposition)
I declare the Prohibition of all Shadow Governmental Criminal Clandestine Nanotagging and Nanotracking Torture MK Ultra Smart Devices in the Atmosphere, incl. the banning of all U.S. Combat-Satellites with their sole clandestine purpose of attacking, spying and sabotaging the unwitting civilian population and Blue Goo as Antidote to decompose the NWO Smart Dust in peoples neural system and internal cells and the possibility to remove the brain computer interface to revert the world into a natural organic state of freedom without Total Individual Control Technology and Archontification AI Nano Dust.
– The misuse potential is too high – it can lead humanity into total robotic machine enslavement. –

Das Kernproblem entlarvt…und das USSOC sitzt bei euch allen um die Ecke… Besatzungszone BRD. (bezieht sich nur auf die Militarisierung)


126050cookie-checkIf you had a Time Machine … stopping retardation NWO .. Organic Timeline re-adjustment proposal.
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