Joseph P. Farrell: Off World Money Drain, Financial Re-set, Nazi Germany, World War II

“Joseph P. Farrell: Off World Money Drain, Financial Re-set, Nazi Germany, World War II”

“materialclassified: *​All the big tech comp’s are moving to Israel. They will be the 2nd eye spying on the world.”
“We’ve puzzled about this problem of the missing money and it was I think maybe about a year ago or so that we came to the conclusion that this money, this vast amount of liquidity in this hidden
financial system, if it were plugged in to the public system directly we would see massive inflation right which were not seeing, so I view this situation like an electrical circuit you’ve got money representing the power right that’s that’s going into the system and it should be popping out at the load end somewhere but it’s not right so where is that money going and we came to the conclusions that some of it might even be going off world has to be yeah so you know who knows and or Antarctica or Antarctica you know there’s so much strange nonsense going down there.
I’m certainly not in the blue chicken camp. (Joseph P. Farrell)”
“Our Problem is with the Nazis in Washington. … The way I view it is you’re looking at the emergence of a kind of a fascist culture in this country but with a different twist and the twist is it’s no longer the government telling the corporation’s what they can cannot do it’s the other way around. (Joseph P. Farrell)”
“Pisces69​: so ultimately who is at the capstone?
The Gnostic Syncretist: ​archons.
Tracy Dyar: ​They shipped NAZIs here after the war.
Werner Rodriguez​: MK ultra.
Julie James: ​… Albert Pike wrote this back in 1871.
Pisces69​: nazis and the occult.
Tracie Roberts: ​Khazars = AshkeNAZI “Jews”. It’s in your face.
Monkey experiment: ​Follow the gold brick road LOL.
The Gnostic Syncretist​: I see their game, it´s not hard.
Darth Revan: ​4d Chess for the Elites.
The Gnostic Syncretist: ​NASA means to decieve in hebrew.
Robert Mackenzie​: differant factions of gods rule and run their countries.”

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