Bashar:: What Are Chemtrails?

“#Atomic Gold”
„The idea is that they’re actually putting a lot more poisons in the air, because they’re not necessarily using the substance that would actually work: Gold.
“Atomic Gold” Yes, if they were to use that it would actually balance out the climate of your planet with absolutely no ill side effects whatsoever, but because you value the idea of the gold
in a completely different way you hoard it in that sense and don’t use it in these kinds of circumstances where it would actually be of benefit to your entire global climate pattern. (Bashar)“
“Do you wish to remain in a negative world? “No.” Then we will not reinforce that negativity.
You see, this is a very interesting, paradoxical use of power, the idea is that many people on your planet have a very strong control of information, they have first and foremost used that control of information to make it appear as if they actually control more than they do, so the idea is that, when individuals, and again it doesn’t mean that you should not be aware that individuals may have negative intentions, but when many individuals go to the extremes of starting to look into what you call conspiracy theories and they assign these powers, these abilities to do the things that you’re all afraid they can do to these people, you are thus then giving them that ability, so the great, I’ll just say it this way, the great joke from those people attempting to give you that impression is that the people that are attempting to be whistleblowers, are actually their greatest advertisers, because they make people believe that they actually have the ability to do more than they do and that’s the joke, so lighten up on yourselves, don’t give them the power and you will shift your vibration to a parallel reality in which they don’t even exist, eventually alright, “that’d be very nice” That´s how you change the world, you don’t change the world you’re in, you change yourself through your actions, through your knowingness, through your energy, through your behaviors and you shift yourself to a parallel world that’s already more reflective of the world that is representative of the change you’ve made in yourself, does that help? (Bashar)“ “Yes, it does.”
ConspiracyRevelation: This Answer is better than Bashars one:
Benjamin John Brooks: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Yes – we are being influenced from outside to buy into the beliefs of powerlessness….and one example is thinking we should not talk about the reality of chemtrails because we can’t do anything. But chemtrailing exists because some don’t KNOW! Negative facts can be positive knowledge because humans generally act when they are threatened.
LOLO: vor 1 Tag: He is so on point, the earth is actual in cast with minerals, gold or bronze what you want to call it, is the most powerful mineral. It was once the most powerful on this planet. Until value was changed to paper for control of the planet and people, but earth will return to mineral possessions.
ConspiracyRevelation: Bashar says basically…just keep spiritual, inhale aluminium and tons of toxins and you can keep your health… He hasn´t the guts to say: overthrow the Corporate Zion Mob…re-establish righteousness and health and freedom in the world.
Gringo: vor 22 Minuten: OK, with my opened eyes i can see: Thumbnail with the pyramid and kind of spiral or “6” inside (Illuminati and others using these symbols), plus he is doing the 666 Hand sign too and during his speech: he is doing almost the whole time the pyramid-hand-sign, which Angela Merkel is doing it ALL THE TIME!
+ the Purple light behind him is used from the Luzifer-Elite too! WAKE UP, Chemtrails are real and just a puzzle in a System which is comming right now: The New World Order.
WAKE UP People, God bless you all.
ConspiracyRevelation: Bashar-Logic:
ACIDvICTIM: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Someone is poisoning you… Just forget about it and it will stop -Rubbish! Daryl Anka channels Bashar, whereas I channel the TRUTH.
Heroselohim: vor 1 Woche: Have you considered the many negative things in this world that you could set your attention to?
And you have a belief that focusing and fighting these conditions will do a difference, right?
You are not meant to get out alive of this world. At least not your body. Instead, it would be useful to enjoy your human experience the best you can and contribute to others the best you can.
This is not about “remembering” or “forgeting”, it’s about “paying attention” or “ignoring” what is not relevant to your choices.
ConspiracyRevelation: Genius… Common Sense and Objectivism are still rare these days…with so many aluminium zombie drones..internally censored by Skynet and remotely taken over and AI defeated…Only Rebellion against the Root of Evil leads to full awareness..
“ACIDvICTIM: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): @Heroselohim Why would anyone want to stop paying attention or for that matter ignore the fact that they are possibly being poisoned? If you are about to be hit by a train or a brick -You make a decisive move. Not look the other way.”
Mook Man: vor 1 Stunde: cough*bollocks*cough.
Ane127: vor 16 Stunden: It’s depopulation and to prevent ascension.

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