Real Human Hybrid Programs – A New Race is Appearing on Earth GAIA TV

“Real Human Hybrid Programs – A New Race is Appearing on Earth GAIA TV”
“COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL; Premiere am 16.03.2019
Watch more As a Hypnotherapist, Barbara Lamb has discovered that several of her clients have suppressed memories of a program where their genetic makeup has been enhanced with extraterrestrial DNA.
Throughout her career, she has helped thousands of people revisit their past lives. For some of her clients, something extraordinarily unusual was discovered about their present lifetime. Many have had encounters with otherworldly beings, and a number of those have had startling similar experiences which revealed that they have been subjected to extraterrestrial hybridization programs.
Barbara Lamb is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist who specializes in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
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“1,800 people and many more regressions. I’ve learned about the hybridization program that’s been going on with a number of these extraterrestrial species and the humans whom they take for these experiences and those hybrids in my awareness for many years were not human enough to live here on earth, so they
were living on the ships or on other planets with those beings …”not human enough?”.. they didn’t look like us enough, they sort of did, but if they were to be here they’d be considered very peculiar look, you could see them, you’d say something’s wrong with that, yes , yeah. I said people would feel very uncomfortable not only that a more serious thing really is that they were not human in proportion to be able to tolerate our bacteria and our viruses, so it was said by these other beings that the hybrids would not be able to withstand being here. It might come here for a minute or so, but would have to go right on back into the environment that they were accustomed to, on the ships, so that all was going on for a good 20 years or so and then I began to realize by meeting certain people at conferences that there were some hybrids who were actually living here on Earth. (Barbara Lamp)”
“Well, they come from 25 different extraterrestrial races..Pleiadians, Blue Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirian, well, there are different types of Arcturians, actually these people have the genetics from what they call blue Arcturians..and they’re sort of shining beings, they’re glowing, they’re very very high consciousness, beautiful, wonderful beings, very kindly, very unconditionally loving and mantis beings are involved .. they look like big bugs yeah they’re very tall very bugged looking, but they are wonderful any experience that I’ve had regressing people to their encounters where they’ve been involved with mantis beings they always experience the Mantis beings as being extremely kindly, really loving, intelligent, playful in fact… Sirian A and Sirius B beings have contributed their genetics to some of these hybrids and the Tall White Zetas, the little grey beings… they did this for a
very wonderful purpose, they did it, because they have been very aware of humanity and the earth and what’s going
on here, particularly among human beings and they’re very concerned, they’re very concerned, about humanity and the earth
and our direction and the really atrocious things that many
human beings do to other human beings and how we’re polluting the land and polluting the earth and so they really want to help and they have a agreement among the cosmic communities of non-interference, so they don’t come directly in help but and they can’t really survive here very long anyway, these extraterrestrials would not be able to stay here. It´s a brilliant plan, because then they take regular human
beings and hybridize them and I think not too many, but there probably are some all over the world hybridize them, with
enough of their genetics, so that these hybrids can be working here to help humanity, the whole idea of these hybrids is to assist humanity to help us to save ourselves and to help us save the Earth and to raise the overall consciousness
of humanity out of some of these very dysfunctional ways that a lot of humanity is involved in. I think it’s completely
benevolent now in saying this I must admit that I’m certainly aware of the opinion of Dr. David Jacobs whom I know him
personally I think he’s a great guy I really enjoy him very much… he has had people come to him who’ve had
very different experiences in regard to ET human hybrids and that whole view is a very very pessimistic point of view
and it just happens that people have come to me about hybridization who have a very positive view, so all I can say is that maybe there’s some of both maybe there are some
hybrids who do intend eventually to take over the world I don’t know about that that has not come across my attention in
my work but there also are these hybrids who are here really to help humanity, who are extremely caring, really benevolent in fact they all are described as unconditionally loving.. and
they emphasize that we all are of the same overall creative source, so that’s not only humans are of the creative source, but all of the species of what we call extraterrestrials in the cosmos and in the other dimensions as well, are all of the creative source, so they go on to emphasize that we all humans,
extraterrestrials, other dimensional beings, that we all are one, we’re not separated, you know here on earth we tend
to really emphasize independence and separateness. I’m an individual different than you as an individual. (Barbara Lamp)”
“You see I think the earth is in more trouble than it has ever been, because of our nuclear proliferation, nuclear capability and all the polluting that we’re doing on the earth getting
worse and worse and some of these other species who are very benevolent and caring are really really concerned for
one thing, they have a right to be concerned, because with our nuclear capability, if we start sending off nuclear bombs, it not only would pollute the earth and probably eventually eliminate all life on Earth, which we don’t want to see and even these other beings don’t want to see, but the nuclear radiation Rises and spreads out, not only they say through our solar system, but beyond the solar system they picked up other planets, so we are at a very dangerous place with what we’re
tampering with. (Barbara Lamp)”

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