The Cruel & Inhumane British Governmental Microwave Psycho Torture Cult unmasked..NWO & Co.. / Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat 2011

The Cruel & Inhumane British Governmental Microwave Psycho Torture Cult unmasked..NWO & Co.. / Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat 2011

“Took pictures of these antennas which were microwave antennas and of course they linked it out the Greenham common where the British and US military irradiated the peace campaigners on greenham common who were demonstrating against the cruise missiles during Margaret Thatcher’s time from outside the air base which sent the f-111s to bomb and kill Gaddafi’s I think of his daughter wasn’t it correct the bombing and a BBC engineer actually recorded these microwaves and all the leaders of that peace movement died from cancer and the women described how the police just left the area and then all these antennas came up and they started feeling hot all the time, getting headaches, nausea, sleep dysfunction, burning eyes, irritability, terrible headaches, nausea, this was all
documented in the BBC engineer actually detected strong microwave signals coming from these antennas which the US and British military had put up, so that of course then got these Irish doctors to
think that the same thing was happening to the Irish community, so then then that it goes on to my experience I had loads of Secrets of the British wanted for example with remote viewing, I was the expert on it and it was the summer of ninety-six some American guy comes over with all these newspaper photocopies of newspapers , I think from the 70s and 80s which were documenting in US newspapers microwave mind control, because remember the press then was much much more open, it wasn’t controlled totally by the Zionists and he was saying to me that you know you’re getting microwave I don’t know how he could have known and you’ve got to give me all your research papers ..because you’re being microwaved and you won´t last long.. as a scientist I had read up on it and found that the places which most are most affected by microwaves of your eyes’ll get terrible headaches, migraine like headaches, your gallbladder of course starts to hurt because it’s got no blood supply and the ball starts to boil in the gallbladder which causes a sharp pain in the gallbladder and of course you get pain in the under the armpits as well and in the the genitals from this but the gall bladder is a really good indicator and burning eyes and a headache because of course that’s what a classic symptoms of microwave would cause. (Tim Rifat)(2011)”
“I had Jim a number of times on the Program, he is really a good man. (Jeff Rense)”
“He is dead now. ..and then I got a phone call after that because I even tuned for the ceiling some mi5 wanker said them we’re we’re above you now and we’re going to you
know you know make sure you never sleep again we’re going to burn out your gallbladder, put you in a mental hospital and after you come out you work for us, so that decided me that I was going to do everything in my power to destroy the British in every possible way, using every possible means, so I just put steel plate on the ceiling and that was in 1997, so then I got frequency counters,
so I could actually detect the microwaves.. actually detect with a frequency counter, then I found out that the u.s. government not sorry the British government took the
frequency counters which I bought off the market by having the government by every single one up in the country so as soon as i got this frequency counter from Matlin’s it was they bought every single one in the country and a new version came out which had actually been fitted with the new circuit where it wouldn’t detect microwaves when they send it a signal, so the British government reacted strongly to a frequency Counter… so now that every frequency counter in the country which you can get commercially has got a signal receiver in it that actually defeats it when British microwave weapons are beamed of it, so you have to go to people like power watch who actually sell independently microwave but detectors and they actually work but you mustn’t get one from any sort of the US or British High Street outlet because they’ve all been rigged not to record us and british microwave weapons and that led me into the dark world of microwave weapons…and a CIA guy came over in 97 and explained to me that the british were the worst in the world for microwaves , they killed not a few hundred, but hundreds of thousands of people using microwaves why? Because it was
totally deniable and if you’re high profile for example Mohammed Al can microwave him but you can´t actually put a bullet through his head because it’s bad publicity, they found that from kennedy doing that, so they use now death rays the so-called microwaves to actually kill or disabled people a to discredit them by because the microwaves can make them so phobic and paranoid that the mi4 psychiatrist can put put them in mental prison yeah and I’ve been arrested wrongly by the police for x and the site they had the psychiatrist appearance it oh we saw that the police had your your flats got you like tinfoil up are you being microwaved them have you got the delusion of being microwaves and of course now we know it’s brilliant ecause if you say you’re being microwaved you immediately get sections, so it’s the perfect way of killing people because if they say that being microwaved there a nutcase the papers … not only for the British and US military and European secret police but for anyone… Well, I think it´s more interesting that the german government puts forcibly a kick down the door of the german scientist who put the plans on the internet and dragged him off to a mental prison where I expect he’s still vegetating after having his head opened and implanted , because remember not only do microwaves exist … but we also have implantation which happens in mental hospitals. ..I talked to people who’ve been in Leicester jail and at the bottom of Leicester jail there’s a basement hospital facility where all the prisoners who were troublesome to the administration were carted off and implanted and came up like zombies like Jack Nicholson in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest after being lobotomized and the prisoners got so upset with this , they threatened to riot if any more of their number were turned into these Obama like Manchurian Robots, so what when you think it’s bad, it isn’t, it’s far
far worse than your worst nightmare .. the whole of Britain has got microwave weapons put into the infrastructure of every city , so every shopping mall, every government building has an inbuilt microwave weapon which fires at RF tags which are sewn to or placed in the collars of the targets clothing so you can actually put in to a significant number of the population maybe one or two million the tags and you can have them fired by a computer and the RF tags…and then the computer just says fire three inches above and three inches in front of that tag so you can actually fire at…all automatically and then the infrastructure microwave weapons in every British shopping mall and government building apart from … flats and other and vans and etc.. but
we’ve got an infrastructure of torture murder in the UK where you’ve got the chip they just program into the computer your number all the all the chips which you put into your clothing have that number and then everywhere where you walk around town the inbuilt microwave weapons fire at you in order to drive you mad or if if they program into the computer you’re going to be killed than the powers up and just kill you so what we’ve got in Britain is a in cave a NKVD Jewish barrier like police state where they’re actually killing hundreds of thousands of people here or driving the
mad using these inbuilt microwave weapons. (Tim Rifat)(2011)”

“..and of course there will be no problems from the police why because the British police the EU police the u.s. security services called the FBI the new Bolshevik NKVD soon to be run by the the pseudo jew barrier called Petraeus , they won’t arrest you because they can’t have any controversy about microwaves because they’re killing hundreds of thousands of people a year doing it, so they can’t actually arrest you for it because then they let the cow out of the bag because there are loads of people saying they’re being microwaved and loads of people dying… (Tim Rifat)(2011)”

“why is it happening now, well, the Rothschilds have lost total control of a lot of the events in the world, strange
events are happening, there’s a rogue Illuminati and his brethren who are Fukushimaring and covering Australia
with biblical floods and Gaddafi’s gone completely crazy and the Muslim world’s gone completely crazy, the Rothschilds
are losing control and of course they need to control the media , so that the best spin is put upon the Rothschilds failure to control world events, so that’s why this microwave technology has come out the closet at this juncture, because the Rothschilds have lost control of world events, rogue Illuminati
events are happening and they need to sweep them under the carpet by torturing a few journalists on air to keep the
editors totally under control because they say to the editors what we’re going to microwave your wife and children and
this time will cause brain damage to them if you don’t some totally adhere to our instructions for your reporting, so you can get complete and utter control over the media by this black ops threatening and of course the editor can´t hardly go to the police or anyone else because of course it’s the government
threatening him and of course microwaves you can tell if you’ve been microwaved…he gets carted off to a mental hospital and they bring in a new editor to run the news who of course takes all his instructions from the US military. “..well guarded military installations…the government often have microwave dishes and they will transmit broadcast or otherwise put out the same frequencies that cause in the human mind extreme anxiety fear and people want to run (Jee Rense)
..they modulate the microwave weapon at 6.6 hertz and it gives you total anxiety, mental breakdown….. “Fight or Flight”.. 6.66 hertz modulation of microwave drives humans to suicide. (Tim Rifat)
Fight or Flight..I’ve had people that been on the program who have run into this kind of thing they went back dooring trying to get near an alleged facility that had top-secret flying crafts
and when they got within a couple miles of it they began to feel unusually scared. (Jeff Rense)
They are talking in DIA documents about microwave barriers they put around. (Tim Rifat)”

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