World Madness is Spreading

“World Madness is Spreading”
“That’s all planned by the authorities who of course want a brave new world are highly well they don’t actually need an educated population in the future because of the A.I.s and robots which will almost make everybody unemployed..unemployed for life then what you need to do is to degrade the education of the unemployed to the point where they no longer are able to be a threat to you and if we you live in a highly technological society you want to make sure that most of it if not all of it is beyond their intellectual ability to comprehend and therefore sabotage in a meaningful manner, you don’t want high-end hackers bringing down your eye eyes or using them against you or disrupting things, so of course if you’re going to have most of the population unemployed which they will be on a Bolshevik type stipend where they have to do things for their money from the state, where they have to give up their house or have many other people in their house, where they have to sharea car because they they can’t afford it but if not money they don’t get any money from the state unless they share .. they’ll be all these new social mores that are brought into our society then of course you don’t want them educated… (Tim Rifat)(2019)”
“Primarily via these head openings and once it gets in there it’s going to be damaging your cells on a massive scale and one of the chief victims of 5g is going to be the brain because remember
what does the brain depend upon, the brain depends upon interconnection between cells because that’s how it works and 5g will be disrupting this significantly and this is good because then it means that you can degrade the IQ of the population significantly using 5g and therefore these unemployed Millennials and their children can then be put into the slave class and kept there very easily, so as you can see it’s been highly planned… (Tim Rifat)(2019)“
“Yeah, which is very good for us state security, because of course if you’ve got people on the list then they can simply be targeted from multiple locations, because remember the 5g Transmitter can beam a millimeter wave beam at ones specific area which is designed into the system, so not only is it a communication system, but it is a means to irradiate dissidents, enemies of the State.. anyone the Rothschilds don’t like with intense millimeter-wave 24/7 and they don’t need to tag the victim, because the victim fat carries their own 5g phone which allows all the 5g transmitters around them to zap him or her 24/7 no matter where he is, so you must admit this is a brave new world. (Tim Rifat)(2019)“
“The human species is being quickly moved into the status of uselessness. (Jeff Rense)(2019)”
“They can’t wipe them out with a nuclear war because of the lord of the fucktard sir Elon Musk and the cobalt-60 and the Tesla cars so yeah nuclear war is only for the madmen like the Rothschilds you have to attack China as we said last program because it jails bankers and it’s putting the fear of God up the Rothschilds but you know if you’re a Pentagon general you’ve listened to the
rent show and you go yeah we can’t use these damn things any longer because of Elon Musk and if North Korea drops one of us one then America’s toast, it’s Mad Max Ville, so obviously we’ve got a new paradigm we can have Wars.. (Tim Rifat)(2019)“
“Third world is going to stay where it’s always been pretty much but the first world here in the US and in the UK is rapidly being deconstructed and taken down a notch already, so when you look at
the chart, the graph, its peaked and it’s in decline now, the lifespan is no longer the same as it was certainly the the capability of reading and writing and expressing oneself human vocabulary
for example has peaked and is in decline, people are just not doing the work…they are being lead away from intellectual achievement, into reactive drooling consumerism and that includes
cell phone games, cell phone this and that it includes YouTube indulgence, it includes maybe above all the selfie mentality okay I can be a celebrity because I’ve got a smartphone I’ll take
m y picture I’ll put it up there and find a good-looking woman boy I’ll become a Twitter sensation, a Twitter babe whatever .. I see these things go by my mailbox occasionally and it just
it appalls me but i think that we can safely say that the physiological and intellectual peak of Western civilization has been reached and has been passed and we are now in abject decline by design and it is overwhelmingly effective. (Jeff Rense)(2019)”
“So there you can see you can see why I regard Millennials as autistic which is just brain damage. (Tim Rifat)(2019)“

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