FaceBUGbook censors videolinks sent via PM for no reason. / MJ12 – 100% Proof of Aliens already in 1954 Docu

Face-BUG-book censors videolinks sent via PM for no reason. / MJ12 – 100% wellknown Public Proof for Aliens and Alien Treaties already in 1954 (Documentation)
Face-BUG-Book zensiert Videolinks ohne Grund, die über PN gesendet werden. / MJ12 – 100% allgemeiner, öffentlicher, altbekannter Nachweis für Außerirdische und Außerirdische Abkommen, bereits im Jahre 1954 (Dokumentation)
“129 Mal geteilt
4.111 Aufrufe · vor etwa einem Jahr ·
Ancient Aliens S12 E09
“Majestic 12 Group Special Operations. Extraterrestial Entities and Technology Recovery and Disposal.”
“Top Secret For majic eyes only. (MJ12)”
“That I think is real confirmation. It is April 1954. It is real.
And in here majic is defined as the top highest national security clearance of the United States.”
“Allegedly a PhD in Physics, but he is obviously ignoring the data, ..he was working in a counterintelligence move. He was intentionally trying to deceive the Public… He knew perfectly that we had recovered a number of crashed flying saucers.”
“July 1947. IPU = Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit.”
“This is not only disclosure, it´s confirmation.”
“One of the more astounding documents..Upon examination of the interior of the Craft.. A possible atomic engine was discovered, at least is the opinion of Dr. Oppenheimer.”
“..that part of the Craft itself comprises the propulsion system thus allowing the reactor to function as a heat exchanger and permitting the storage of energy into a substance of later use.”


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