Zakaos historical side kick to Pentagon/Arpa-World Take Over.

Zakaos historical side kick to Pentagon/Arpa-World Take Over.
Except of his violent fantasies and generalizations against all males and the “innocent-making” of those many evil mk witches, that are also a reality, it’s an epic rant. That was the core flaw of this guy…apart from that good
Educational Work.
“Darpa Brain Mapping Broken Down and Fully Exposed”
Zakaos Breedlove Ewing10.054 Aufrufe
“Am 09.08.2014 veröffentlicht
I did a Video this Morning about Darpa and mind control and I break down so vital information never exposed before about Assassins. The fact is I got up at 9 this morning and tried to up load two new videos and Darpa or a Darpa hacker corrupted the videos and they had to be done over . Now it is close to 6 30 at night and the first redone video is almost done . Thanks Darpa ass wholes for buying your self some time MF!!!!!
This is the information all the CIA scum bags and Darpa mental rapist Hacker thieves want to know . Try me asking degenerate Nazi inbred MF .This is the reason why they spend crazy amounts of money to try to hack my mind and steal my secrets they erase my memory . Here it is MF .Hear the truth and how most you Cartel Drug dealing Free Masonic witches.. There is no place to run Cabal…”

“Susan Littleton:
Thank you for another great work, Zakaos. What you’re doing is epic. You’re a hero.”

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